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Time: 25 hours
Layers: 78

Thank you for 6000 views, 600 favourites, and 1000 downloads!! :D :heart:

Ho ly crap. I can no thank you guys enough for the two thousand pageviews! It feels like just yesterday I finished In The Leaves and I'm super excited to get this one out! It's 1920x1080 so you can easily use it as your wallpaper! Thank you so much Joshy and Hal for staying with me all this time and I hope this was a (bit) of a surprise for you!

The original file is 108 megabytes. but I shrunk it to a reasonable 594kb desktop-usuable group hug! This took me over 24 hours and I love how it turned out! Each pony took around 3 - 7 hours and the background went by faster than it took. I hope you enjoy!

Please leave comments and favourites! I want to know if you guys like it or not :D

More ponies incoming! :heart:
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Well, It's either me or this picture is blurry a little, and it gives this picture even more emotion!

I just love how you took care about little detail, like Rarity's eye, Applejack's hat, 3 types of smiles (Rarity wide-mouth grin, Applejack awkward smile, and everyone's else just happy smiles).

I love how you drawn Twilight here. She's so adorable! I know that it could be behind her other leg, but where's Fluttershy's second front leg, Twilight's hind leg and Rarity's front leg? These are little details, but from that perspective they should be visible.

I love this picture in overall, marked originality at 4 because it's from episode, just perfectly and fabulously redone! I apologize for my jumbled way of speaking, but I'm not a native English speaker. Keep up the good work!
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This is so sweet; it reminds me of the scene on the MLP episode I watched on Youtube, the second part of Return of Harmony.

Rainbow Dash is kinda cute, Applejack forgot to put her hat back on, Rarity is as fabulous as a princess, Pinkie Pie is fun to draw, Fluttershy is attractive and Twilight Sparkle is a best protagonist I've ever seen on Youtube ^_^

Discord is some kind of evil villain, but I like him quite a lot. I'm so happy I could draw a group picture of the Mane Cast like this!!

Oh, and MLP attracts both girls and boys like us. We're bronies, right?
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Thank you!

And yeah, I'm an obsessed brony :P
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In Loving Memory Of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010-2019)
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Awesome pics of the ponies :D
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…and then buffalo ballerinas dance on by. ;P
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One false step and they all come crashing down on top of AJ.
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That PineyCreek is the dumbest thing i have ever heard
MLP: Rainbow Dash is Unamused 
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WOW! This- You Made This?!? Or Is It A Screenshot Or Somethin' ? Anyways, This Is Amazing! This Deserves A Favorite And A Watch!
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The sheer adorableness is overwhelming. LOVE IT.
Rainbow Dash gets ALL the mares.

....need we say more? :iconrarityknowsplz:
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There is so much cute hitting my eyes D: I can't take it!
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This image has officially been added to my ever growing collection of wallpapers. I know it's not intended to be a wallpaper, but it just happens to be big enough to adorn my laptop's screen, so...Yeah.
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Fluttershy can't be comfortable trying to hug like that.
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This is so sweet!
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Thank you! It's been a while since a comment came long on this ^^
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You're welcome! =)
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Aww, this is sweet :heart:
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No really! You did a wonderful job.
This might be a weird question, but why is Rainbow Dash eyeing Twilight? Oh! (Snicker, snicker)

Anyway, good job! Your 24 hour devotion to this has paid off!

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