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Okay. I've been working with Illustrator more and maybe it's not as horrible. I got used to the fact I can't organize layers and groups like I can in Photoshop, but that shouldn't be too hard to get used to... right...? If you want the .SVG or .AI gimme a call

This took ~3 hours, it's 2am now and I aint out of school yet so I have my last exam tomorrow and then SUMMER. I got that little spirit and joy from vectoring again, maybe it's because I'm learning something new (In this case a whole new program).. maybe that's what keeps people going. Also, this is the first time I've done two vectors in a week since last July, so that's pretty nifty

Anyway, Fluttershy is fucking adorable. Deal with it


Please leave comments and critiques! I want to know what you guys liked and what I need to improve on!

More ponies incoming!
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First, I would like to say that I think this work is extremely well done, especially so for someone who is in the process of learning the tools in Illustrator vs Photoshop and Inkscape. You also happened to chose the best pony, in my humble opinion.

I hope that I can offer this critique as a way to reduce the amount of time necessary to create works like this.

So, I shall begin:

In regards to the artwork itself -
I believe that Fluttershy's far eyebrow and eyelashes should be underneath her hair. However, I may be incorrect in this and the way it is may be show accurate.

Fluttershy's cutie mark, as far as I can tell, is made from a modified raster image. If you had a cutie mark on file that was flat, it is possible to warp it in Illustrator using the following command:
(after selecting the whole cutie mark)
Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Mesh
This is similar to Photoshop's warping tool. Making a mesh of 1x1 will allow you quite a bit of freedom in adjusting the cutie mark to fit Fluttershy's body. Then you can turn it back to vector using the command:
Object > Envelope Distort > Expand
After this you can use a clipping mask to cut off the cutie mark as it reaches the outline of her body.

I have have been given the privilege of being able to view the vector file itself, and I have a few things that I believe I can help with.

I'm guessing this was made using Illustrator CS6, as my copy of 5.1 was not able to open it. From what I can tell though, you've been using stroke profiles (like around Fluttershy's ear, and her eyebrow) which is great! I would recommend looking into creating custom stroke profiles that would allow you to easily and quickly make other parts of the body too.

I've created three small guides that I hope will help you continue to refine your processes and show you more of the tools that are available in Illustrator. These guides are how I typically create objects.

Creating eyebrows - [link]

Creating Eyes - [link]

Creating a body fill - [link]

I certainly don't mean to say that your method is incorrect. The quality of your work definitely shows you got the job done, but these methods might help to save you some time and effort in the future.
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Thank you so much :D I went through your tutorial and they're a lot better than what I was originally doing ;) I've been so used to drawing everything myself I never really thought of clipping or using.. proper... ellipsis tools...

For the cutie mark I was just experimenting, good to know you can actually distort it properly

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Just what I wanted to look at. This pic is original. It follows the MLP:FIM animation style very accurately and Fluttershy...well she's my most favourite so I wanna say I love her pose and cute stare. Not much images like this are on Internet, but if internet is free and I can find anything to my liking, then you need to know it. You brought a revolution to my heart. Everypony knows their loves aren't real, but if they would be... who knows what may happen. Same thing about the picture. I imagine I have a burger in my hand (for example) and Fluttershy wants it. I gonna give it for her. Anyways great work. Gives dreams and brings back memories that aren't so old, but never forgotten!
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thankx for accepting this
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Is this the only pic where fluttershy has a shadow?
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if i give you credit can i bake this into a base?
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Overly excited Fluttershy :eager:
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Looks great! I love the lighting... But mostly Fluttershy, haha
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Adorableness noted. Dealing with it. This is great!
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So darn cute :squee:.
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Here you go, my heart.
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:iconflutterswagplz: You might want to add this icon to the "Deal with it" sentence.
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This is pretty much my face when I see something awesome that is available for purchase on the Internet. And is about ponies.
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Fluttershy is best pony! Sorry i don't have time to do a full critique but it looks really good, only thing i can see is that her left eyelash/brow are layered over the hair, i don't know how you would fix that on illustrator, but that's all i notice
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That is so cute. She's super excited about something.
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I'm pretty sure you can organize layers like you can in Photoshop. Adobe makes them very similar.

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