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Cloud Bed

The first thing I said when I finished this was "Oh... I'm done". This took ALL OF MY DAY. 10 hours or something, AH DON'T EVEN KNOW.

I really liked yesterday's episode :3 It's so nice to finally see more Dash. The moral sucked though. kthnxopinion

I hope you guys enjoy this one! I'm sure everyon'e wanted to see inside Dash's house and I'm happy I even finished this!

Enjoy! 1920x1080 for epic wallpaperz lulz!

Thanks do EqD for the header in a wallpaper compilation! That really helped get this to 10k views!


If you follow my Twitter at [link] you can get all updates and know ahead what I'm working on and when stuff will be out! :)

Please leave comments and critiques! I want to know what you guys liked and what I need to improve on!

More ponies incoming!
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This is really good! I like the shading on the clouds on the bed and the shading in general itself! its a very well done picture with brilliant detail, Rainbow Dash looks great and the window looks very nicely coloured the shading of the pillar closest to the screen is very well done to make it look as if your are in the picture, it looks just as if you've uploaded a screenshot from the actual show, also the cartoon style is very well recreated and I congratulate you on being able to make such a fine recreation of the cart on the show.
The Creators gave me the perfect Birthday Present, This Episode! and the Heart's and Hooves day one aired the day after my B-day!
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As much as I love this, I feel kind of stalker-ish with this! Oh well, my fav. pony is here to cheer me up! Now how do I break the blasted 4th wall?
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In critique: "it looks just as if you've uploaded a screenshot from the actual show"

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*opens a door* hi rainbow dash.
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She's kinda missing her wings ;-;
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Didnt you hear? Pinkie Pie cut them off
Dammit! Not Cupcakes again! >:(
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FINALLY! I've been waiting forever for somepony to make a wallpaper of the inside of Dash's house. Gotta say, after I saw that part of the episode, I had a difficult time cleaning skull fragments and brain matter off of my ceiling.
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"The moral sucked though."


Great wallpaper btw, rainbow dash is best pony.
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Congrats on the EqD feature brosepher.
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Muy Bueno. Me Gusta.

BTW, I was going through my picture archives, I have almost every screengrab you've ever taken on the synch.
My favorite is card games on motorcycles.

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Here's everything :3

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Oh, KM Y U So FUNNEH. [link]
Oh and look AZX is there too:
Oh good times, good times.....
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Wouldn't it be swell to get everyone back on there?
Awesome bagground O_o... Saw it on the top of the EQD wallpaper post, and I instantly knew I had to use it for my desktop :p

Love the way she is smiling and hugging the book :) (Kinda know the feeling, recently startet reading Project Horizons by Somber O_o - Incredible)
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Awesome! *leg wiggle*
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Oh God, that must have been a HELL of a job :D Know that feel, also vectored a complex scene once ^^
Great job!
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Backgrounded :s She's like me, loves readin while chillin on her bed :D
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