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By Gratlofatic
Time: 4 hours 23 minutes

God, Braeburn is my favourite male pony. I seriously love his hair (No homo) When I make my OC I will be using his :) His vest was fun to make too ^^ 10000 x 10000 because why not.

Please leave comments and critiques! I want to know what you guys like and what I need to improve on :)

More ponies incoming!

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I was just browsing through my messages when this came up via a MLP group. I have to say, this is a very nice piece! It looks very accurate to Braeburn's design on the show, from the colours down to the details. Your colouring looks very crisp and your lineart is really neat and smooth, just like on the show! If I didn't know any better, I'd say it looks like it came from the original MLP artists! Though, the back leg looks a bit iffy to me; it's the same colour as the rest of the coat in the foreground, and of course, it should be darker like the front leg that's farther into the background. Also, the mouth should probably be a bit darker.

That's all I can find, really. Otherwise, it's a very lovely picture! Can't wait to see more from you! ^^
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Hehe, thanks so much! I looked for the mouth colour from the show but it looked like a really gross blue, so I kinda guessed ^^ I'll do more research on that.

And I see what you mean with the back leg. I totally forgot about that!

Thanks for the critique! :heart: :squee:
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Yay Braeburn not much people like him though but I like him paired up with twilight I think it's kinda cute
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Just to let you know, I plan on using this vector in an image I have planned, if that's cool.
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Braeburn is miiiineee!!! ONLY MIIIINEE!!
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You beat me to it.
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Used a bit of it again, thought you'd like to see. [link]
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thanks, Sorry I keep using your picture, there are so few vectors of Braeburn i just keeping manipulating this one.
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what ep does he come in?
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Over a Barrel, I believe...
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I used this image in the cover art of my fic. Hope you don't mind. You can view the image here: [link]
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Thanks. I'm glad you like it. =)
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It's Braeburn!!!! :iconimhappyplz:
He's totally #1 on Favorite ponies
Instant fav :iconfavplz:
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I was totally feeling so bad today and when I saw the thumbnail of this deviation I instantly clicked on it and my!! I wanna say that you did a wonderful pic there, Braeburn is my favorite stallion and your pic made my night totally, you're so amazing to do his expression, made me imagine a lot when he's saying AAAAPLELOSSA! I really love him, he's so cool and amazing pony, hope you do more pics of him.

And the use of the colours is totally perfect, you used totally well the show's colours, that's totally cool and fantastic, Unfortunatelly I can't use the critique option, if I were allowed to do that I want to say that you receive all the stars there, because this pic is totally fantastic and well done, technique, colours, proportions, I can feel so well Braeburn's personality.

Well done! :la:
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I just can't look at Braeburn without thinking of him yelling that. It always seemed so hilarious to me! As Shao Kahn would say...

:iconshaokahnplz::iconsaysplz: Well done.
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ima marry him one day XD
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