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♥ To every guy that said, "Sex can wait"...

♥ To every guy that said, "You're beautiful"...

♥ To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her...

♥ To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down...

♥ To every guy who has given her flowers just because that's how he rolls...

♥ To every guy that said he would die for her...

♥ To every guy that really would...

♥ To every guy that did what she wanted to die for...

♥ To every guy that cried in front of her...

♥ To every guy that she cried in front of...

♥ To every guy that holds hands with her.

♥ To every guy that kisses her with meaning..

♥ To every guy that hugs her when she's sad...

♥ To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all...

♥ To every guy who would give their jacket up for her...

♥ To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe...

♥ To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes...

♥ To every guy that would give his seat up...

♥ To every guy that just wants to cuddle...

♥ To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what...

♥ To every guy who told his secrets to her...

♥ To every guy that showed how much he cared through every word and every breath...

♥ To every guy that thought maybe this could be the one...

♥ To every guy that believed in her dreams...

♥ To every guy that would have done anything so she could achieve them...

♥ To every guy that never laughed at her when she told him her dreams...

♥ To every guy that walked her to her car and opened the door...

♥ To every guy that gave his heart...

♥ To every guy who prays that she is happy even if he's not with her...


Not many girls appreciate nice guys anymore. And because of this, there are not many left out there. I guarantee 90% of the men on your page will not repost this because they care more about their image.

- If you are a nice guy, repost this in your journal with the title: "Nice guys STILL finish last";

- If you are a girl that thinks every guy should treat a girl this way, repost this in your journal with the title: "To Every Guy".
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I found out late last night that the reason my wife has been sick and just generally feeling ready to die is because she's PREGNANT!

For any of you who also watch my wife, you'll know she's been down a LOT lately because the previous time she was pregnant ended in a miscarriage.  Ever since that point, she's been depressed, angry, and blaming herself for half of everything.

But now we have a second chance.  (And anyone who knows me or my wife in real life can NOT spread the word that she's pregnant again.  That's our job, and if you want to so badly, I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait until she gives the word.)

Adrian, my little angelic child, you are going to have a sibling.  ^__^
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  • Reading: What I'm writing!
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(Yes, this is a prayer.  Anyone who is going to be offended by the fact I believe in God, please, don't comment.  This is a desperate cry for help to the only one left who I know can do something.)

Dear Lord,

I pray that you give me insight for that which I don't understand, that you give me wisdom where it is needed, that you give me patience for the many trials ahead, that you give me courage to stand up and protect those I care for in the face of danger, and that you aid my judgement whenever the time calls.

I pray that I might be able to understand your ways, Lord, to know what plans you have for my life, and the lives of those around me.  I pray that you use me as a beacon in times of trouble, and that you guide my thoughts and actions every moment of my life.  Help me accept the losses I have, and acknowledge the gains I've made.  Show me the paths needed to make peace whenever conflict arises, and never let me fall to lies, temptation, or greed.  Keep me from all sin and grant me the chance to provide for those that depend on me.  Keep me and my loved ones from harm.  Walk with us through our valleys and our mountains.

Offer the hugs when I am sad or glad, remind me that you are with me whenever I begin to doubt.  Show me you exist everywhere I look.  Help me to be uplifting to those around me.  Fill me with your spirit.  Keep me kind and loving and always open to others.

In your holy name Lord, Amen.
Stolen from :iconmariadisaster: who stole it from :icondawgjr: ^__^

Carmen:  ...I hate you...

I've never seen you even TRY to be outgoing.  This is for your own good, Carmen.

Carmen:  Blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda.  I've heard it already.  I still hate you.

[ ] = You have blue/green eyes - (HA!  NO!  First question shot down already!)
[ ] = You blush a lot - (No.  I'm not a romantic.  *sticks tongue out* And I probably won't be for a while.)
[X] = You giggle - (...curse you...)
[ ] = You're quiet - (VERY no.  Half of NEVER.  I'm GOING to tell you what I think when I think it.  HMPH.)
[X] = You say random silly things - (But you'd better have me in one HECK of a good mood.)
[X] = You have a baby face - (... ... ...crud.)
[X] = You wear a more down to earth style of clothing - (I do NOT do the flashy color thing.  UGH.)
[X] = You don't wear halter tops or anything too showy - (Hey.  If I'm not looking, I shouldn't advertise.  Easy enough rule.)
[ ] = Your under 5 feet 6 inches tall - (...NO.  I'm over seven feet tall!  And I'm the SHORTEST of my siblings!)


[X] = You're a virgin - (My family would KILL me if I did that sort of thing before marriage.)
[X] = Just thinking of sexual things makes you blush - (I...I really don't know anyone it DOESN'T do that to.  Now stop asking that stuff.  Right now. ... ...I need a cold washcloth.)
[X] = Your idea of a date is really romantic - (I know I said I'm no romantic, but if I EVER go on a date, my date had BETTER be!  Just me GOING on a date is a huge thing!  He'd better take me SERIOUSLY!)
[X] = You sleep with a stuffed animal. - (
[X] = You like to cuddle - (...I told you to stop ASKING this stuff!  Where's that dumb washcloth?!!)
[X] = You've never played the Nervous game - (Can't say I have.  Never heard of it before.)
[X] = You don't even know what the nervous game is.- (Not. A.  Clue.)


[ ] = You like the color pink/light blue - (No.)
[ ] = You tend to wear bright/girly colors - (VERY no.  Very, VERY no.)


[X] = You can be ignorant/oblivious - (You have no idea how NICE it is to be kept out of the loop sometimes.)
[X] = You'd consider yourself shy - (I don't.  But the rest of my FAMILY certainly does.  Doesn't matter how much I try to say otherwise.)
[X] = You like happy upbeat music - (Yeah.  Sometimes it's my only pick-me-up during the day.)
[ ] = You like "Cutesy" music - (...step away from that question before I HURT you.)


What YOU think is cute:
[X] = You like small animals - (Well...they're...cute.  Have you ever seen two leopard cubs playing?  It''s just...)
[X] = You like babies a lot. - (
[ ] = Small/mini versions of things make you go "Awww <3" - (HECK NO!  NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!  GAH!!!!!)


Multiply how many you got by 4
Repost as: "I am ____% Cute"

Carmen  I am...64% cute...I'm gonna kill you.

Heh.  And you were WORRIED?

Carmen:  I didn't WANT to take this test!  Do you know how badly I'm g-

Ben:  You're HOW cute?!  Oh, I LOVE this test!  Just wait 'till I tell everyone back home about THIS!

Carmen:  *glaring at me*  Get over here so I can HURT you.

*Laughing*  Cutie!  Just wait until your potential BOYFRIEND sees this!

Carmen:  DON'T YOU DARE!!!!!  GET BACK HERE!!!!

NEENER NEENER!  Can't catch me!  And I'm gonna tell EVERYONE!  Why do you think I made this journal!  That's the START of it!

Carmen:  YOU'RE WORSE THAN BEN!!!!!!

Where do you think he got it from?

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Hi there!

Been a while since I put up a new journal.  Anyway, just giving a heads up on things.  I have a few stories in the works (One which I've been working on simply because ideas have been firing off in my brain and in order to CALM it the ideas need to flow  All of my last fifteen submissions have been just to GET to that point of letting the ideas out.  They aren't even out yet!) so to those who have been patiently waiting for me to FINISH the stories I owe them, apologies.  I've been trying to kick myself back into gear.  You'll see more of what I've promised you.  ^__^

Anyway, onto the things I've been submitting!  Pokemon!  (Yes it's a fanfic.  I'm entitled to those.  Heck, I'm doing a Spyro story based on what readers vote for!)  The pokemon game in question is from the Mystery Dungeon series.  Explorers of Sky.  I hope you all enjoy!  ^__^
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is REALLY lonely and despressed today...for a SINGLE reason.  One that's important to me, but at the moment beyond my grasp.  I tried to rectify the situation once before, and ended up nearly getting my head bitten off, as well as a minor panic attack.  Now, that need that drove me the first time has TRULY resurfaced.  It's always been there, and has fueled many actions by me thus far, but today it's's bad.  BAD.  I need some that I can't find where I'm at right now, in a way that is only possible if I make it up there again, and yet, still, I cannot.  I try and I try, and I seem to fail.  What do I do?  Where do I go?  How do I get there?  I ask myself this day in and day out, and can't seem to find my answer.  I came down here in hopes of getting a job so that, when the time came, I'd have backup funds to make my life elsewhere a little easier.  I do not have a job.  I cannot seem to GET one.  I have one lined up for me somewhere else, but can't get up there yet.  I need some help...but down here, all the help I'm offered isn't the help I NEED.  I have people who want to help in their own way, and while I appreciate it, it feels more like they're trying to tell me what to do, instead of calmly and passively lending a hand.  I need a kind smile.  I need someone to say, "It'll be okay.  I understand."  But it can't be just anyone.  I need it from one of two people.  One of those two would be EAGER to say that to me, the other?  Just as eager, but not with the smile.  I need a friendly pat on the back, and down here, I feel like I'm getting a shove.  I need understanding, and down here, I get explanations of what I SHOULD be doing, and what I NEED to do, and in what order I need to do it.  Now...normally, I'd accept the 'advice' given so forcefully to me, but the problem is in how unable to accept my feelings the giver is.  I need to do some specific things, and what happens?  I'm told I'm wrong.  Now, in my head, what the person says makes sense.  It follows logic and pattern and put me on a path I know is good.  But in my heart, I feel like I'm being intentionally torn in half.  In my heart, I see a different path that takes me to the same goal as the first path shown to me.  It is a slightly longer, slightly harder route, but better, in my mind, in the long run.  I don't know what to do.  I need advice, and I need encouragement, but not in the way I'm currently receiving it.  In the way I'm currently receiving it, it sounds more like orders than advice, and I NEED to make my own choices, but they're being made for me.  I need to do certain things, and I am suddenly not allowed to do them.  I've ALWAYS had a need in my heart to help people.  That's not a bad thing, right?  In my heart and mind, I see a path that will help someone VERY close to me.  So...why is it that when I want to help this person, I'm told not to by others?  The person isn't bad.  In fact, the person is one of the best people I know.  And yet, I'm still told not to.  Why am I always being told I'm wrong?  Why?  Why can't I be right, or at least TRY what I think and believe and find out for myself if it's right or wrong?  My grandfather used to say one specific thing:  "A wise man learns and listens from others.  A fool learns through experience."  I'm no fool, but I NEED to leave, and do things how I feel I need to.  These are life choices I'm in the middle of, and someone else wants to make the choices for me.  I'm just...torn.  Those who would make my choices for me are just as close and dear to me as the person they're currently saying I shouldn't go to.  In a sense, I am being forced to choose, and no matter what I choose, I hurt someone, and for a person who WANTS to help people, JUST to see them smile in thanks, this is an impossible choice, ESPECIALLY since it is between people I care deeply about.  If I leave, I hurt the people I leave behind, but if I stay, I hurt the person who I'd have gone to.  How do I choose?  Both sides say that the other side is forcing me into this choice.  If that is true, then one side needs to give way if I want to do this without hurting someone.  In EVERYONE'S mind, it is obvious who should give way, but the person who should give way, even if it is certain in everyone's mind, is not the same as another person thinks.  I'm not saying one is wrong and one is right.  I'm just saying I'm completely confused and torn.  I need help desperately.  I just...don't want to hurt anyone...

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Chapter eight of my Spyro story is now UP!  Go and read!  HAVE FUN!!!!  ^__^
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Hi everyone!  To those who voted, chapter seven is closed for voting.  Hope you all enjoyed it!  ^__^  The winning choices in that vote?

A ) Cynder can't get into her body? They need to find out why.

C ) What's Plasius up to?


G ) Wait...what if he's got different plans in mind than the gemstone? He WAS pretty upset about the whole turning into a monster thing. Is he just faking everything to fool the gem?

Those three got the most votes out of the choices available, so thos three are the ones that get picked!  Now!  Off to writing!!!!!!  ^__^
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Okay!  Time to get SERIOUS about this.

...heh.  Me.  Serious.  Hehe... didn't just read that.  Read what?  Huh?  That.  Oh?  What's that?  The thing you didn't read.  Okay!  Good!  Glad we got that settled.  (Yes, I AM crazy.  No, unless you're my significant other, I'm NOT sharing.  Nyah.  ^__^)

Okay!  Utter goofballing aside, I am going to try my spyro stories once again.  There is a week to vote for the next chapter.  Since I do not have a premium membership, I can't put up a new poll, so I ask anyone who wants to vote to comment beneath the story and give their vote THERE.  You ARE allowed to vote for more than one thing, if you like.  (Sometimes it's A LOT of fun to try and incorporate a bunch of ideas.)

One new thing though.  After this chapter, I'm going to leave a ninth regular option.  Normally, there are eight, but because of one reader, I've realized that I may not have been completely fair to my readers.  So, after THIS chapter, I will ad the ninth option:  Other.  In that option, you leave in your comment the idea you'd like to see written out.  I check my page here at LEAST once a day, so if I see people have an idea they'd rather, I'll put it up as a choice right after I've seen it.  Anyway, read on!  Have fun, and enjoy the story!  ^__^
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Okay!  I took this fun little thing from :iconbethanyangelstar:  who took it from :icondawgjr:

Looks fun to me!  ^__^

-- Every question must have an answer.
-- Your character can't be perfect in every way... that kills the point.

--- The Basics ---

1) What is your dragon's name?

...Uh...hi?  I'm-I...I'm Haldrek.

2) How old is your dragon?

Haldrek:  I'm n...nineteen?  Th...this IS safe...right?

Alexia:  Oh, Haldrek...I'm here, aren't I?  If anything goes wrong, I'll be here to help you.  Just calm down.  They're just questions.  Nothing bad except you might think of a few bad memories...and we've worked through those.

Haldrek:  ...okay...

3) What colour is your dragon?

Haldrek:  I'm...I'm blue.  Light blue.

Alexia:  There.  See?  Is that so hard?

4) How tall is your dragon?

I'm about four feet tall.  N...not big.

5) What kind of body type does your dragon have?

Haldrek:  Body type?  What do they mean?

Alexia:  Your basic shape, Haldrek.  You know.  Are you a quadruped?  A wyvern?  Come on.

Haldrek:  Oh! know.  Walks and talks like human people?  I wear clothing?  Stuff like that?  I'm anthro.

6) What element is your dragon? (JUST ONE)

Haldrek:*whimper* ...

Alexia:  Oh...C'mere, Haldrek.  Come on...I'll hold you.  It's okay...

7) What is your dragon's eye colour?

Haldrek:  *sniff*

Alexia:  Better?

Haldrek:  Uh-hu...

Alexia:  Okay, I'll keep holding you, just answer the question.

Haldrek:  Green.  Really...really dark green...

8) What is your dragon's hobby?

Haldrek:  H...hobby?

Alexia:  You'll have to excuse him.  The poor guy never got a chance to make one.  See, when he was little he...

Haldrek:  Alexia...

Alexia:  Oh!  Sorry.  I got ahead of myself.  I won't tell them.

Haldrek:  Thanks...

9) What season best represents your dragon?

Um...spring, I guess.  I haven't been around that long, really.  Nineteen years is only like the first quarter of the average lifespan.  So...yeah.  Just on the last of spring.

10) What mood is your dragon usually in?

Alexia:  Fear.  Almost always fear.  Believe me, the poor kid has good reasons for it.  I can get him to smile at times, but he's ALWAYS afraid certain people are going ot jump out and attack him at any second.

--- Favourites ---

11) What is your dragon's favourite food?

I don't...I don't really have a favorite.

12) What is your dragon's favourite place? mother's grave...

13) What is your dragon's favourite weapon?

Haldrek:  I...w...wea...NO!  Don't come NEAR me!!!!  *Hides behind Alexia*

Alexia:  *sigh*  ...a sword.  When you can get him worked up enough, which is REALLY hard, he uses a sword.  Just...just trust me on this one, alright?

14) How does your dragon want to die?

Haldrek:  ...

Alexia:  Oh, COME ON!  Do NOT ask him these kinds of questions!  Can't you see he's SCARED?!!!

15) What does your dragon think is the most beautiful way to die?

Alexia:  ...Haldrek...this one isn't as bad.  Try to answer it?

Haldrek:  ...o...okay...i...if I...whe...when I...I DIE...when I die, I...I want my side...with us...with us each other' each other's arms.

Alexia:  ...*blushes*...

16) What is your dragon's favorite thing to do?

Haldrek:  I...I like to read...I guess...

Alexia: DO know that counts as a hobby?

Haldrek:  It does?  I...but...

Alexia:  Oh, don't worry about it, Haldrek.  Let's just keep answering the questions, okay?

Haldrek:  Okay...

17) What does your dragon love most? I change the question to WHO I love most?  'Cause that's Alexia...

18) What does your dragon hate most?

...can I change that to who as well? dad...

19) Who does your dragon treasure most?

...oh.  Um...Alexia...but before her?  My mom...

20) Who does your dragon hate most?

My dad.  Always my dad.  I...I can even cut my brothers some slack...just because of how...of how dad raised us all...

--- On a scale of one to five... (five being the highest) ---

21) How strong (physically) is your dragon?

Alexia:  HA!  Unless he's mad?  PATHETIC.

Haldrek:  Alexia, why did you--

Alexia:  Haldrek, don't you DARE try to deny it.

Haldrek:  ...

22) How stable (emotionally) is your dragon?

...not very...

23) How agile is your dragon on the ground?

I...I can be fast.

24) How agile is your dragon in the air?

Also really good.

25) How agile is your dragon in the water?

Haldrek:  ...REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLLY GREAT!!!!!!  *Happy squeal*

Alexia:  Oh great.  You mentioned swimming to him.  I hope your next question doesn't have to do with water, or there will be NO shutting him up.  *Smiling anyway*

26) How happy is your dragon?

Alexia:  Right now?  Because of that last question, GREAT!  Usually?  He's scared, remember?  I can keep him content, but never really HAPPY.  Not yet, anyway...

27) How hyper is your dragon?

Alexia:  Again, right NOW?  VERY.  Normally?  Also very.  He sleeps like a ROCK at night.

28) How violent is your dragon?

Alexia:  Almost not at all.

29) How loving is your dragon? (to everyone)

Alexia:  *Holding back a snicker*

30) How loving is your dragon? (to specific people)

My mom and Alexia are the two most important people in my life.  I...I'd die for them if I had to.  I...I'd be trading places with mom in an instant if I could...I...I wish she was still alive...

31) Is your dragon in love?

Alexia:  Um...hello?  Girlfriend right here helping him answer questions?

Haldrek:  Um...actually, Alexia, I need to talk to you about that.

Alexia:  Wait.  What?

32) Does the one s/he loves love him back?

Alexia:  No, seriously.  What, Haldrek?

Haldrek:  *Drops to one knee and pulls out a small black box*  Alexia, will you marry me?

Alexia:  ...Oh...oh...dear Lord in Heaven...I...Haldrek?  Are--are you...are you SERIOUS?

Haldrek:  *Blushing*  Yes...

33) How open is s/he with his/her love?

Alexia:  Screw the questions for a bit. REALLY mean this?

Haldrek:  Of course I do.  I...I love you, Alexia...

34) Does your dragon believe in romance without a physical relationship?

Alexia:  What...what brought this on?

Haldrek:'ve ALWAYS been there for me.  Every time I've ever REALLY needed anyone, you were there to help me.  I...I couldn't have gone through half of what I did without you, and...I just...I love your smile, the way you're beautiful, smart, know how to cheer me up when I really need it, and you can tell when I really need it.  I...I honestly don't think I can go any farther in my life without you, Alexia.  I...I just...what do you say?

35) What does your dragon like most in a lover?

Alexia:  Haldrek?

Haldrek:  Yeah?

Alexia:  That...that's the most...I...I've*Starts to cry*  ...yes.

36) Does your dragon believe that everyone has someone out there?

Haldrek:  You--

Alexia:  Yes.

Haldrek:  And--

Alexia:  Yes.  Just YES, Haldrek!  I...I will!  I...I wanted to for so long!  I just...I was worried you'd never ask.  You know how you deal with fear of rejection!  I've never seen you act this brave before!  I...Yes, Haldrek.  Just...yes.

37) How does your dragon deal with rejection?

Haldrek:  Alexia?

Alexia:  *Gazing at the ring on her finger*  Yeah, Haldrek?

Haldrek:  ...I love you...

38) Does your dragon want to love?

Alexia:  I...I love you, too.

39) Does your dragon believe they deserve to be loved?

Both:  *Blissful sighing*

40) Where does your dragon think is the most romantic place to be?

Haldrek:  Right here...right now.

Alexia:  Forever in each other's arms.

Haldrek:  Until the day we die...

--- RP time! ---

41) Your dragon is alone in the woods and s/he hears a noise coming from behind them, what do they do?

"Wh...who's there?  Alexia? that you?"  Haldrek turned toward the noise, absently grabbing his tail and partially wringing it in his hands as he stared in the noise's direction, worry starting to pull at his nerves.  He...he slowly backed up, suddenly wishing he was back in his home..."Alexia..?"

42) Your dragon is betrayed by the one they love, what do they do?

Haldrek clutched the dagger in his heart and pulled it out, staring in horror at the one who had stabbed him, "...why?"  Why did you...I...we...why, Alexia?  WHY?"  Alexia did not answer him.  She only stood up and stared at him, eyes glazed over and wide as Haldrek struggled with the fatal wound.  Power flowed into his hands...a power that did not come to him except in times of pure, absolute need.  Slowly, agonizingly slowly, the wound closed up, and only once it was healed over did he dare to breathe again.  Another scar to add to his collection.  He grimaced at it and gently stood back up, looking at Alexia in confusion and fear..." least answer me.  Why?  Why did you DO that?"

"  I...I can't...someone else is...I don't know how.  I can't control my body...please.  Stop me before I hurt you again..."

Haldrek backed off, and Alexia took a step toward him.  She reached into her bag and pulled out another knife.  Haldrek caught the flash of some strange device in her bag.  Gnh...this was going to hurt.  Haldrek jumped forward and grabbed at the bag as the dagger she held in her hand dove into his back.  The strap that held her back to her shoulder snapped apart, sending Haldrek tumbling away with the contents.  He threw the bag ahead of him and unleashed his hottest flame on it, watching the flames that erupted from his mouth lick at the bag and its vile contents.  Something inside the bag shattered, as if made of glass.  Once it did, he looked back to Alexia, who was no longer looking glazed over, and rubbing her head in some dull pain.  Haldrek smiled and dropped to his knees...then fell forward on his face, the second dagger still wedged deeply into his back.

43) Your dragon finds themselves in a very romantic situation, what do they do?

"Oh HALdrek..."

Haldrek glanced up and blushed HARD, forcing his gaze back down.  He...he smiled.  She looked beautiful in that dress.  Way better than he did in his simple suit.  The suit had been her idea, and she hadn't stopped commenting on hos good he looked in it, but still, she just...he...she...she outshone everything he had ever seen.  He finally managed to look back up, "So...ready to go?"

Alexia shook her head, "No.  Not yet.  I still need to put on some make-up.  I'll just be a sec.  I...what's wrong, Haldrek?"

Haldrek had grabbed her wrist and tugged on it, willing her to stay close.  He took her other hand in his and brought them closer together, "You DON'T need the make-up.  I promise."

She blushed a little, smiled and leaned down to kiss Haldrek's forehead.  Haldrek quickly changed his stance and lifted up to meet her lips with his own...Alexia broke off for a moment, breathless, "Um...actually, Haldrek...let's just eat here.  Can we go to the park or a movie or something right after?  I...I'd rather just spend some time alone with you...if that's okay."

Haldrek was blushing as well, and nodded, "Sure.  I'd like that."  Heck, the whole evening was already going to be just the two of them.  This didn't change his plans in the slightest. be honest, he kind of liked it better.

44) Your dragon is openly insulted in front of other dragons, how do they deal with it?

Haldrek actually found himself growling at the group of guys that were wolf-whistling at Alexia.  What was worse was that he knew he didn't stand a chance if it came to a fight, and there was no way he could rightfully let loose his ACTUAL power.  That stuff was reserved for fights that had lives hanging in the balance, or the well-being of OTHERS.  Not for personal gain like this.  Haldrek and Alexia just kept walking.

However, the group of men followed.  Soon, they found themselves surrounded.  One guy leaned against the wall and addressed them, "Hey girl.  Ditch the munchkin and hang with us for a bit.  I can promise we'll give ya a better time that THAT runt."

Alexia scowled, a retort already on her lips, but Haldrek had heard enough.  He stepped in front of odd first for him, and gave the speaker a hard, strong glare, "You're not touching her."

"That a fact?  Well, let's see what Butch has to say about that, shall we?"  The group of guys made way for the largest of their group to get through.

Alexia leaned down to Haldrek's height, "Haldrek, don't.  You shouldn't use your powers like this.  I can take all of them.  You know I can."

"I'm not GOING to use my power on them at all, but they shouldn't be treating you like this.  You deserve WAY better."  He stood firm and looked at the larger guy, "I DON'T want to fight you...but I will if I have to.  I've fought off three guys your size and won, before, and one even WORSE than you.  Don't make a decision you'll regret."

Butch gave him a sneer, "Yeah right.  A half-pint like you?  What're ya gonna do?  Gnaw at my ankles?  I--UGH!!!!"  He keeled over, clutching between his legs.

Haldrek finished his flip, pulling his foot back near him to keep up momentum for the flip until he landed back on his feet, "Anyone else?"  Haldrek was fast, dealing with the idiots who tried to attack them in a heartbeat for each goon.  The guy who had spoken at first had backed off during the fight, and Haldrek snorted when, with that guy being the last one standing, took off.  He grabbed Alexia's hand again and smiled, "I took your advice and signed up for a martial arts class.  The instructor liked that I was so small.  He said it helps me move faster than almost any other opponent I'll ever face as long as I keep practicing."

Alexia smiled, "Well, no more fights, okay?"

"Fine by me."

Alexia laughed.  THAT sounded like the Haldrek she was engaged to.

45) Your dragon is forced to spend time with an elder dragon that they cannot stand, what do they do?


Hektis snorted, "You intend to make me?  May I remind you that if you don't do what I say, Alexia is the one who pays the price?"

Haldrek growled, "How did you COME BACK, anyway?!  I KILLED you after you showed the world your true colors!!"

" can thank your three older brothers for my resurrection.  None of them knew that their birthstones had been infected with my spirit.  It wasn't hard to trick them into meeting up with their stones in hand.  I simply used the stones to pull my soul back to this world, then used my powers to kill all three of them and combine their bodies to the proper mass for myself."

..."I swear, the moment I find a loophole, you are DEAD."

46) Your dragon finds out they are dying, what do they do?

"Dying?  What do you mean, dy--...aaauuuggghhhh...that...that hurt.  Where...where is my wife?"

The doctor sighed, "Mr. Niakor, she died last night.  Both of you've had a cancerous tumor building inside you that our equipment didn't detect until literally just now.  I'm sorry, but you only have SECONDS left to live."

Haldrek's scowl softened, "I...and...Alexia is..."

"Dead.  I'm sorry..."

Haldrek shook his head, "I...I only have one request.  Please.  Before I die...get me to her side.  I...I promised we would die side by side...I won't let her down now."

"But she's--"

"Just do it!  I've lived a long enough life.  This is the last promise I have that I need to keep.  Please...all I ask is to be placed beside my wife.  It means so much to both of us..."

"...very well. I'm sorry, Mr. Niakor..."

47) Your dragon is ignored by the one they love but is loved by a dragon that they ignored, how do they deal with it?

((Haldrek has never and will never love anyone but Alexia.  Sorry folks!))

48) Your dragon is surrounded, how do they fight the enemies off?

Haldrek glanced around him again, snarling at the demons.  He called to his power and watched as a blade of light appeared in each hand.  Of all the nerve.  He was dying.  Was it too much to ask to be allowed into heaven without one last job?  Alexia was WAITING for him up there.  He was tired of needing to fight demonic creatures all the time.  His form grew from four feet to nine, and his wings went from leathery and broken to feathered and full.  White light shone brightly from him as he took wing, cutting into a demon as he took off.  Demons all around him shot after him, all uncaring if he cut them down with his heavenly blades.

49) Someone tells your dragon all of their shortcomings, they were intending to be cruel but they didn't say anything that wasn't true, What does your dragon do?

Haldrek shrugged, "So?  I know my mistakes.  I've learned to get past them.  Alexia certainly never judged me, and I know my heavenly Father won't as well.  Why should I care what you think, demon?"  Haldrek continued on, leaving the last demon to die in a pool of its own blood.

50) Your dragon just had to do this meme, what does s/he want to do now?

Haldrek:  Wait...we're done?  Alexia!  I'm DONE!  Let's go on that date now!!!!!!

Alexia:  COMING!!!!!!!!!  Just wait a second!!!!
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Hey, I thought it looked fun, and besides, I LOVE talking about those little monsters crashing about in me head!  ^__^

Answer these questions about your characters...

1) how you thought of their name
2) what made you create the character in the first place
3) how the character has changed over time (if they have changed)
4) any random fun fact about that character

Gareth Brik

1.  His name?  Well, a combination of things, really.  Brik, I made up on the spot.  Gareth...well, there's a history behind that one, ending with I just hadn't used it in a long while and I liked the sound of it...but before that?  You'll have to read question three for the full thing.

2.  In the first place?  My first (REAL) imaginary friend.  (I SWEAR there's an oxymoron in there SOMEWHERE...)

3.  Well, when he first, FIRST came into being, he was a red dragon named Gareth with no last name.  Just Gareth.  Anthro, like Gareth Brik is, but red, with a mane of white hair.  The nonexistent color version of Gareth that EXTREMELY detailed in my files...(Not my work, but I REALLY wish it was.  When I saw that pic, it honestly was him.  Near exactly.)  Anyway, he came around back when I was like eight or ten.  (Whenever it was that I started verbally making up stories to tell my younger brothers.)  For about six years, he stayed that way, developing into his own character as he continued to appear in his stories.  (First as a main villain, then as a brainwashed hero who thought he was a villain to his ultimate battle against his best friend who changed him back into a hero.)  Now, later on, a story opportunity came up from my friend :iconposeidonsimons:  He was kind enough to allow me to write a story that took place on the world he created, and I needed a name for the character.  I hadn't used Gareth in a REALLY long time, and it sounded good.  His last name, Brik, I made up on the spot.  He lost the main of white hair (sort of) got black scales, and took on a whole, WHOLE new set of powers.

4.  Heh...He's developed into one nearly-all-knowing being of power, constantly pushing back the forces of Hades (hell) and generally being a guy you eventually can't help but like.  Back when he started?  WELL!  When he first got his shape shifting, he couldn't control it.  BAD.  He would change at random times throughout the day, completely against his will.  Had some very interesting, two that eventually led to different versions of him.  One was NOT good, the other...sad, but not BAD.  Either way, his life hasn't exactly been comedic, but I'd never give him up for anything.  ^__^  (And trust me, he hates that last little fact.  ^__^)

...more later.  A little busy right now.  ^__^

I just...


Anyone (BESIDES Maria-Disaster) know why?  ^_________________^

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REALLY!  I asked!  SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!  The story?  Okay!  (Yes, I'm telling it, whether you like it or not.  Nyah.)

The day hadn't STARTED out very well.  Bethany had hurt her leg a while back, and it had started acting up a couple days ago.  On that particular day, the pain was worse than it had ever BEEN.  I wanted to get her mind off of her discomfort (and that's an UNDERSTATEMENT by the way) and see her smile again.  (I live for that smile.)  I suggested we go and take a look at the rings at the mall, which we had been doing for the last little while.  SHE was in a bit of a bad mood, and said she didn't want to unless it was for me to BUY one.

"Well...ACTUALLY..."  (My exact words.)  Her eyes got wide.  She couldn't speak for a moment, she was so stunned.  And THEN...that smile came back.  We got in the car and headed for the mall, and I'm betting Bethany wasn't entirely sure what to think during the whole trip.  When we parked, we talked for a little about things, mostly pertaining to the subject of the ring, and right there, I asked her hand in marriage.  I hadn't thought it possible, but I found an even BIGGER smile right then.

Felt like magic, to be honest.

We had some trouble getting inside, what with her needing crutches to walk because of her knee injury, and inside, I convinced her to sit down and let me get her a wheelchair so she wouldn't have to keep putting so much stress on her body.  Luckily for me, the wheelchairs were JUST beyond visual range.  Right around the corner.  I DASHED for the jewelers, and hurried to get the special item.  I was jumping up and down the whole time I waited, and the clerk behind the counter was going as fast as she could.  But the whole thing still took ten minutes.  When I got back, I made sure to get the wheelchair first, and then got over to her.  She thought I'd been making a phone call for something else just as important.  (YAY!  Luck was on my side right then.)  When I got the wheelchair close, she STILL didn't want to get in it, so I smiled and asked, "Will THIS change your mind?"  And showed her the ring.  She took it and just stared.  She was shaking so badly that she couldn't get the ring out of its case, so I took it and slipped it on her finger.

It wasn't all that hard for her to get in the wheelchair after that.

Unfortunately, she had to give the ring back to the jewelers to get it properly sized, so, she won't get to KEEP it keep it until Saturday, but we just plain had fun at the mall for the rest of the day.  She got to look at bridal magazines and didn't have to just WISH about it anymore, which I think really helped brighten her day.

Anyway, glad to finally tell someone.

And Bethany?

I love you.
Wow.  A WHOLE year has gone by.  Hard to think that just one year ago, I was still single.  Okay, so, technically I still am, since I'm not married or engaged or whatever, but it's been a whole year since I officially found the other half of my life, and we haven't parted since, nor do we intend to, so I consider that taken.  But wow.  A YEAR.  It REALLY doesn't feel like that.

Is THIS what they mean by time flies when we're having fun?

I love you, Bethany.  I love you, with all my heart and mind and soul, forever and ever.  May this next year bring us together in happiness, love, and belonging.

I love you.
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Well now!  The next segment of the Chronicler's library is up!  Please leave a comment and vote for what you want to have happen next!  THANKIES!

In other news...

I'm going to college in September!  WOOT!  I'll FINALLY be able to be near the person I hold closer than my own life, and I won't have to say goodbye to her after five days or less!  We'll be able to SEE each other almost whenever we want for the next two straight years!  Oh...CRUD I am HAPPY that this is happening.

And, on a quick but VERY important side note to the person I cherish:

I love you.
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Okay!  Votes are in!  And it's a three way tie!  (Again.  Lotsa votes.)  >__<  ^__^

The choices that tied are B:  Cynder Vanishing, F: Evil ancient elders will attempt to get into the story, and G: The book becomes alive.

Thanks for the votes!  I think that THIS time, it may take more than one segment to get the stuff out.  We'll just have to see, right?  ^__^  Anywho, I'd best get to writing!  See ya soon!  ^__^
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The second part is up!  Go take a gander, and please leave a comment to vote for what happens next!  ^__^  Enjoy!
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The results are in!  Chronos and Malefor both got the most votes at two each.  (Wow.  Lotsa votes.  XP )

So!  That means that the story will focus on both of them.  Cool!  One segment in and already things are twisting a little differently.  I like that.  ^__^
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Warning:  This tag is only ten questions long, but it's plenty big.  Have fun reading!  ^__^

:icongrathiam::iconbethanyangelstar: We put our heads together, and we thought we'd do a combined tag! ^__^ We put three of our characters into this tag, just to see how they'd react.

1.) Hi! What's your name?

Thalu: *waves* My name is Thalu!!

Zala: Zala! ZalaZalaZala!!!!!!!

Gareth: I'm GARETH! I'ma four!! *holds up three fingers*

Hlen: Hey! No fair! I'M four!!! *holds up five fingers*

Gareth: *laughs* I'MA FOURA!!!!! *grins widely*

Zala: Tree!!!!

Morgeth: *rolls his eyes* I'm Morgeth. I'm ten years old...and I'm wondering why I'm even here with all these little kids...

Qris: Because we have nothing better to do? I'm Qris, by the way, and that little green nutcase is Hlen.

Morgeth: *growls* Hey...that's my SISTER you're talking about. NO ONE calls her a nut case except me...

Qris: Well, EXCUSE me! I didn't know it was such a special title.

Hlen: Hey! HEY! Big Brudder, tell that meanie that I'M four! Pease?

Morgeth: Wha--? Fine. Hlen's four. Happy? Well, if you MUST know, Hlen is MY can go pick on your OWN sister, if you want so badly to pick at some kid...or how about picking on Gareth or Thalu, or something?!

Qris: Yeah, easy for YOU to say. You didn't have to lose an ENTIRE village to some freakish monsters that weren't even AFTER you in the first place! If I recall correctly, wasn't it YOU and your guys' fault that those things even FOUND my village?!

Morgeth: WHAT?! OUR FAULT!?! NO WAY!!! If it was ANYONE'S fault, it was YOURS for not getting us to the village in decent time! You HAD to show off for MY uncle, didn't you!!?

Qris: WHAT?!!! I was showing off WHILE WE WERE MOVING! We wouldn't have gone ANY faster if I HADN'T done any tricks!

Hlen: ...B...Big Brudder?'re scaring me...*Sniffle...*

Morgeth: *growls at Qris and hugs Hlen* NEXT!

Zala: Wha? But...not done! Not...hey! I wanna keep g--

2.) What do you do for fun?

Morgeth: My friend Cyte and I ALWAYS loved to hang out in the bushes in the park...and sometimes, we'd play some pranks on people! ^__^ It was fun! Oh, and we...

Qris: I just SAID don't interrupt me! I like to--

Hlen: I like to play!

Qris: I--

Zala: Um...uh...SNOW!!!!! ^__^

Gareth: I like ta play wif TRUCKS!!! ZROOM!! ^__^

Qris: Will you PLEASE...*waits a moment* ..I like to go sandboarding.

Thalu: EEEE!!!! I like ta be a princess!! I dress up in pink an' wear a crown an' everything!

3.) What's your favorite game to play?

Gareth: ^__^ I luv to play race track!! castle raid wif Mommy!!

Morgeth: Castle Raid?

Gareth: YAH!! Mommy and I make a castle in tha couch, and one of us is tha owner of tha castle, and one of us is tha person that attacks!!

Qris: Uh...I like to go sandboarding?

Morgeth: ... ... just SAID that...

Qris: I don't DO much.

Morgeth: *grins* Well, I suppose someone with as little brain as you have wouldn't be capable of much, eh?

Zala: Tag! You're it!!!!

Qris: What the--hey! I am NOT pl...wait a minute...Morgeth...You're going to pay for that!!!! *grins* There is ONE game I like to play. I usually only play it around bullies though. It's called dodge rock. Start moving!!!!

Hlen: I wanna play, I wanna play!!!! *chases Zala*

Morgeth: What're you...HEY!!!! *jumps to the side* WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!?! *growls* wanna play like that, HERE!! *throws a large ball of water and ice at Qris*

Qris: AAAAACCCKKKKPPPHTTTHHH!!!!!!! ... ...That DOES it. Take this!!! *Sand flies from the ground to bury Morgeth*

Morgeth: YIIIIIIII!!!! *gets out of the way only in time to be half covered in sand* ...*grumbles* ...I hate you...

Qris: The feeling's mutual, PAL.

Thalu: I...I...I...I can tell MINE now?!

Qris: Sure. Whatever.

Thalu: *squeals* EEEEEEEEE!!!!! I like ta play castle princess wif Daddy and Mommy!!! Daddy is da big bad dragon, an I'm tha princess, and Mommy is the warrior that saves me!! when BOF Daddy play, they get ta fight each other and Mommy helps him!!! I get kidnapped, and Daddy hasta save me, an Mommy too!! Dadddy sometimes even makes a castle in his black room!!! Then, I getta play full size!!!!

3.) Have you ever gone to a beach? If so, then what did you like best about it?

Zala: OOHH!!!! The ICE CREAM MAN!!!!!!!

Gareth: ME TOO!!! ME TOO!!!!!

Hlen: ? Wha's ice cream?

Gareth: It's a yummy snack!! It's soft and white and sweet and cold!

Hlen: Huh? C'n I try some? Big Brudder? C'n you fin' me sum ice cream?

Morgeth: Um...sure. I guess. Mom and Dad would probably know where to get that... actually sounds good to me. *licks lips* With us...we LIVE at the beach, pretty much. Our village is on top of the ocean, so we ALWAYS go to the shore to look for shells and to just have fun. Mostly, I like to practice my powers there, since I don't have any roofs or houses to worry about with my size change.

Qris: A beach? No thanks. Never been to one, and don't plan on going. Blech.

Morgeth: What?! Never?! Aw, come on! What's KEEPING yah? *smirks* Are you chicken or something? I bet you are!!

Qris: No, I just don't like the idea of DROWNING! Or did you forget about the underground STREAM and that THING that was in the water?!!

Morgeth: There's nothing like that at the beach! Your place is probably haunted or something...

Qris: ...yeah...sure...

Thalu: I been to tha beach!! Daddy and Mommy take me into tha water, and we swim and splash and eat chips and pop and ice-cream and candy, and I get tired and Daddy carries me home! ^__^

4.) Do you have lots of friends?

Thalu: I dun have lots a friends. I have *counts on fingers* TWO! Mommy and Daddy say it's because I'm special!! ^__^

Qris: Well, I had about three friends, but they aren't exactly AROUND anymore.

Hlen: Um..I dun got fiends...

Morgeth: Um...Hlen, that's FRIENDS. Fiends are enemies.

Hlen: But thas what I said!

Zala: Um...*counts fingers* I 'unno...lots?

Morgeth: *sighs* Whatever. I only really HAVE one friend. Cyte. He and I do everything together

Gareth: I have a friend!! MOMMY!!

Gareth: ^__^ YES, PEASE!!!!! I can be your friend too?

Thalu: An ME! I wanna be friends!

Zala: OKAYS! ^__^

5.) When you're sick, what makes you feel better?

Hlen: ...My Big Brudder...

Morgeth: *blushes, but groans softly*, I like it when my Dad brings me chicken soup and tells me about his adventures before I was born.

Qris: Yeah...not going there...

Gareth: I like it when Mommy reads me a book...and she brings me crackers and jello and pop.

Zala: momma will let me sit on the couch and watch mooveeeze. N' lots of pop...

Thalu: Mommy and Daddy let me sleep wif dem in their room, and they let me watch Tbee and eat popsicles.

6. ) What's your favorite food?

Morgeth: I like the pizza my mom makes a lot for my dad. ^__^ It's really good!

Hlen: Me too! Me too!!!

Morgeth: Uh...duh...she lives in the same house as me.

Qris: Oh, come on. She's four years old. Don't expect her to have some unbelievable and completely otherworldy answer. Myself? Mostly fruit.

Morgeth: Hey...she tends to copycat me, so sometime she says one thing and means another! Just because I said pizza, she'd probably just say pizza to be like me.

Zala: Pizza? PIZZA! PIZZA! ^__^

Gareth: Spatetties!!

Thalu: I like...I like...I like CANDY!!!

7.) When you get scared at night, who or what makes you feel braver?

Hlen: My Big Brudder

Morgeth: My Dad. He always makes me feel braver...

Thalu: Mommy and Daddy. When I have a bad dream or a monster's in my closet, I go to their room and sleep wif them

Zala: My momma...and daddy...they stay in my room 'till the bad is gone...

Qris: ...

Gareth: My Mommy sleeps wif me when I get scared

Morgeth: Qris?

Qris: ...I...don't...I don't...look, I spend my nights alone for a reason, okay?

Morgeth: And what reason's that? You're too sharp for anyone to warm up to you? Eh?

Qris: Don't. Go. There.

Morgeth: Why? Because you'll beat me up again? Look, I've been holding BACK, because my Dad always said never to hurt anyone with my shapeshifting, but that rule can EASILY be gone in a second, since he's not hear to enforce it!

Qris: Morgeth, I lost my parents when I was TWO years old! TWO!!!! I lived with my grandparents, who died when I was SIX! I don't get close to ANYONE or ANYTHING, because it gets taken away from me! I idolized your uncle because he did GREAT things for elementals, and he did them ON HIS OWN! He didn't need help! And what happened after I met him? What happened after I met my hero? He VANISHED!!!! DON'T go all "smart' with me!!!!

Morgeth: *growls hard* That was MY uncle, you realize!! YOU didn't have the guy that you looked up to more than your own dad vanish into thin air!!! And, I don't even know if I'm going to see MY parents every again, EITHER!! THEY LEFT JUST BEFORE WE DID!! Who KNOWS if I'll ever see them again!!! DON'T think you've got it all hard!!! At least YOU don't have the whole Dusk ARMY coming after you!!!!

Qris: Yes I do! Just because I was with YOU they started coming after me! And you still have a CHANCE of seeing YOUR parents again! I DON'T! They might not have come after me at first, but they still want me as dead as they want YOU!

Morgeth: How do I know that? They just might add you to the group!! I KNOW I'm going to be wanted dead!! After my DREAM and that STUPID WEIRD MARK, I think they're going to be after me with a vengeance. Oh, and let's not forget my SISTER! SHE'S probably worse off than EITHER of us!!! She has the dusk trying to take over her all the time!!!!

Qris: ...see...this is why I didn't want to talk about this stuff...

Morgeth: question...

8.) What makes you scared?

Gareth: ... ... Daddy...

Zala: ...bugses...

Thalu: Um... ...the dark...

Hlen: Shadows that lurk in the cold, dark night, that prey on the fear and life of innocent beings. Things that hunt and roar and snarl and bite and tear and eat those of us who are unfortunate enough to wander into their paths. The Dusk...

Morgeth: O_O ... ... ..when my kid sister says things like that...

Qris: Yeah, no kidding.

9.) What's the biggest adventure you've been on?

Zala: At the PARK!!! ^__^

Thalu: A weird man taked me away, and I was trapped ina room...and Mommy and Daddy weren't there...

Hlen: Wif...wif my Brudder...and'' we...we met' dese bad things want to hurted us...

Morgeth: BASICALLY...when the Dusk marked my sister, Cyte, and me, and we had to go looking for a bunch of them to kill them off or something like that...and then my uncle disappeared, and we got swept away in the rapids underground.

Qris: That's...basically my story...

Gareth: Um...when...when Mommy taked me to tha amusement park...and I had ta tie my wings to ride on tha roller coaster.

10.) Well, this is done. Anything else you'd like to say before we go?

Thalu: Awww!! Is it over!?

Zala: I...I tink so.

Gareth and Thalu: NUUUUUUU!!!!!

Hlen:Hey! That sounds like MY word! *Grins* Have you two eber heard of nup?

Gareth and Thalu: No...What's that?

Gareth: Sounds llike a FUN word!! ^__^ NUP!!! IT IS!!!!!!

Hlen: It means no, and yup! I uses is when I doesn't know what to say.

Gareth: ^__^ NUP!!!

Thalu: Nup, nup, nup, nup!!

Morgeth; *sighs* Well, at least we're almost done...then I can get OUT of here and this stinky aura coming from Qris

Qris: Stinky--WHY YOU!!!!!!! Just wait 'till I get my hands on you, you filthy, bragging, no good pig!

Morgeth: PIG!? Oh, you're going to GET it you despicable, incompetent, mush-for-brain, garbage-for-breath, fat, ugly, whiny little BABY!!

Qris: THAT DOES IT!!!!!! *Throws a boulder at Morgeth*

Morgeth: *breaks the bolder by shooting his own boulder at it* DIE!!!!!!! *jumps onto Qirs and starts wrestling him to the ground*

Qris: You WISH! *Punches Morgeth in the gut with his boulder tail*

Morgeth and Qris: *more random fighting sounds*

Thalu: BYE!!! *waves*
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Word of warning.  This is a BIG post.  Do not read unless you have time and patience.

With that out of the way, say hi to a LONG questionnaire that :iconbethanyangelstar: modified to fit with a bunch of characters.  Sorry this took so long, Maria!  Hope you like!

Five characters max, otherwise it become TOO long.  (And trust me, it got LONG.  She wasn't kidding.  ^__^)


1. What is your name?

Gina:  Gina!

Daerin:  Daerin…

Qris:  I’m Qris!

Cyte:  Anyone who’s read some of these other things already know my name.  If you don’t, I’m Cyte.

John:  *Points to the left.*  Like the thing says.  I’m John.

2. What is your name in another language?

Daerin:  Hah!  I can do better than that!  On another WORLD I’m Darion!

John:  Uh…well, I know that in German, I’d be Johan.  Not much more than that, though.  Kind of clueless in that area.

Cyte:  Last I checked, my name was kind of original.  I don’t think there IS another version of it.

Qris:  Same as Cyte, really.

Gina:  I don’t know!  I’ve never looked it up before!

3. How old are you?

Cyte:  Well…I guess…year-wise?  I’m about…eh…ten?  Mentally?  I’m…not sure what my mental age is.  Most other kids I live around are mentally teens by now.  My buddy Morgeth and I are different from them, though…

Qris:  Serious?  I’m about eight by actual years.  And I’m NORMAL for my mental age.  You and Morgeth aren’t?

Cyte:  Well, I just…I just plain don’t know anything about myself.  Morgeth’s parents are different than normal.


John:  Almost twenty.  Not saying any more than that.

Gina:  Why not?

John:  I don’t TRUST people.  Most of the time they’re out to get me.

Gina:  *Shrugs*  Whatever!  I’m twenty-six!  And still beautiful!

John:  Really?  You don’t SOUND like a vain person…

Gina:  *Laughs*  Not THAT kind of beautiful!  Vamat won’t stop saying it.  He honestly LOOKS for more ways to compliment me if things start to get quiet.  I wish HE could have been part of this thing…

Daerin:  Um…twenty-one…actually.

4. What is your race/species?

Gina:  Dragon.

Qris:  I’m an earth elemental.

Gina:  …what’s that?”

Qris:  Well, take a look at me!  I’m short, furry, with a BOULDER attached to my tail.  I can manipulate rock of all sorts, and the boulder on my tail can change too, if I want it to.

John:  Never really seen an earth elemental before…and…I don’t really KNOW what I am.  I’m like a mix of a whole bunch of creatures.  I have five different forms.  My most common is a lizard form…but I’m also a human, a dragon, a GIANT CRAB, and a metal lizard.

Daerin:  Well…technically, I’m half and half.  My father has a dragon form, but he’s really human, and my mother was a dragon…so, I’m a bit of both—but I LOOK like a water elemental.

Cyte:  You…you’re really a half-breed?

Daerin:  Yep.

Cyte:  That’s just like Morgeth—like his father too.

Daerin:  Yeah…let’s…just…stay away from who that guy is.  Not exactly on the best of terms with him.  Okay?  Tell the people reading this what you are.

Cyte:  …I’m…not sure.  My friends Morgeth and Qris are both elementals…but…someone else has called me an elemental being.  I think the biggest difference besides appearance is how in tune an elemental being is with the elements.  But that’s ALL we’re in tune with.  Elementals are lucky…they can have families and lives to live.  I’m thinking I pretty much don’t have that sort of chance…I’m the only elemental being of my kind.

5. Do you have a crush?

Cyte:  *Blushes…*  Eh…I…guess…I do?  Um…I…we…uh…yeah…I need to go hide…

Daerin:  It’s not a crush so much as it is jealous resentment.  The name I have on another world?  Darion?  He’s real.  We both fell in love…but my love died.  His didn’t…he’s lucky he gets to have her…I’d have stolen her away in a heartbeat.

John:  Her name is Mara.  She’s basically a girl version of my lizard form.  She and I are the only lizards left…and…I…I miss her…

Qris:  You have GOT to be kidding me.  No.  NO.  Okay?  No crushes.  Not a chance.  That’s it and done.  Got it?  Good.

Gina:  Heh…Qris…are you HIDING something?

Qris:  NO!!!

Gina:  Are you SURE?

Cyte:  Yeah!  *Smiles*  That was WAY too quick of an answer, Qris!  Who is she?  Where’s she at?  Can I meet her sometime?

Qris:  Will you BACK OFF?!  I SAID I don’t have a crush or a girlfriend or any of that, and I’m NOT planning on getting one any time soon!

Gina:  Sure…keep on saying that, Qris.  I have Vamat…and I STILL wish he was here…

6. Do you have many friends?

Daerin:  No.

Gina:  …oh…you poor thing…

Daerin:  Don’t give me that look.  I’m FINE with no friends.  It doesn’t hurt as much as losing them.  So leave me alone.

Gina:  …Daerin?

Daerin:  Yeah?

Gina:  I…I don’t have many friends, myself.  Just Vamat, Samael, and Mitchel…I’d…I’d be willing to be your friend…if you want.

Daerin:  …

Gina:  Daerin?

Daerin:  …no.  I’m not going to lose any more people in my life.  I’m DONE with that.

Gina:  What?!  But—but why?!  Come on, Daerin, it’s not hard!  We can just hang out together or something!  It REALLY isn’t hard!

Daerin:  Just SHUT UP okay?!  You don’t UNDERSTAND!  My DAD destroys EVERY friend I make.  Technically, in the ONLY real story that I’m in, my dad kills ME.  I’m not in the mood to get to know people.  It hurts too much when he takes them away.  Yari taught me that when he killed HER.

Gina:  But…

Daerin:  I SAID NO!!!!!  *Stomps off…*

John:  Uh…okay, ignoring that bit with Daerin…I have too many friends to count.  But…close friends?  Three.  They’re going to remain nameless, thank you very much.

Qris:  Well, I HAD a bunch of friends…up until this weird THING came and made them all attack me, Morgeth, and Cyte.  The three of us got away…

Cyte:  Uh…Qris?  About that…

Qris:  Yeah?

Cyte:  I…I saw them MELTING…when they hit the ice that covered our path…I…I don’t think they’re alive anymore…

Qris *Sigh…*  Then it’s just you and Morgeth…

Cyte:  Well…if it makes you feel better, you and Morgeth are MY only real friends.  I haven’t even had the chance to go out and talk to a bunch of people.  I was kind of popular with little kids…but not much else, really.

Qris;  Dude…just shut up.

Cyte:  …okay…

7. What planet are you from?

Daerin:  An alternate reality…but…earth.

Gina:  Daerin…about earlier…

Daerin:  Gina?  Drop it.  NOW.

Gina:  Okay…okay…I just wanted to say I was sorry.  I didn’t mean to get you upset…”

Daerin:  Gina.  I SAID drop it.  PLEASE.

Gina:  I…I just…”

Daerin:  GINA!

Gina:  …I’m from earth too.

Cyte:  Uh…well…actually, from what I’ve been told, Qris and I are from earth too…just…a different time era.

Qris:  What?  You’re serious?!  We’re like…we’re from the past?

Cyte:  Something like that, yeah.

Qris:  COOL!!!!!

John:  We’re all from earth, really.  I technically started out as a human with an overactive imagination.  Or at least I thought that’s what it was.  My imagination was really past memories of my life.  Later on one of those countless friends of mine found me and brought me back up to date with what was going on.  We were in the middle of a war…and they thought I was dead when two evil brothers of mine took me away and hid me on earth with the false memories of my human life.  I have to admit the human life I left behind was a pleasant one…I would have been happy staying where I was.

8. Do you like to eat?

Daerin:  Uh…right…what kind of question is that, really?  I mean, we DO need to eat just to stay alive.

Gina:  Uh…actually…

Cyte:  You too, Gina?

Gina:  !!!  Cyte?  You mean you never get hungry either?

Cyte:  I don’t exactly have a digestive system…

Gina:  Well…It depends on where I am.  When I’m with Vamat, he has this special place that’s kind of disconnected from reality, and if you’re in that place, it keep your body perfectly balanced in energy.  So you never GET hungry.

John:  And while I’m in lizard form, I only need to eat like once a week.  Depending, I can actually last a month without food.  I just can’t move a lot if that happens.

Qris:  Um…I’m just going to agree with Daerin on this one.

Daerin:  THANK YOU.  At least SOMEONE here is sensible.

Qris:  Heh…

9. What's your favorite food?

Daerin:  Now see, THAT’S a valid question.  Myself?  Well…I’m actually partial to apples, really.  If you want me to give you a meaty dish that I enjoy…I haven’t had pizza in AGES.  If you’ve got some, I’d LOVE it.

Cyte:  I don’t eat…but Daerin, if you stopped over at Morgeth’s place, his mom makes pizza a LOT.

Daerin:  …Cyte…stop and think for a moment.  Who is Morgeth’s mother?  And who is she married to?  And how many times have I already said I don’t want to go near that subject?

Cyte:  …Oh…crud.  I didn’t mean—

Daerin:  Cyte, don’t you start too!

Qris:  Well…we have—eh…HAD a lot of elementals at the village that could grow plants and things…so we were never short on food, but there are some interesting TEENY TINY lizards that taste good cooked over a…why are you looking at me like that, John?

John:  You…EAT…lizards?!!!

Qris:  Well…they’re just animals…and they DO taste pretty good if you know how to fix them…

John  *Shudders*  Yeah…strictly a vegetarian.  Mostly I like fruits…nearly any kind, too.

Gina:  Uh…pasta!

10. What's your favorite drink?

Gina:  OH!  OH!!!!  My favorite is a big strawberry smoothie!!!!

Cyte:  What’s a smoothie?

John:  It’s a sort of blend of ice cream or yogurt, fruits, milk, and whatever tickles your fancy.  Since you don’t need to eat or drink, that probably doesn’t matter to you very much.  Myself?  Milk.  I LOVE milk.  Can’t get enough.

Daerin:  Really?  Me too.

John:  NICE!  Good to see I’m not alone!

Qris:  Uh…yeah…where we live?  Not much chance for much to drink.  Just water, really. We get all the nutrients we need from the food we grow.

11. Are you annoying?

Cyte  I’d like to THINK I’m not…

Qris:  What about Morgeth’s sister?

Cyte:  Heh.  He’d say she was the most annoying kid on the planet, if I know him…

Daerin:  …never had a chance to find out with my siblings.

Gina:  Well…maybe a LITTLE…

John:  I should HOPE I’m not!  I don’t have TIME to be silly like that!  I was fighting a WAR, people!

13. Are you loved?

Gina:  YES!  ^__^

Cyte:  I…guess?  Not like Gina, though…mine’s more of I have adoptive parents who treat me like I’m their kid…even though there’s no WAY I am.  I really just refer to the two of them as my uncles.  Yeah, you heard me.  Uncles.  They’re brothers, and they took me in when I had no clue of anything, raised me up.  I owe them a lot…

Qris:  I WAS…up until my village was killed.  I didn’t have a girlfriend or anything like that, remember…but my family was good to me.

John:  Well…yes, but we haven’t SEEN each other in so long…Mara was taken away from me before much could happen between us…but…we were an item.

Daerin:  …I was…once…

14. Are you hated?

Daerin:  Yes.  A lot.  By my dad.

Gina:  I…I don’t think I am…Daerin?

Daerin:  Gina, I TOLD YOU TO DROP IT.

Gina:  …

Qris:  I’m thinking I am.  Someone up there must hate me…they took away my whole VILLAGE, for crying out loud!

Cyte:  Well…I don’t really know, to be honest.

John:  Depends…yes, and no.  During a war, there’s bound to be people who hate you, no matter where you go, but the two guys that hate me the most…it isn’t really their fault…

15. Are you emo/goth?

Daerin:  Circumstances aside?  I think we all are, at least a little…

16. Are you straight, bisexual, or gay/lesbian?

John:  Oh, that is GROSS.  Why are you even ASKING that question?!  Shouldn’t it be OBVIOUS with the fact that I’m always talking about one specific GIRL when I’m on that TYPE of subject?  Sheesh.

Cyte:  Um…do I WANT to know what that means?

Qris:  No.  No you don’t.  Trust me.  You’re straight, just like me.

Cyte:  Um…okay…

Daerin:  Straight.

Gina:  Hm…let’s SEE.  I have a GUY that I’m constantly wishing was HERE, I’m also the only GIRL in this group, and I’m not wishing there were more girls around…I wonder?  I REALLY wonder…idiots.

Daerin:  *Smiles*  Wow!  I didn’t think you had it in you, Gina.

Gina:  There’s a lot about me you’d be surprised to hear…

17. Are you a virgin?

Cyte:  Uh…

Qris:  Yes.  Yes you are.  So am I.

Daerin:  Yeah…I am.  We never got the chance to go that far because of my dad…and…I haven’t been able to feel that level of happiness since.

John:  Yep!  Of COURSE I am. That sort of thing is special, and should only be shared with the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with, AFTER you’ve married.

Gina:  …

Daerin:  Gina?  Why so quiet?

Gina:  I’m…not…

Daerin:  Oh…

18. Name three hobbies you have:

Qris:  Well…there’s my rock surfing…/ flying…*Smiles*  You can get some REALLY good air if you know what you’re doing on those things.  I used to just hang out at my secret underground cavern.  I made my own little fort in the sand.  It’s fun…does that count as three?

Cyte:  I like to carve wood into ALL sorts of things!  It’s FUN!  You wouldn’t believe some of the cool stuff I can make!  I even made a sweet chair once that had all SORTS of secret compartments built into it!  Putting it together was like making a giant puzzle!  So…hobbies?  I’ve only got the one…

Daerin:  None to speak of…at least, not anymore.

John:  Yeah…same here actually.

Gina:  Uh…you…probably don’t want to hear mine.  It’s…it’s…uh…personal?

19. Are you normal?

Daerin:  *Grins*  Ready?  Three…two…one.

All:  NO WAY!  *Smiles all around*

20. Are you attractive?

Gina:  Ooh!!!  One of my favorite questions to answer!  I THINK I am!  Vamat always says so!

Cyte:  I…um…I…I’m probably not.  I’m made of driftwood.  I don’t think that’s a very appealing substance..

Qris:  Yeah…not looking for girls, remember?  I couldn’t care less if I was or not.

John:  I was attractive enough to get Mara’s attention.

Daerin:  Not going to go there.

21. How do you handle emotions?

Cyte:  Uh…I…I’m pretty indecisive…so…I don’t know?

Daerin:  Not very well, for my answer.

Gina:  Hard to say.  I’m happy most of the time.

John:  I…I have a hard time staying happy.  I’m always worrying about Mara—if she’s okay…or even alive.  So…yeah.

Qris:  I push mine down.  Tough guys don’t show a lot of emotion, y’know?

22. Do you have other forms?

John:  I answered that question earlier.  I have four other forms.

Qris:  Nope.

Cyte:  Kind of?  I can sort of change my shape, depending on how much of a tree I absorb. Usually I just grow into a bigger version of myself.

Daerin:  HAH!  If you can imagine it, I can become it.

Gina:  Same here, actually.

23. Do you overreact?

John:  Overreact.  Suddenly, I don’t feel like answering that question.

Qris:  Well…how would YOU have reacted if your whole VILLAGE got destroyed?  I don’t think I overreacted when I was attacked by ALIEN CREATURES bent on my DESTRUCTION!!!

Cyte:  Qris…don’t get like that.  I was there TOO, remember.

Qris:  Yeah, but who did YOU lose?  Hmm?  How many friends and family did YOU have there?  What did YOU lose?  I lost everything but my LIFE to those freaks!

Cyte:  …

Qris:  Yeah.  I thought so.

Daerin:  Hmph.  Stupid question.  But yeah…depending on the situation, I’ve been known to overreact.

Gina:  I do it, but only to be silly.  ^__^

24. Are you a criminal?

Gina, John, Cyte, and Qris:  NO!

Daerin:  …I didn’t have much of a choice…it was steal or starve…

25. Do you go to school?

Qris:  I used to…

Cyte:  My uncles would teach me stuff…

John:  Nope.

Gina:  No I don’t.  I’m well past that.  ^__^

Daerin:  Never got the chance to.

26. What's your IQ?

All:  We’ve never checked…

27. Do you have a disease/curse?

Daerin:  I might as well.  With my kind of luck?  Anyone who gets close is either killed or runs away in fear.  Usually killed.  I’m cursed to live alone for eternity.  When Yari came into my life, I thought that could change, but my father killed her…

Gina:  None that I KNOW of…

Qris:  Two words.

Cyte:  The Dusk.

John:  Huh…except for Gina, I think all of us have some sort of thing we view as a curse.  Daerin’s is losing people…Qris and Cyte are complaining about the alien race that tried to wipe out the planet…and I’m constantly fighting off new and freaky hoards of things that just want ME dead.

28. Are you dead?

Daerin:  Not yet.

Gina:  That’s not a very pleasant way to look at life…

Daerin:  Yeah, well everyone hates a realist.  And I’m not going to change.  Without Yari, I have nothing to live for.  For me, life is just something you have to go through.  I’d end it, but…I’m scared of death, too.  I know the two places I could end up, and I’m not ready to die if I’m headed for the worse of the two.

Gina:  Daerin…are you SURE you don’t want a friend?  You sound like you do…

Daerin:  I’ve already TOLD you.  NO.

Qris:  I HOPE NOT!!!

Cyte:  Hard to say.  I don’t even know HOW I’m alive.  I’m not built like normal things.  Maybe I am dead, maybe I’m not.  Not sure what to say.

John:  Actually…I HAVE DIED a few times…

29. Do you have a family?

Qris:  …

Cyte:  …uh…Qris?

Qris:  Shut up.

Cyte:  …uh…I…I don’t have any that I know of…

John:  Not anymore…

Daerin:  The only family I have left hates me.

Gina:  If I do, I’ve never met them…

30. Have you encountered any tragic times in life?

John:  Don’t get ANY of us started.  We’ve ALL got sob stories.  …well…I don’t know about Gina, but from what I’ve heard of the rest, we ALL do.

Gina:  I do SO have sob stories!

John:  But you’re always so CHEERFUL.

Gina:  So?  That just means I’m optimistic.

John:  Okay…tell us what your sad story is, then.

Gina:  Well…um…it’s…not a story…for kids?

John:  …so…no telling, right?

Gina:  Right.  I’ll tell you all about it after this tag thing, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to say what it is, right now.

John:  Fair enough…

31. What's the best time in your life?

Qris:  Well, the first best day I ever had was back when I first learned how to rock surf.  I’m a self-proclaimed expert at it…no one else will really try it, to be honest.

Cyte:  Um…when…I met…uh…*Blushes and hides*

John  *Laughs*  Cyte, get back out here!  We won’t make you say!  We just need you for some of the later questions!  *Laughs*  Oh boy…Wish I was like that again.  The best time, though?  For me…would probably be that day that my friends found me and showed me the life I was supposed to lead.  It was one HUGE reunion that day…like ten birthday parties rolled into one big event.  Lots of fun that day…

Gina:  …meeting Vamat…

Daerin:  Yari.

32. If you could name one song, which one would relate to you best?

Gina:  …I think we’ll need to get back to you on that question.  Lots of songs to pick from…

33. Are you single?

Gina:  …

Cyte:  Gina?  What’s wrong?

Gina:  I…I don’t know how to answer this question.  I…I have someone…we’re basically married in every sense of the word except actual.  He hasn’t proposed to me, but Vamat and I wouldn’t dare leave each other…so…yes…but no?  I’m not sure…

Cyte:  Well…I know I am…and so is Qris…

John:  So am I.

Daerin:  Almost wasn’t.

34. Have you had any relationships?

Daerin:  …I hate you…

Gina:  Um…Daerin, who are you talking to?

Daerin:  I looked ahead at some of these questions.  A LOT of them look like they were made to get me upset.  I’m leaving,

Gina:  What?  No!  Don’t just GO!  Stay and help us finish!  Please?

Daerin:  Gina, questions 38, 39, 41, 42, 46…not to mention a whole slew of questions I’ve already had to trudge through have ALL been talking about Yari and her effect on me.  I’m done.  I don’t CARE.  I’m leaving now before I get emotionally killed.  And YOU certainly haven’t been helping…what with your offers and everything.  I do NOT want anything like a relationship.  Every one I’ve ever had has ruined me.  I’m DONE.  Alright?  DONE!  Stop talking to me, and stop expecting me to answer!  I’m LEAVING!!!!  *Slam*

Gina:  He…he left…*Sniffle…*

John:  Gina?  You gonna be alright?

Gina:  No…*Sniffle…sob…*  I…I just…*Sniff*  I only want to be his…his friend…and…he keeps yelling at me…like he hates me…

John:  …Gina…you wait here and keep answering questions.  I’ll bring him back and make him apologize to you.  Okay?  

Gina:  *Sniffle…*

John:  Oohhh boy…*Slam*

Qris:  No.  No I haven’t.

Cyte:  Does a childhood crush count as a relationship?

35. Do you have an element?

Gina:  Uh…yes?  I…I can turn into any element I want…

Cyte:  Four.  The basic ones.

Qris:  Just rock.  Nothing fancy.

36. How many stories have you been in so far? (role plays included)

Qris:  So far?  One.

Cyte:  Technically…two.

Gina:  Just…just one.

38. Do you have a bad temper at times?

Cyte:  Not really…

Qris:  I CAN…but not usually.  Depends on what’s happening.

Gina:  Um…I…don’t know?

39. Do you get depressed?

All:  Yes.

40. What's your favorite animal?

Cyte:  Whale sharks!!!!  ^__^

Qris:  …sharks?

Cyte:  Whale sharks are sharks that eat nothing but plankton, and they’re friendly and HUGE!  ^__^

Qris:  Uh…sure…I…I like pumas…

Gina:  Oh?  Uh…um…!!!  I know!  Anything from the freaky inky blackness of the bottom of the ocean.  Those things that NO ONE really can say what they are.  Stuff like those fascinate me.  Did you know there are some creatures down there that can glow in the dark, and shoot light OUT of their bodies?  It’s really cool!  Like…glowing in the dark?  There’s a thing called a vampire…I can’t remember if it was an octopus or a squid, but they showed it on TV once, and if you watched it swim away, if it feels threatened while it’s leaving, little bulb things glow on it and swirl around in the water as it moves to confuse whatever’s chasing it.  It’s REALLY cool.

41. Do you have any fears?

Qris:  Uh…being eaten.  I know it’s a weird fear, but it’s only a fear because I’ve nearly BEEN eaten once already.  If Morgeth’s uncle hadn’t rescued me, I’d be some giant worm’s meal right now…

Cyte:  Yeah…I can see why you’re afraid of it…I’d be too.

Gina:  If…I…I don’t know what I would do if…if Vamat left me…or if our kid died before it was born…

42. Do you have any weaknesses?

Cyte:  I can’t swim.  Does that count?

Qris:  A water elemental could probably beat me up without even trying…I’m not very tough.  I will do whatever I can to LOOK tough, but I’m not very tough.

Gina:  Well, if I shape shift something out of myself, it hurts when I let go of the thing.  REALLY hurts…like someone cut off a limb kind of hurt.  Not fun.

43. Do you look up to anyone?

Gina:  Not really…

Qris:  Shakhiro Undra…Morgeth’s uncle.

Cyte:  A water elemental being named Gonen.  That one was supposed to be the one that more or less made me.  My uncles had carved a piece of driftwood to look like him and he brought it to life…made me.  I’ve always wanted to talk to him, get to know the person I could actually call my dad…but…we haven’t spoken yet.  I’m beginning to think we never really will.

44. Do you like music?

Cyte:  Depends on the music.

Qris:  Yeah.  No kidding.

Gina:  I dunno.  I kind of like the classical stuff.

45. What's your favorite type of music?

Gina:  I just SAID classical.  *Grins*

Qris:  Well…I’m not sure.  We only ever had earth elemental songs where I lived.  Didn’t GET many visitors.  We all lived in a buried pyramid, so…yeah.  Not a lot of chance for outsiders to come on in.

Cyte:  I like harp music…

46. Are you impatient?

Qris:  Heh…you have NO idea how much I was tempted to jump in before the question could finish.

Cyte:  Oh?  Hey, Qris…knock knock!

Qris:  Oh no you don’t!  I know that joke!  You’re NOT doing it to me!

Gina:  Joke?  What do you mean?

Cyte:  *Grins*  Gina?  Knock Knock!

Gina:  Who’s there?

Cyte:  Interrupting coefficient of friction.

Gina:  Interrupting coeff—

Cyte:  —MOO!

Gina:  !!!  *Laughs*

47. What's something funny about yourself?

Cyte:  I dunno.  The way I look?

Qris:  *Chuckles*  Don’t be like that…

Cyte:  Well, what am I SUPPOSED to say?

Qris:  Don’t worry about it, Cyte.  Myself…I don’t really have a funny side.  I can’t dish it out, but I LOVE taking it in.

Gina:  Same here.  Never been good at jokes…

48. Name five nicknames.

Gina:  Uh-huh.  Ever single nickname I have is one that I shouldn’t mention in front of children…

Qris:  I never really had a nickname.

Cyte:  Me either…

49. Do you curse/swear?

Cyte and Qris:  Nope!  ^__^

Gina:  I HAVE sworn before, but I don’t do it much…

50. This test is over, what do you have to say?

Gina:  Um…thanks for listening to me?

Cyte:  This was kind of fun!  But next time, don’t let Daerin be part of this?  He kind of ruined it…

Qris:  Yeah, no kidding.  The guy was a total jerk.  Let’s go.  I’m not interested to hear what he has to say if he gets back in time.  You coming, Gina?

Gina:  No…no…John said he’d bring Daerin back to apologize.  I can wait…

Cyte:  Are you sure?  He was so mean to you!

Gina:  He’s not the first one, boys.  You two run along.  I’ll catch up as soon as Daerin’s done with.

Qris:  …if you’re sure…

Gina:  I am.

Cyte:  Alright then…see you later, Gina…*Slam*


…John:  what the—Daerin!  You made me MISS the rest of the thing!  I hope you’re happy!

Daerin:  Actually, yeah.  I am.  We can leave now, right?

John:  Oh no you don’t!  I had to miss out on a whole BUNCH of questions I know I would have had some fun with because of you!  You’re going to at LEAST talk to Gina and tell her you’re sorry!

Daerin:  But I’m NOT sorry!  Don’t you GET IT?  I’m not sorry at all!  She was getting on my nerves!

John:  Yeah, and you spat in her face!  She didn’t KNOW anything about you!  She was just trying to help you!

Daerin:  I don’t ask for help because I don’t WANT help.  Even if I need help, I don’t want it.  I’m sick and tired of people.  Of LIVING.  I am a lone wolf.  Losing Yari made sure of that.  Get it?  When she was gone, so was ANY hope for me to live out a good life.  In the story I’m in, killing me was the only favor my father did for me.  I HATE myself!  I hate my life, and everything that’s happened in it!  Even the bright spots went dark!  Because of Ghoreaeth!  Because of a man that delighted in pain!  Loved to watch his OWN FAMILY SUFFER!  ENJOYED CAUSING THAT SUFFERING!  I am NOT a good person!  I will NEVER be a good person!  Now let me LEAVE!!!!

John:  NO!  You’re pigheaded stubbornness hurt someone just now, and it had nothing to do with Ghoreaeth.  The LEAST you can do is make her feel a LITTLE better by apologizing, and I’m not letting you go ANYWHERE until you’ve done at least that much.

Daerin:  LET ME GO!!!!

John:  NO!!!!

Gina:  …John…it’s okay.  You can let him go.  Thanks for trying to help…

John:  Gina?  Are…are you sure?

Gina:  Yeah…I’m sure. If he won’t, he won’t.  I’m not going to push him…

Daerin:  THANK you.  *Slam*

John:  Gina?

Gina  *Crying*

John:  Gina, why did you let him go?  Now you’re even MORE upset.

Gina:  I…I just…*Leans on John for support*  I…*Cries into his shoulder*  I wish Vamat was here…
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Not tagged, but tagging!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2008, 4:16 AM

Greetings, and welcome to the very first tag I have ever made!

Simple rules:  You don’t need to tag anyone, but you’re more than welcome to.  Do as many characters for this tag as you like, but only do as many as you think you can handle.  Have the characters tell the truth.  Most important of all, have lots of fun!  ^__^  Oh, and before I forget, you don’t have to do any question after seven.  You certainly can if you WANT to, but only if you want to.  Those are all optional.


Surprisingly, two of these characters are NOT dragons!  (One of them is half dragon, and the other turns into a power source for the Halfling, so that’s my excuse.  ^__^)

1)  Hi!  We’ve probably never met before, so, I’m curious…what’s your name?

Sentriam:  Sentriam

Genia:  Genia.  You can call me Gen.

Triana:  Triana, but calling me ‘Your Highness’ works just as well.  I AM royalty, after all.

Zrilian:  Sure you were, Triana!  Twice!  And both times, you were dethroned!  Isn’t that nice?

Triana:  Careful what you say, elf.  I’m strong enough to kill you with a single snap of my jaws.

Zrilian:  Doesn’t change the fact, though.  Does it?  To answer the question, I’m the elf, Zrilian!  Triana used to be one, but she decided to opt for a dragon form instead.  Foolish, if you ask me, but I can’t REALLY get away with saying that.  Not with what happened to me…

Sasha:  I’m Sasha…Zrilian’s beloved.

2)  Well, it’s certainly a pleasure to meet you!  Now…any of you already know each other?

Sentriam:  Genia and I are life-mates.  Zrilian and Sasha are friends to our son, and Triana…well, with her, it’s complicated.

Triana:  COMPLICATED?!!!

Sentriam:  Well, you WERE out to basically kill our son.  And don’t forget what happened to you after our son and his friends managed to push you away.

Triana:  Hmph!  That hardly counts as complicated.

Genia:  You POISONED our son!  And THEN you drugged him and tried to have him drowned, and after THAT, you went after him with an ARMY!  Besides that, after Telrick—“

Triana:  Stop RIGHT there.  I refuse to do the rest of this stupid interview thing if you broach that subject on me even once more.

Zrilian:  Oh, come on, Triana.  We all know you weren’t aware of him at the time…Telrick isn’t your fault.

Sasha:  Right.  Even Grathiam fell to Telrick’s trickery for a while.  That much of it, you’re innocent.

Triana; …that counts, you realize.  I’m officially done.  That is the ONE topic I hate to discuss, and ALL of you knew it.  Good day to you.

Genia:  Triana!  Triana, wait!  We didn’t mean—Triana!  TRIANA!  Come on, you promised you’d do this!  Grathiam, bring her back here.

Grathiam: …thanks, but I don’t think so.  She’s not exactly someone I’m fond of.  Let her go if she wants.  I can do this, too.  I mean, why not, right?

Sentriam:  Son, don’t you think it’s a bit presumptuous of you to place yourself in this thing of yours?

Grathiam:  Well, if Triana won’t, why not?  We need SOMEONE to fill in her space, and I’m NOT calling Telrick out.  He’s had his turn.

Genia:  But it would be so much EASIER if you just had Triana hold to her promise!

Grathiam:  Mom, it’s okay.  Really, it is.  Triana’s still sore over being manipulated so easily.  I had friends to fall back on and she didn’t.  Let her go.  It’ll do her good to get rid of that anger.

Sasha:  Grath…

Grathiam:  Not you too!  Come on!  It’s better this way, anyway!  We won’t be at each other’s throats like what would happen if any villains were doing this thing with you guys!  Just let it slide this once, okay?  I promise, I’ll make it up to you guys…

Sentriam:  Just like this thing was supposed to make up for having me as a villain in some of your stories?

Grathiam:  Dad…

Sentriam:  Son, I just think it would be best if Triana were doing this instead…and the rest agree with me.  Call her back, okay?  That’s all we want.

Grathiam:  But…

Sentriam:  Grath…

Grathiam:  Okay, okay…Triana!  Triana, wait a second!  We can make a deal!

3)  I see!  Well then, let’s find out how well you’d all work together, shall we?  If you were all on the same team in some sort of sport, where would you be on the team, and what sport do you think you’d be playing?

Zrilian:  W…seriously?  That cuts off half of the sports I actually play!  The rest I plain don’t like!

Sentriam:  I don’t know, it’s interesting to think about…what sort of game would we even be playing?  I doubt we have anything for a Halfling and her gemstone.  Unless you’d like to be the thing we throw around, Zrilian?

Triana:  THAT sounds lovely!  We’ll set up a net and hit him back and forth over the net with our tails!

Sasha:  …but who’s team would I be on, then?  Zrilian and I have always done everything together.  I…I don’t think I’d want him to be something we’d have to hit around everywhere, and wouldn’t that hurt our tails, anyway?

Genia:  You’d be surprised, deary.  I know you’re new to the form you’ve got, but trust me, dragon tails aren’t delicate at ALL.  We usually use rocks instead of gemstones, but the idea is still the same.

Zrilian;  H—hey!  Don’t I get a say in this!?  I don’t WANT to be hit around!  I only get an hour each day to walk around in an actual body!  The rest of the time I have no choice but to be a gemstone.  C’mon…please?  I’m almost ALWAYS the thing everybody hits around when we play games!  Why do you think I hate so many sports?

Triana:  I still like the idea…

4)  Sounds fun!  Do you have any sort of interesting talents?

Zrilian:  Well, while I’m in the form I can actually walk in, I can run faster than a dragon can fly.

Triana:  And I happen to be a very quick study.  When I first took on my dragon form, I needed only two hours before I had fully mastered how to fly.  It took me one day to rise above my class as a child and excel so far beyond them, I was place in the line of candidates for the elf throne when I was barely more than a child.

Sasha:  I…um…I can…uh…I can breathe out lightning instead of fire.  Grathiam’s family consists solely of fire breathers…and his family is basically the last of the line.  Most if not all the other dragons were killed…

Genia:  Well, I don’t know about any interesting talents, but I DID manage to raise three FINE children into full adulthood.

Sentriam:  Aye, you did an excellent job, Sweetest…

Genia:  Oh…you’re just saying that.  You know how much that nickname makes me blush…

Sentriam:  So?  You’re beautiful.  I should be allowed to compliment my other half.

Genia:  Sentriam, you silver-tongued devil…stop before I break my face from smiling so much.

Sentriam:  Heh.  Hasn’t happened yet!

5)  Cool!  Ever been somewhere really interesting?

Sentriam:  That depends.  Technically, if you’re not a dragon, I’m not allowed to speak about it.  Is that fair?

Genia:  Well, since others are going to be reading this, I think it is, Sentriam.  Of course, that means that every last one of us here isn’t allowed to talk about it…

Triana:  Speak for yourself.  I took no such vows.  If I wanted, I could tell them all ABOUT your precious little island.  It is, after all, where Telrick was found…I’d say that place is deserving of some note, since it housed such a GIANT!

Zrilian:  Hey, yeah!  And I’m an elf, not a dragon, and I know about it!

Sentriam:  You were a special case.  You, Hlen, and Grathiam were fleeing from Triana’s destructive wrath at the time, and Grathiam didn’t know that non-dragons weren’t meant to be on the island.  You going there is part of why you’re a gemstone, now.  And why you ended up falling in love with a half dragon.

Sasha:  I…I’ve never been anywhere special…the most special thing I’ve ever even seen was the day Zrilian and I married…

6)  Well then, that IS interesting!  Hey, if you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?

Genia:  I’ve already got everything I want…

Sentriam:  Well…if I were to say something I want?  I’d like to see the dragons that were slaughtered brought back…I miss my old friends…of course, I’m happy I have my beloved and my children, but that doesn’t lessen the fact that so many of our race was destroyed…

Zrilian:  The ability to change between this form and my old one at will, whenever I wanted and for however long I wanted.

Sasha:  Well, It would have been nice if I hadn’t had to grow up on the streets.  Or at least had more friends than just that kind man who would give me food each day…

Triana:  I would wish that Grathiam hadn’t broken free of the sedative spells I’d placed on him at the very beginning.  I only tried to kill him after he first escaped, because once he did, he took with him the treasure that gave me my royalty and right to rule over the elves.  That dragon had a knack for causing me no end of troubles.

7)  Really?  I wonder what I would wish for…anyway, I’m running out of ideas for questions, so I guess this is the last one.  Anything you want to say to the people reading this?

Zrilian:  See you later!

Sasha:  Bye…

Triana:  Good riddance.

Sentriam and Genia:  Live your best, and always remember those you love and hold dear to your heart.  That is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give.

8)  Ha!  Tricked you!  I’m not done yet!

Triana:  What the—

Zrilian:  HEY!

Sasha:  Really.  Grath, that’s pathetic.

Sentriam:  You made us think this was DONE with, son!

Genia:  *Laughs*  Oh, that was fun!  I’ve never seen Sentriam so put off before!  BraVO youngling! *Laughs again*

9)  Hey, Everyone else always seems to end their interviews that way!  I wanted to try something different!

Genia:  Haha…oh, I’m glad you managed to find something of a sense of humor, son.

Zrilian:  You ALWAYS have to try something different, don’t you?  That’s just plain not FAIR to the rest of us!

All the rest:  YEAH!

10)  But I’m tired of seeing everything always end the same!  You can’t blame me for that, can you?

All but Genia:  Oh yes we can!

Genia:  Hmm…I think I see where this is going.  I’ll just leave here, then.  Enjoy yourself, Grathiam!  I like it when you’re silly!

11)  Well fine!  You want everything to be the same?  FINE!  We can have the mushy, happy, flowery ending that everyone else always has!

All:  YES!

12)  But not yet.

All:  WHAT?!

13)  Hey, I’ve been picked on plenty!  This is my only chance to get back!  I need some revenge now and again!  What’s wrong with making a few people look silly?  Everyone always did that to me!

14)  You’re not talking to me now, are you?

15)  Well fine!  We’ll see how you like it!  To end this interview, you have to do one of two things.  Either stand on your head, spin around until you’re too dizzy to get up without throwing up, and then paint a clown face on yourself and do the Macarena.  Or tell me you’re sorry.  This thing won’t end until one of those two things happens.

All:  …

Zrilian:  Anyone know where I can find clown paint?

Triana:  I’m with you!

Sasha:  Same here!

Sentriam:  …  …I should have left with Genia when I had the chance.  Wait for me, everyone!


^__^ Or, do it if you want to.  ^__^

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