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Several months had passed, and the pair had fallen into a routine of things.  However, a few things had changed.  Grathiam's friendship with Kayli was blooming.  She visited him more often and was using his old cave like a second home now.  And he didn't mind it at all.  One morning, Frederick gave Gareth and Grathiam a bit of unexpected news.  Grathiam's eyes were wide, "Graduation?!  WHAT?"

Daein scowled, "Hey!  Wait a sec!  ALL of us have been here longer than those two!  Why do they get to take the graduation exam BEFORE us?"

Luke smiled, "Because they saved the world, silly!  They've done A LOT since they came here!  I think they deserve the CHANCE at least!"

Gareth smiled a little, "So…what happens?"

Frederick cleared his throat a little, "You won't have to continue TRAINING, for one, and you'll be recognized as a experienced team of explorers.  More and more people will be after you, asking you to go on adventures to places we've yet to fully discover.  Basically, you two are entering the point that Guildmaster Luke and I had before he decided to open this guild."

Grathiam frowned slightly, "…okay…so what do we have to do?"

Luke answered that question, "You'll be going to Mystifying Forest to look for a place called Luminous Spring.  In the past, it was a place pokemon used to change forms.  Like me!  I used to be a jigglypuff, but I went to Luminous Spring and it changed me into a wigglytuff!  I was one of the last ones to use that spring before it stopped working."

"Stopped working?"

"Yeah.  In order for it to work, it needs sunlight, but for whatever reason, the sun stopped shining over that area.  You two need to find Luminous Spring and get the treasure waiting there for you.  Bring it back and you'll pass!  You'll graduate from the guild!"

Jade snickered, "It's TOUGH though!  Mike tried to graduate last year and failed MISERABLY!"

Mike glared at her, "BACK OFF!  At least I got to TRY!"

Luke smiled as well, "One last thing though, you two.  Keep your eyes out for the Dark Master."

"Uh…who?"  Gareth asked, confused.

"The Dark Master.  He lives in Mystifying Forest and he will do his best to find you and BEAT you.  Okay?  Just keep him in mind, and do your best!"

In town, as the two started to prepare for the new trip, two pokemon walked their way.  A teddiursa and ursaring.   They were siblings that lived in Treasure Town…Grathiam and Gareth only really knew them as acquaintances.  Still, when they came up, they smiled, "Hi there Team Dragon!"

Gareth smiled, "Hi.  What're you two up to?"

"Heading out to Luminous Spring to play!"  The teddiursa answered with a smile, "We go there all the time!"

Grathiam blinked, "Wait.  WHERE?  What about the Dark Master and all of that?!  We were getting ready to go there ourselves for a guild assignment!  Luke warned us and everything!"

The ursaring frowned, "…well then you have some WEIRD info.  We've been going there for years and have NEVER even HEARD of this Dark Master person."

"…really."  Gareth frowned.

"Yeah.  Anyway, see you two around?  Maybe at the spring?"

"Maybe."  Gareth nodded, "Have fun, I guess."  When the left, he looked at Grathiam, "Something's up."

"You think so too, huh?"  He shrugged, "Oh well.  Nothing we can do about it but go find out for ourselves."  They made their way to Dana, who was smiling and waving them over happily.

"Hello, boys!  Out on another assignment?"

Gareth grinned wide, "Better than that.  We do this, we GRADUATE from the guild."

Her eyes got wide, "Oh my WORD!  Really?!  I DO declare…I had hoped for you to join the guild but I'd never thought I'd see the day you GRADUATED from it!  She laughed, "Where are you going?"

Gareth smiled, "A place called Mystifying forest to find Luminous Spring.  Apparently there's some kind of treasure there that we need to bring back.  Once we do, we graduate!"

Grathiam smiled slightly, "Uh…not that this isn't fun and all, but I need to check on something real quick, okay?  Wait for me here?"

Gareth nodded with a smile, "I'm happy talking with Dana, anyway."  She patted his head with a gentle smile.

Grathiam hurried off toward the cliff, smiling brighter.  He wanted to tell Kayli the news!  She smiled lazily at him when he came down, "Kayli, guess what?  Gareth and I could be graduating the guild soon!"

She blinked, her smile broadening a little, "Really?  That's WONDERFUL, Grathiam."  She scooted closer to him with a happy sigh, "…you really like Gareth a lot, don't you?"

"Well…he's the reason I GOT this far…"

"Mm.  Where will you go afterwards?"

"What do you mean?"

"You won't be living in the guild anymore once you graduate."

"Oh…I…guess we'd just come back here.  Why?"

She sighed again, but this one was decidedly less enthusiastic, "I thought as much.  This means I'll have to leave."

"What?!  Why?!"

"Because with me around it would be far to crowded in here."  Her smile came back, "Don't worry.  I won't be far.  I'll just make a home at the beach.  It's not a big deal."  She paused, "…after you graduate, though, Master Telrick would like to see you again."

Grathiam nodded with a smile, "We'll be there."  He smiled and left, wanting to hurry and DO this graduation exam.  Grathiam didn't notice the sad frown Kayli wore when he left.

She looked at the dusty ground and began drawing in it, writing out four words…hopefully he'd seen them when he got back.  Kayli sighed again and turned to le—"What the…who are you?"

The dark figure gave her a glare, "A nightmare come true, Kayli."  She gave out a shout as he brought his claws down on her…and then fainted.  He snarled again, glaring at the entrance, "I'm going to make you two PAY for ruining my plans…starting with HER, Grathiam."  Kayli fell through a black hole in the ground, and the strange pokemon drifted backwards into another.  All that was left of Kayli was the writing she'd put on the ground.

Those four words, "I love you, Grathiam."
Everything you see is based off the game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Explorers of Sky. I don't own any of it except the names I gave the characters. ^__^

Hello again! ^__^ Next part of the game is finished and will now be posted! Again with my own creative license in mind. This still roughly follows the story they created, but at a much, MUCH looser rate. (You won't find ANY of the main characters with much of a love interest in the GAME. Except for the grovyle, and even then it isn't portrayed as a SERIOUS love relationship. Just one that they were only then discovering.) And near the end of this, well...some plot twists are in order that the game certainly didn't have. (Darkrai has a secret even HE doesn't know about. ^__^)

So enjoy! After part 2 is done, then the story takes one last (possibly more than one) big turn. Hope you like! ^__^

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