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That night, both were woken from slumber by a terrible thunderclap.  Gareth and Grathiam looked out into the ocean and watched the storm for a while.  Grathiam chuckled, "Heh…a thunderstorm.  Haven't seen one of those in a while.  The weather's been nice…"

Gareth smiled, "Yeah.  The storm's a nice little change, isn't it?  Keeps things from getting boring."

Grathiam nodded, "Yeah.  Hey, you know…I found YOU the day after a storm just as strong as this one."  He sighed and stared at the rain…

Gareth sighed as well, "Feels like FOREVER since we stopped the destruction of time."

"It DOES."  Grathiam smiled and yawned, "Wow…bringing all that stuff back has me completely worn out.  I'm turning in."

"Me too."

"Cool.  See you in the morning."

Gareth nodded, "Yeah…hey…Grathiam?  Tomorrow, unless something comes up, I'll head back out to Miracle Sea and try to find Kayli again."


"Ugh…finally.  Made it.  Now to hide."  The figure looked around, "She'll be after me soon.  I have to make SURE I stay hidden…WELL hidden."  A blackened portal opened and he slipped into it, closing it tightly.  That trip back and forth through time hadn't been enough to throw Mayn off his trail.  He stopped at another spot, smiling at Kayli and patting her head, "Did you find the phione like I asked?"

Her eyes flashed for a moment, and the dark figure scowled, "A totodile, huh?  Gareth.  Again.  He's been getting in my way EVERYWHERE…and now they're more aware of what happened to you.  I'll need to work hard to make sure this can still go smoothly.  For now…I have some work to do.  Spread my infecting dream as much as you can.  Even to Telrick if that's still possible for you.  I—UGH!!!"  He snarled and spun around to see a grovyle glaring at him, "What…are you…doing HERE?!"

"I came back to see my friends…and I find you controlling one of them.  What's your game?"

He snarled angrily, "You shouldn't EXIST anymore!  Your future was destroyed!"

"Yeah.  Because of my friends.  Now let her go, or I'll start getting rough."

He snarled again, "…Kayli!  Deal with him."  And the darkrai slid into another portal.

Kail winced.  He was in the water, where his movement was restricted…and hers was enhanced.  He ducked under as she breathed in, but a literal second later, ICE coated him completely, freezing him right there in the water.  Kayli swam up to him and took him along with her as she swam toward the Hidden Land.

A cresselia looked around, frowning, "Blast it Taent.  Stop running.  I want this to END."  She looked around, frowning at the storm, "…and you're messing things up AGAIN.  First time, now space itself?  That world of darkness CAN'T be allowed to happen…it can't."  She shuddered, then scowled, "Taent.  I WILL stop you…I will find you and END this."

Gareth tossed and turned in his sleep, beset by a strange dream.  The land around him was made of multicolored hues and wavered to make it indecipherable.  A cresselia appeared in his dream and he felt like she was looking RIGHT at him, "I am Mayn…and…you…"  She frowned, "You're causing this…"

Gareth blinked, "Causing this?  Causing what?!"

"The distortion of space itself.  You…You should not exist.  You're pushing the world toward ruin."

"Wait.  WHAT?!  But Grathiam and I just SAVED the world!  We stopped the destruction of time!  I…it was TELRICK who brought me BACK!  How…how can I be…how am I causing a distortion of space?  How am I bringing the world to ruin?!"

"Because you EXIST.  You are from a future that should no longer exist.  YOU should no longer exist.  It is wrong, and it is destroying so much.  A darkness is spreading over the world. Because of you…and it has infected some pokemon already.  You met one that fell to the darkness.  A lapras."

"Wh…KAYLI?!  NO!"  He started for Mayn with a frown, but she was vanishing from his dream , "No!  COME BACK!  TELL ME HOW TO HELP HER!  I—"

Gareth gasped HARD as he woke up from the dream, finding himself in a cold sweat and his body shivering from some unknown fear.  It was still in the middle of the night.  He looked around wildly for a moment, then…calmed when he saw Grathiam.  The charmander was still soundly asleep.  Gareth shuddered and lay back down, "…that was so weird…"  He frowned.  Should he take that dream seriously?  It…it was different from his usual dreams.  WAY different.  Almost real.  He sighed and closed his eyes.  Real or not, it HAD been a dream.  He couldn't do much for that, so…he did his best to go back to sleep.  As he drifted off, Grathiam started to toss and turn in his slumber.

In the morning, both woke and Grathiam's gaze went straight for the sky outside, "Mm-MM!  The weather looks GREAT today, Gareth!  Let's get out there and ROCK this world just like we always do!"  He laughed.

Huh.  That was oddly cheerful for Grathiam in the morning.  Maybe he'd had some really good dream about Kayli.  At any rate, it got Gareth smiling and they headed out to see what they could do for the day.

That very next night, Gareth found himself in the same dreamscape as before.  He looked around for Mayn, almost certain that he'd SEE her again, "Talk to me.  Please.  Tell me how I can help Kayli.  Grathiam NEEDS some happiness."

She appeared, frowning at him, "You're a human that was turned into a pokemon during your travel to the past.  You do NOT belong in this world.  Period.  Because you're here, you're destroying EVERYTHING you just worked so hard to save.  Instead of time going out of control, it's Telrick's brother, the scion of space.  Grathiam."  She started to fade away.

Grathiam panicked, "Wait, PLEASE!  Tell me how I can help!"

"You…should not…be…here…"  And then she was completely gone.

Gareth didn't wake until morning…sort of.

"Gareth?  Hey…come on, Gareth.  Stop fooling.  Time to wake up already."  What the…Gareth groaned and opened his eyes, sort of half smiling at Grathiam.  This was new.  Grathiam usually didn't have to wake him up.  Grathiam smiled as he woke and motioned outside, "Check it out, partner.  Another perfect day.  You ready?"

Gareth shook the rest of his fatigue off and looked outside, frowning a little, "I wonder what those dreams are all about.  I mean…it's clear enough.  Mayn says I can't exist in this world…but…why?  How am I causing the distortion of space?  Telrick brought me back.  Shouldn't that mean it's okay for me to be here?  But…"  He sighed.  He'd been hearing that a lot lately.  Something wasn't right about this whole mess.

Grathiam nudged him, "Hey.  Daydreamer.  Come on."  He smiled, "This isn't like you, partner.  Let's get out there and show the world how incredible we've become.  Come on!"

Gareth gave Grathiam a look as he headed out of the small cave they called home.  This much cheerfulness wasn't normal for Grathiam…but…it was good to see, and it put some of his doubts to rest.  Grathiam was right.  They were doing everything the could to HELP this planet.  Whatever was going on, they'd fix IT just like they'd been fixing everything else.  The two started toward Treasure Town when Sean ran up to them.

"Hey!  HEY, GUYS!!!  We've got TROUBLE!!!"  He huffed a little when he caught up to them, "Come on.  To the guild.  It's…it's Ken."

Gareth's eyes widened, "What's happened to him NOW?!"

Sean gave Gareth an odd look, "What do you mean NOW?  He's in TROUBLE!  COME ON!!!"  Gareth and Grathiam followed Sean back to the guild.  Tyler was hovering at Ken's side, worried.  Ken was in Gareth's old bed at the guild.

Gareth went right up to him, "What's wrong with him?"

Jade shook her head, "We're not entirely sure.  He's HEALTHY right now…just…no matter how hard we try we can't wake him up…and we can't feed him anything right now.  If we don't wake him soon, he'll start to get sick because of lack of nourishment."

Tyler frowned, "He's been asleep for two days now…"

Gareth frowned, "So…he's in a nightmare that he can't wake up from."


"Great.  How do we help THAT?"  He sighed and gripped his head, "This is confusing.  We'd need a way to get to his dream…see what's got him bogged down and try to help him get away from it.  If he's really in a nightmare, then if we ENDED that nightmare, he'd probably wake up.  I—"  Gareth paused, a recent memory suddenly hitting him.  Duke…that scizor.  To get to a darkrai you had to go through a nightmare.  This…this could be the break they needed…if they could find a way INTO the dream.  He looked at Grathiam, "Hey…nightmares."

Grathiam's eyes widened as he caught on, "Darkrai.  This…we could…"  He looked around, "Does ANYONE know if there's a way AT ALL to enter dreams?  PLEASE.  This…this could be EXTREMELY important."

Frederick frowned, "I'm afraid I don't.  I'm head of intelligence and I've never heard of anything like this."

Sean cleared his throat, "I…might know a bit."  He sighed, "But…we need a drowzee."

Gareth blinked, "Drow—oh you have GOT to be kidding.  You're talking about Samuel.  Aren't you?"

Sean nodded, "He's the only one we KNOW of right now.  He's a psychic type of pokemon who specializes in dreams."

"But he's an OUTLAW."

Sid sighed, "Yeah, but my dad's been getting reports from officer Carlton a lot…and I remember one of them.  Samuel's been released from custody.  They said he's reformed…went to a place to meditate.  Mount Travail."


"I'm with you."  The two headed out of the guild toward that mountain.  This was IMPORTANT.  Not just for Ken, but also, potentially, for Kayli as well.

At the entrance, Gareth turned to Grathiam, "Hey…I have a question for you, partner.  You and I both know this is to help Kayli, right?"


"How did you know she's in the middle of a nightmare?"

Grathiam paused, then looked at Gareth, "Wait…how did YOU know that?"

"Mayn told me in a dre—what?"

"She's a cresselia, right?  She told ME, too.  But she said I was the reason for Kayli being in that nightmare."

"…that's what she told ME.  But…with what Duke said…"

"Something didn't add up.  Exactly."

Gareth frowned, "So…we're both getting the same dream…and for whatever reason, Mayn thinks we're the reason for space getting out of whack."

Grathiam nodded, "But Master Telrick is the one who's allowing you to EXIST here…so wouldn't it make sense that you'd be okay?"

"My thoughts exactly."

Grathiam frowned, "Something's fishy."

"Well…maybe Samuel can help us get some ANSWERS."

… … …"Hey…I think I see him.  That ledge over there."  Gareth motioned to the side where Samuel was staring out at a distant lake.  They walked up to him, and he heard them.

He turned around to see who was coming toward him, and his eyes widened, "You two?!  Oh PLEASE no!  I haven't done anything wrong!  I gave all of that up!  Please don't hurt me!!!!"

Grathiam shook his head, "Calm down.  That's not why we're here, Samuel.  We need your help…if you can do it."

"H…help from…from me? What d-do you need?"

Gareth frowned, "Since when did YOU get so scared?"

"Since I heard the two of you took on Master TELRICK!  And WON!  Don't…don't hurt me."

Gareth sighed, "We WON'T, alright?  Ken needs help…and we think we know of a way, but we'd need your help to do it.  Can you send people into dreams?"

Samuel blinked, "I…what?  You…wait.  Why?!"

Grathiam came a little closer to him, "Kenny—you remember the azurill.  Kenny fell asleep and CAN'T wake up.  He's stuck in some kind of nightmare and Gareth and I want to go into his dream and try to help him.  We figure we can wake him up if we deal with whatever he's dreaming about."

"Wait…he…he CAN'T wake up?  You're sure about that?"

"Our guild friends have tried EVERYTHING to get him up, but if he doesn't wake soon, he's going to get sick.  He can't eat in the state he's in."

Samuel frowned, "Stuck in a nightmare…just like…"  He shuddered, "He's not the first one I've seen stuck in a nightmare.  It's been happening to a lot of pokemon."  Samuel thought it over a little more then nodded, "Fine.  Take me back.  I'll help…but…I have to warn you guys about something.  There's only one reason why pokemon might get stuck in a nightmare as badly as your saying.  He had to have come into contact with a darkrai."

Gareth's eyes widened, "A d…I KNEW it!"  He looked at Grathiam, "This explains it, Grathiam!  This explains it PERFECTLY!  It's that darkrai, not us!"

"You think so?"

"I KNOW so!  How in the world could US existing cause this?!  That darkrai is going around and doing this to pokemon!  He has to be!  And he's the reason Kayli is like she is!  When we see Mayn again, we HAVE to tell her!  It our best bet of clearing our names!"

"…we'll need proof."

"And we're gonna get that in Kenny's dream."

Samuel frowned, "What's going on with you two?"

"A cresselia has been appearing to us in dreams…claiming that us existing is causing space to get out of whack."

"A cre…okay, that's CREEPY."  He shook his head, "ANY time you see a cresselia, a darkrai is either close behind, or was just there.  The two are BITTER enemies by nature.  Darkrai feed off of darkness in nightmares, and cresselia feed off of peaceful dreams.  In the long run, as long as you wake up, both are harmless.  Cresselia have never been known to let their meals STAY asleep, but darkrai almost always do that."

"So…huh.  Maybe that's why we've been seeing that cresselia so much in our dreams.  She's probably looking for the darkrai that's responsible, and since we're close friends of Ken, maybe she thinks he's influencing us."

Samuel shrugged, "It's possible, I guess.  Sheesh.  You two have been through a LOT since arresting me…haven't you?  I mean BESIDES Telrick."

Grathiam nodded, "And by the looks of things, we aren't done YET."
Everything you see is based off the game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Explorers of Sky. I don't own any of it except the names I gave the characters. ^__^
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