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"HEY!  WAKE UP!!!"

Grathiam JUMPED up, right alongside Gareth at the shout.  Both were WIDE EYED and looking around in shock.  Mike just chuckled, "There.  Got 'em up for you."  He chuckled more as he left.

Gareth found his frown and turned it on the other two that were still in their home, "Daein?  Why did you have Mike wake us up like THAT?!"

Grathiam nodded with his own scowl, "Yeah.  Unless it's important news, that was uncalled for!"

Jade was with him and she just smiled, "We heard about Kayli, actually…"

Grathiam frowned, "What?  How?  From who?"

"Gareth told us."

Grathiam gave Gareth a glare, "You did WHAT?!"

Gareth shrugged, "Hey.  We need help figuring this one out.  I figured we should ask the guild about it, you know?"

Grathiam sighed, "Yeah…sorry.  Sorry.  I just…I'm worried."

Jade nodded, "Gareth told us THAT, too, so we have an assignment straight from Luke for you."  She handed him a slip of paper, "You don't know how much I wish I were you right now.  We just recently discovered a new dungeon called Surrounded Sea.  It was going to be my assignment to search the place…but since we heard about you, Luke says you need some time to get away and relax.  You're exploring the dungeon with Gareth while the guild looks into the darkrai you're trying to find.  Maybe we'll even figure out what Duke meant with that nightmare thing he told you."

Grathiam gave Gareth another look, "So…you told them everything, then.  WHEN?"

"Last night…after you went to sleep.  You were so DEPRESSED…I had to do something."

Jade nodded, "And this dungeon is a no holds barred, keep what you find and don't give ANYTHING to the guild sort of place.  Just for you."

Grathiam smiled very slightly, "Well…tell everyone thanks, then.  Knowing I have people trying to help me like this means a lot…especially right now."

Jade nodded, "Less sappy, more explory.  Go.  GO!"  She shooed him off.

Grathiam smiled as they headed out.  He looked at Gareth for a moment, then said, "…thanks.  I needed this…just knowing people ARE looking helps out a TON, buddy."

Gareth nodded, glad to see that smile on his friend's face again, "I'm just glad you're finally starting to RELAX, Grathiam.  This IS a bad situation, but you haven't been helping it by getting THIS worked up.  We'll find her one way or another…and the whole guild is gonna help us on this."

At the spot, Grathiam frown, "So…how's this supposed to work?  I mean, I get how YOU can do it, Gareth…you're a water type…but I can't hold my breath that long."

Gareth found a spot with a large hole in the ice.  And…oddly enough…air.  He grinned, "This is how.  Let's go, partner."

There must have been a leak somewhere, because every floor had about three inches of water in it.  When they reached the bottom, they found a room with treasure chests EVERYWHERE.  Grathiam was his normal excited self as he grabbed the treasure, "WOW!  Look at all this!  And we don't have to share ANY of it!  This is so COOL, Gareth!  I haven't felt this good since…since we had our FIRST exploration!"  He laughed and picked up the last of the treasure, then…paused, "Hey…check it out."  The two walked up to the strange thing.

Gareth frowned, "…an egg?  I don't think I've ever seen an egg that was SEE through before…"

"Me either.  I…hey, what are you—"

"Picking the egg up.  What's it look like?"  He smiled and held the egg close for a second, "It got left at the bottom of this place.  How's it supposed to hatch like that?  I at least wanna see what comes out of the egg…you know?"

"Well…yeah, but…"

"Come on, partner.  What harm could it be?"  He chuckled and nuzzled the egg a little, "The pokemon in here wouldn't have any help otherwise.  Come on."

"Well…okay."  Grathiam nodded, "Why not?  You're right, you know.  We can't just leave the egg out here.  No one would take care of the baby."

Gareth doted over the egg for the rest of the day, and the next as well.  On the NEXT day, they both got a surprise bright and early in the morning.  Gareth had been sleeping next to the egg and had noticed first.  His eyes were wide and he shoved Grathiam out of bed to wake him, "The egg just MOVED!  It's HATCHING!!!!"  They turned at a brilliant burst of light to see a small blue pokemon with long ears staring innocently at them.  It looked around for a moment, then at Gareth and Grathiam, "H…hhhiiii!!!!"

Gareth's jaw dropped nearly to the floor, "It…it can already TALK?"

Grathiam shook his head a little, "We REALLY are gonna need some help with this…I'm getting Frederick."

"…So we came to see you.  We hoped you'd know what to make of this little guy…or at least what he IS."

Frederick looked the little one over, "…judging from what you told me, and his appearance…I'd say this little fellow is a manaphy."

"…so…what's that mean, then?"  Gareth asked, hugging the manaphy close with a smile.

"It means this pokemon is EXTREMELY rare.  There are only a few that anyone knows about on the entire planet.  It spends its entire life in the sea, hatching in the cold water and wandering thousands of miles.  There's so little known about these creatures that…honestly?  I'd say put him back where you found him."

Grathiam nodded, "I kinda figured."

Gareth sighed, "But…but he's just a BABY!  We can't do that to him!  He'd never survive by himself!"

"You've…grown attached to him, haven't you, Gareth?"

Gareth nodded with a bright smile, "I wanna name him Kyle."

The little pokemon looked at Gareth with wide eyes, "Kyle?"

Gareth nodded, "Yeah!  That's your name, Kyle!  That's YOU!"

"…Kyle…"  The manaphy pondered the name a moment, then smiled wider, "Kyle!  KyleKyleKyleKyle!"  He laughed and started running around, shouting his name out loudly and jumping every chance he got.  At one point, he tripped and started crying.

Gareth hurried up to him and helped him right himself, "Aw…you okay, little guy?"  A small hug, and he smiled, "There we go.  Good as new!"  Kyle shook his head, whimpering slightly.  He grabbed at his stomach and looked at Gareth sadly.  Gareth blinked, then his eyes widened and he nodded, "Oh!  You're getting hungry, aren't you?  Well, I have just the thing."  He looked at Grathiam, "You two keep talking.  I'm getting this little guy something to eat."

Frederick frowned a little, "Do you even know WHAT he eats?"

"Well…he's a water pokemon like me, so I was figuring on a blue gummi or two."

Grathiam shrugged, "…SOUNDS safe enough.  Alright.  You take him for a snack.  I'm gonna talk with Frederick some more."  He shook his head.  When Gareth was gone, he gave Frederick a look, "I had NO idea Gareth had THAT side to him."

"Nor did I."  Frederick answered, frowning a little, "…this could be difficult.  Manaphy are MEANT to grow in the sea.  If this one spends so much time out of the water, I'm worried it could get sick VERY fast."

"Yeah?  Good luck prying Gareth away from Kyle."

"I know…that's part of what worries me."  He gave Grathiam a look, "If this ever comes to a head, Grathiam, You MIGHT find yourself without Gareth as a partner…he's doting over that manaphy like it was his own son…and him being a water type…if Kyle DOES have to go back to the sea to grow properly, with the way Gareth is acting, he might just JOIN the little fellow."

Grathiam frowned, "But…but he's my partner.  My FRIEND.  He wouldn't…"

"It's possible.  Keep an eye on them for the next few days…"

Kyle was given a more or less steady diet of blue gummies as the days passed, and Dana was growing fond of the little tyke as well.  One morning, Gareth woke Kyle up and smiled at him, "Hey buddy.  Today, we have a SPECIAL surprise for you!"

"Goomi?"  Kyle asked softly.

"Nope.  Not another gummi.  We're going for a walk at the beach, near the water!"


Gareth's eyes WIDENED, "You…you just…you said my name!  Grathiam!  He said my name!!!!"

Kyle blinked and looked over at Grathiam, "Grathiam?"

HIS eyes were wide, "Mine too!  Wow, this guy is GROWING!"  He laughed, "Anyway, let's get to the beach."

Kyle gave them both a quizzical look, and Gareth just chuckled, "You'll see when we get there, Kyle.  Come on.  It's not far."

They did a little shopping first, but after that went straight for the beach.  Dana even took time off from running her shop to join them.  Kyle stayed close to Gareth the whole walk, looking around cautiously.

Grathiam walked ahead and Kyle suddenly gripped Gareth hard when he heard a wave crash into the shore.  Grathiam turned back to look at them, "Kyle…it's alright.  Come on.  It's over here.  I PROMISE you'll like it."

Dana knelt down with a soft smile, "He's a good boy, you know.  If he thinks you'll like it, you probably will, and you can play with my little tyke."  She pulled her infant from her pouch, "Darrin's been getting restless anyway."

Darrin stumbled a tiny bit, unaccustomed to walking on his own, but after a moment he RUSHED ahead, straight for the water.  Dana followed him a bit more leisurely, keeping her eyes on her little one.

Kyle watched him curiously and slowly started to edge forward.  Gareth followed right behind to offer comfort…but the moment Kyle saw the water his eyes went WIDE.  He laughed and JUMPED for it, dancing around in the waves and a look of absolutely PURE joy on his face.  He shouted out a little, "Kyaka!  KYAKA!!!"

Gareth blinked…what?  Kyle hadn't spoken ANY sort of gibberish before.  So…what did that word mean?  He shook his head, "Kyle?  This is the SEA."

Kyle looked at them, "Sea?"

Gareth nodded, splashing the water intentionally as he went to join the little guy, "That's right.  The sea.  This is the sea."

Grathiam smiled and went to join Dana.  Gareth would be FINE watching Kyle on his own.  And the kid looked like he was having fun.  Kyle squealed and jumped around Gareth, laughing and splashing up a storm.  They played at the beach the entire day, making giant sand castles and splashing around in the waves and even, for a little, going under them to explore just a little.  Not far enough away that Grathiam couldn't join them, but still more than just the beach's edge,a nd Kyle LOVED it.  He swam better than he walked!

When night finally came and they said good bye to Dana, the trio turned in for the night, all worn out and happy from the day's activities…however, in the middle of the night, Kyle woke up.  He looked at Gareth and Grathiam, then gently walked over toward the edge of the cave to stare out at the water…eyes wide and curious…he whispered one word, "Kyaka…"

That morning, Gareth woke first, smiling, "Good morning, Grathiam!"  Grathiam groaned and turned on his side to get more sleep.  Gareth chuckled and turned to Kyle, "Good morning Ky…le?"  He wasn't in his bed!  He wasn't in the cave at all!  Gareth shoved Grathiam off his bed, "Kyle's gone!"  Grathiam blinked and looked around, realization coming to his features a little slower than Gareth liked, "We have to find him!  Come on!  Let's check the beach!"

They RAN to the intersection at the guild that led to the beach and saw Frederick just coming down the steps.  He smiled and stopped them, "Gareth!  Grathiam!  I was hoping to speak to you today!  How's Kyle doing?  Is he well?"

Gareth jumped at him, "He's MISSING!  We're checking the beach for him right now!  Come on!"  The got to the beach, and…

…found him.  He was at the edge of the water, staring out.  He looked…pale.  Gareth rushed up to him with the other two close behind, "Kyle!  Kyle, THERE you are!  Why did you run off?  I know yesterday was FUN and all, but you don't need to—KYLE!!!!"  He knelt forward to try and catch the little guy, but he'd fainted and collapsed right there on the beach, whispering a single word…


Grathiam knelt down and helped Gareth pick him up.  He frowned, "…ouch…"

"Ouch?  What ouch?"  Gareth asked, worried and looking Kyle over frantically.

Grathiam winced and pulled his hand away from Kyle's forehead, "That's got to be the worst fever I've ever felt…"

…fever?  He…Kyle had a fever?  Gareth shuddered, "Hang on Kyle…Hang on.  We'll help you…We will."  He shuddered and took the job of carrying Kyle all by himself.

Frederick motioned to Grathiam and the two hung back as they all went back to the cave they called home.  Frederick sighed, "…here we go.  You might be losing a partner VERY soon, Grathiam…"

Grathiam shook his head, "…you…you might actually be right, Frederick…I…the way he's been around Kyle, you…you might be right."

Gareth put Kyle down in his bed and sat down, looking terrible himself, "So…now what?  What do we do?  We need to make him better…"

Frederick sighed and walked up to Gareth, placing a wing on his shoulder, "I can help."  He sighed, "The problem is most likely because he's growing in the wrong environment.  He is a SEA pokemon.  His home and growth is BEST in the sea.  He's ill because of lack of exposure."

Gareth winced, "So…then he's SICK because of me?"

Grathiam frowned, "Hey, it's my fault too."

"No it's not!  You wanted to leave him in the water when we found his egg!  You…you wanted to leave well enough alone, and I wanted to bring him back with us.  I was being so STUPID, and we've had him for nearly a week, and yesterday was his first time in touch with water.  I…I did this.  I made him this sick…it's MY fault…"  Gareth shuddered, placing a frightened hand on Kyle's arm, "I'm…I'm so sorry, Kyle…"

Frederick sighed, "Weren't you listening, Gareth?  I can HELP you.  I know a place that might have what you need.  There's a cure-all known as Phione Dew.  Phione is a water pokemon almost exactly like Kyle, here.  They all live in one large group at the bottom of Miracle Sea."

Gareth shuddered again, and looked at Grathiam, "I'm going."

"Not without m—"

"YES without you.  This is MY fault that he's like this, and YOU need to focus on finding Kayli.  I've been selfish keeping my attention on Kyle, and everything's falling apart because of me.  I need to fix this MYSELF.  I'll get the dew.  You keep an eye on Kyle and look for more clues about Kayli."

Frederick nodded, "Actually. Grathiam, that was part of why I wanted to find you both.  I have some news about the darkrai you're trying to find."

Gareth nodded, "Then it's settled.  You're staying HERE, Grathiam.  I have to do this on my own."  He shuddered, looking at Kyle once more, "I'm so sorry I did this to you.  I'll make it right.  I promise."  He stumbled as he walked out of the cave.

Grathiam winced as he left, "…Gareth's practically gone ALREADY.  I…I guess when he comes back with the medicine…I…I'll have to say good bye…"
Everything you see is based off the game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Explorers of Sky. I don't own any of it except the names I gave the characters. ^__^
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