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Grathiam straight for the café when they got back home, instantly searching out Reggie, who looked happy to see them, "Team Dragon!  There you are!  I just found out something you'll be interested to hear!"

Grathiam snorted, "Unless it's a KNOWN location of froslass, I won't be thrilled."

Reggie nodded, "It IS!  There was a famous explorer a long while back.  A scizor named Duke.  He went missing at a place called Blizzard Island.  When I heard about it I went and explored the place myself.  Once you get really deep in, you'll come to a cave.  Go through it, and…well, when I reached the end, I ran.  I saw Sir Duke there, frozen in a block of ice, and a froslass guarding that block like it was hers."

Grathiam's eyes were wide, "A…you SAW a froslass?!"

"And she was guarding Sir Duke like a prize."

"PERFECT!"  Grathiam nodded, smiling, "Gareth?  We're paying this froslass a visit."  Gareth just nodded to him for a response.  Grathiam turned back to Reggie, "So where's Blizzard Island?"

Getting through to Crevice Cave wasn't all that difficult for them.  Any ice type pokemon foolish enough to pick a fight with them got QUICKLY dealt with by Grathiam's fire…and the way to the end of the cave was the same.  When they reached the end, the froslass was there, just like Reggie had said, as was Duke, frozen in the ice.  The two walked forward with scowls on their faces.  Grathiam snorted, "HEY!  Froslass!"

The froslass looked up at them with an eerie grin, "Oh…more guests…I haven't seen all that many in my time on the world…"  She absently rubbed the frozen frame of Duke, "This one's been my only companion for so long…"  She smiled softly, "I used to be a bulbasaur…before this.  We came here…and he risked everything to keep me safe…but…it didn't work.  I still…"  She sighed, "But my will to live was strong, and so instead of dying, I became the froslass you now see.  My poor friend was still alive, so I froze him in this ice…hoping that perhaps someday I could find someone able to help him."  She looked up at Gareth and Grathiam, "I am Aurora.  Would you two be so kind as to take him back to civilization so he can get the proper treatment?"

Grathiam winced.  He'd been itching for a fight…and now this.  With a sigh, he walked forward, "…we will, but…Aurora, can I ask you something?"

She nodded slowly, "I suppose…"

Grathiam showed her the wispy hairs, "…it's about these."

She took the hair from Grathiam and it froze in her hand.  She frowned, "…they seem like they belong to a ghost…"  She patted her own hair, "…but…no ghost HAS hair like this."  She waved her own hair about, "A froslass has ICE for hair.  It would melt instead of soften like these did."  Her eyes widened, "…no…it…no.  Could it?"  She handed the hair back to Grathiam, eyes wide, "That doesn't belong to a ghost-type.  It belongs to a dark one.  A STRONG dark one."

Gareth blinked, "Wait, you know?"

"There's only one of them in existence, and he is a TERRIBLE pokemon to come across.  He's never had a decent bone in his body.  Ever.  He's the only darkrai in the world…and he is eternal.  He can traverse time on a whim and is constantly looking for ways to darken the world to his liking."

"Darken the world to hi—oh, you have GOT to be kidding me."  Gareth looked to Grathiam, "Well, now we know why Kayli got kidnapped."

"…we do?"

"Sure.  You and I saw that future.  Remember how DARK it was?  We put a stop to it.  QUICKLY.   This darkrai probably STARTED Temporal Tower's collapse…so…since we stopped it, he's trying to get even with us."

"…so…a darkrai kidnapped Kayli."

Aurora frowned, "What's wrong?  Someone was kidnapped?"

Grathiam nodded, "And I should apologize.  I came here wanting to FIGHT you…because I'd thought it was froslass that had kidnapped my friend."

"Oh…well…considering the hair, I don't blame you.  I didn't know my hair would be made of ice until I turned INTO this."  She grimaced, and Duke was suddenly pulled from his spot on the cave's floor, "Here…take him back with you, PLEASE.  See that he's cared for…and then I know I'll be able to rest peacefully."

Gareth and Grathiam went over to Duke, but frowned, "…he's too heavy."

Gareth gave Aurora a look, "Can you help us carry him out?  Wouldn't you want to see his face once he thawed and woke up?"

She winced…but…nodded, "I…I can.  I will.  I'm sorry.  I've lived here for so long…I just…it won't be easy for me to see the world again."

"Ugh…what…where…AURORA!"  He shouted, bolting upright.  He looked around WILDLY until he saw the froslass, then shuddered, "I…I was too late…"

She gently kissed his cheek, "I'm well enough, Duke.  It's…good to have you back."

Duke gave the place he was in another glance around…and noticed Gareth and Grathiam, "What of these two?"

"They brought you here…helped you get well again.  Duke…do you know how long I kept you trapped in the ice?"


"It's been…it's been nearly a hundred years, love…"

"Nearly a hun—you aren't joking?"

"I wish I were."

"Well then…"  He shook a little and looked at Gareth and Grathiam, "You two!  Over here!"  He grabbed their explorer badge and clamped down HARD on it, creating an odd star mark on the side, "There…I hope that is thanks enough."

Gareth frowned, "Um…what exactly did you do?"

"Simple!  Go on a few more explorations, lads!  The federation will notice your badge's new mark, and will honor it!  You've been given a secret mark that allows only the most SPECIAL sort of missions.  Consider yourselves priviledged."

Grathiam sighed, "…sir Duke?  If I could ask something?"

"You may…"

"It's about the darkrai, sir.  If you know ANYTHING about where he lives or how to find him, I'd be grateful."

At his shocked expression, Aurora filled in for him, "This charmander had lost someone close to him because of that darkrai.  He wants to get her back before it's too late."

Duke's eyes got even WIDER at that last remark, "…I will tell you this, then.  Nightmares are the key."

"…Nightmares?"  Gareth asked, confused, "I don't get it."

"Nightmares.  You'll know it when you see it.  TRUST me."  He shook his head, grimacing at something, "Other than nightmares, I don't know how to find him.  I do hope you find your lady friend before the worst befalls her…"

Grathiam sighed and nodded, "Well…thank you."  And they left.

Back at their home, Grathiam sighed, staring at the last words Kayli had written to him, "…I love you too, Kayli…"  He whispered, then curled up and went to sleep.

Gareth watched his friend for a long moment, "…we'll find her, Grathiam.  I promise…"
Everything you see is based off the game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Explorers of Sky. I don't own any of it except the names I gave the characters. ^__^
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