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… … …"Dude.  Check this out, partner.  Some new team stole our name."

"Say what?"

"Seriously.  Take a look at the paper.  Team Dragon.  Right there.  They're even the same pokemon we USED to be, and check out what the paper says they've done."

"Gimme that."  He looked the paper over, frowning more and more as he read, "…Wait a sec.  Telrick's backing their claims!  That no account, back-stabbing—"

"HOLD IT!"  The charizard scowled at him, "Don't get so JUMPY.  Telrick would have his reasons.  Maybe these two DID do that.  Heck, WE accomplished our fair share."

"Yeah, but—"

"But nothing."

The feraligatre scowled, "I wanna meet 'em at least.  See if they can hold the rep they've got."

The charizard grinned, "I've got a better idea.  Hey!  JUDE!!!"

A butterfree flew down to them, "Hey guys.  What's up?"

"Jude, can you take this letter to Treasure Town?  There's a couple of pokemon that took the name Team Dragon.  Seeing as how we've got the same name, I was hoping the two might be up for a fight.  A battle to see who's the better team, you know?"

Jude frowned, "…another Team Dragon?  They aren't—"

"They're a charmander and a totodile, just like we used to be back when you were still a caterpie."

His eyes widened, "…holy…I'll get right on it.  The flight usually takes me about a week.  You two gonna be fine waiting that long?"

The charizard just grinned, "…have them meet us at the top of Mount Avalanch.  Slate can chat with us while we wait for 'em."

"…excuse me.  Mount Avalanch?"  The group looked to the side to see a scizor and a froslass coming toward them.  The scizor smiled, "Hand me that challenge letter, dear boy.  I've a mission for those two myself and it coincides with that mountain."

"…you've MET them, Duke?"

He nodded, smiling, "Not so long ago, in fact!  Shortly before I met the two of you!  They rescued me from a death sentence, those two.  I promised them some special missions in thanks."

"Wait.  We broke our backs getting those treasures to their spots!  You're just going to GIVE them to this new team?!"  The feraligatre snarled.

Duke shook his head, "Nay.  They'll earn them, fair and square."

"…I guess that helps…"  The feraligatre still scowled, "But instead of Slate facing them, I want it to be us!"

"I don't see why not!  Jude, my boy, DO see this letter delivered?"

"I will!"  He smiled and shot off into the sky.  The charizard and feraligatre went about getting ready for their trip.  This was going to be interesting…

Gareth yawned and looked to the side…no one.  Heh.  Oh well.  It was fine, considering.  Grathiam was off on his own with Kayli, and once they were BACK, Gareth was going to move back into the guild as a senior member.  His main job, if he wasn't out exploring, would be to teach up-and-coming exploration teams!  But…for now, he was content.  It was NICE to have a break from everything.

His mind started to wander…Grathiam had someone, Kail had someone…and he didn't.  He didn't mind, but part of him felt like it was…well…unfair.  He sighed and sat up, his mind wandering.  Taent.  He used to be TAENT.  Sure, he wasn't anymore, and he had NO intention of slipping back to that sort of thing, but…it was just so strange.

He yawned again and headed for town…to find Frederick rushing toward his home.  He smiled to Frederick but the chatot looked WORRIED, "Gareth!  Gareth…the…the beach.  Quickly…"

Gareth frowned, "Hey…hey, calm down.  Catch your breath for a second, Frederick.  What's wrong with the beach?"

"… … …"  Frederick closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "Kyle.  At the…Gareth?"

Gareth was GONE.  He'd RUSHED for the beach, taking a shortcut he'd found on the cliff down to the edge of…the…

… … "…K…Kyle…?"

Kyle blinked, turning to look, "Gareth?"

Gareth smiled wide, "You…you remember my…my name."

Kyle grinned, "Of course I remember you, Gareth!  You AND Grathiam!  I…where is he, anyway?  I wanted to say hi to both of you!"

Gareth chuckled, "Well…he's…married now.  He and a lapras named Kayli.  They're gone for a while…about a week.  Wanna stay with me until then?  I have no company.  I…um…you won't…uh…"

Kyle smiled, shaking his head, "I won't get sick if I stay out of the water, Gareth.  I've grown!  Mr. Walrein REALLY helped…and it's because of you, Gareth."  His smile softened, warmed up, "I could have died if you hadn't let me go with him.  You cared about me that much."

Gareth winced, "I…I'm sorry I got you sick in the first place, Kyle…"

Kyle shook his head again, "Don't be.  I wouldn't have had PARENTS if you hadn't found me.  I know you aren't REALLY my parents, but no manaphy out there ever really has parents.  I was lucky enough to have you.  The sickness I went through was WORTH it."

That brought Gareth's smile back, "Well…it's good to see you again, little guy."  The two of them hugged close, smiling.

Kail frowned at Marrim, "…we need to tell him."

Marrim grimaced, "Yeah…but which one?  This…isn't going to be easy."

"Gareth.  He's still available.  I wouldn't want to disturb Grathiam and Kayli right now."

"But I don't want to disturb Gareth, either!  He's just been reunited with Kyle!"

"Well, we can't just let the week pass without him KNOWING!  This is URGENT!"

Marrim frowned, "…you know what?  I think we need to stay out of the way for this.  I'll just play a little trick on Jude so the message gets there faster than a week."

"…will that be too fast, though?"

"Nah.  Just give me a sec."  She flew forward, vanishing for a moment.  A second later, she came back, smiling, "There we go!  Duke's just a little confused how he got there so fast.  He'll be fine.  He's waiting in the café."

Kail grinned, "I wish I could be part of this.  I'd LOVE to go on an exploration with Gareth…"

"Maybe some other time.  Right now, you and I have some catching up to do."

Kail gave her a look, "How do you meMPH!!!"  He chuckled and relaxed, returning the kiss she'd so abruptly brought to his lips.

Kyle blinked, turning to look out into the water, "…Kyaka?"  He blinked again, coming back to himself, "…Gareth?  Um…I can't tell you how I know this, but…we need to head to the café.  Mostly YOU need to…"

Gareth frowned, "Why?"

"Um…you'll see when we get there.  Come on.  It's important."

As the walked, Gareth frowned, "Hey…what does Kyaka MEAN, Kyle?  You said it a few times back before I had to let you go back to the sea."

Kyle winced, "Um…I…can't tell you?"

"Please?  I'm curious.  It's not like I'd MESS with anythi—"

"I CAN'T, Gareth!  It's not allowed!  Not yet anyway.  You…need to meet a few others first."

"…wait.  What's going on, Kyle?"

Kyle shook his head, "I'm REALLY not allowed to tell you."

"…hm…I think I'd rather do this alone, partner."

The feraligatre frowned, "…any reason?"

"Just a feeling I have."

"Huh.  Well, alright then.  I'm gonna go visit Aeslyin."

"…what, the Kyogre been missing you?"  He chuckled.

The feraligatre gave him a scowl, "Shut up.  I like her."

"I know, man.  I know.  Enjoy yourself.  See you later."  The charizard sighed and opened his wings, taking flight toward an icy mountain in the distance.

Gareth looked at the large peak.  Hm…no.  He gave Kyle a look, "You're not coming."

Kyle frowned, "But I can help!"

"I don't doubt that, Kyle!  But just LOOKING at this place, I can tell it'd eat you up and spit you out in an INSTANT.  I can't let that happen…not after the scare I went through while you were sick.  Please…don't come.  Please.  I just…I want you to be safe, okay?"

Kyle frowned, but nodded, "Alright, Gareth.  But you gotta let me come SOMETIME!  I can help!"

Gareth nodded, sighing, "I will.  I promise."  He frowned and looked at the note again once Kyle was gone.  Some sort of challenge from a charizard.  It wouldn't GIVE a name…and along with the challenge was an odd extra bit.  Something about an icy flute treasure.  He sighed and started up the mountain.  This was going to take a while.

…at the top, a fierce blizzard was taking place.  He caught sight of a large, white-blue bird flying over head just as the blizzard got EXTREMELY strong.  The bird landed in front of him, startling him when the blizzard cleared.  The articuno smiled and gave him a slight bow in greeting, "I am Slate, guardian of the Icy Flute.  If you wish to claim the treasure for yourself, you must face me in combat and defeat m…oh?"  He looked up, smiling wider.  He lifted a wing to wave down someone…and stepped back, "I thought that wasn't supposed to happen yet.  Very well.  I am not your opponent, little Totodile.  Your challenger, Grathiam, is."

Wait.  Grathiam?!  Gareth looked up to see a charizard landing before him.  He smiled, "Grathiam!  You figured out why Luminous Spring wasn't working for us?"

The charizard frowned, "Uh…where?"

"Luminous Spring!  The place we went on our graduation exam!  You remember!"

"No…no I don't.  Listen.  I issued that challenge to you.  You and your charmander buddy stole my team's name, and it even looks like you're stealing acts we've done and changed them for yourself.  How you got Telrick to vouch for you, I'll never KNOW, but—"

"Wait.  Wait a sec."  Gareth frowned, "Your name IS Grathiam…right?"

"Yeah…what about it?"

"My partner has that name."

"Oh you have GOT to be kidding me."  He snorted, "Let me guess.  And your name is Gareth?"

"Yes.  It is."

"Cheap imitator.  I knew this'd be a waste of time."  He shook his head, "Look pal, I know Gareth and I are famous and all, but you can't just go around claiming everything you did.  It's not fair."

Gareth frowned, "Oh yeah?  And what have YOU done, hmm?"  Gareth crossed his arms, "I get visions of future or past events when I touch specific things, and because of that I was able to find the Hidden Land with my partner, Grathiam.  We went there, stopped Time from collapsing, and saved the world.  THEN, instead of vanishing like I was supposed to since I'm from a future that no longer exists, Telrick brought me back to stay with Grathiam.  We found out Space was starting to tear apart, and stopped a darkrai named Taent that had been messing with space.  And those are the BIG things we've done.  We saved the world TWICE."

The charizard snorted, "Yeah?  And I'm a human brought into the pokemon world for the sole reason of saving the world.  I've stopped a meteor from crushing the planet, found a ninetales that has mystical powers that cursed another human that had been turned into a gengar and ended his personal nightmare, which stopped all KIND of calamities from happening, since him existing as a pokemon was warping reality."

Gareth's eyes were wide, "You…you used to be…you used to be a human?!"

Grathiam smirked, "Yeah.  THAT'S what makes me better, pal."

Gareth shook his head, "I USED TO BE HUMAN!!!  I was human when my partner Kail—he's a grovyle—he and I were attacked while we traveled!  I protected him from the attack and that changed me into a pokemon and made me lose my memory!"

Grathiam frowned, looking closely at Gareth…into his eyes.  His own eyes widened, "…you…you're telling the truth.  I can TELL.  I've had that exact same look SO many times.  I…how many human-turned pokemon ARE there?!"

"I'm starting to wonder that, myself!"  Gareth shook his head as a sudden dizzy spell took hold of him, "…ugh…um…whoa.  I need to sit down."

Grathiam nodded, moving to do the same, "Me too.  Wow…that…that was sudden."

Mayn suddenly flashed in front of them, eyes wide, "BOTH OF YOU!  RUN!!!!!!!!"

Too late.  They blacked out together, with Mayn hovering over them in worry.

Grathiam smiled, nuzzling Kayli for a second and sighing happily.  They were just relaxing in the water, just…happy with each other.  Both blinked as they saw something jetting through the water toward them.  A feraligatre lifted his head above the water and gave them a wave, slowing to a stop when he came near, "You don't usually see a fire type out in the middle of the water like this.  What's your deal?"

Grathiam gave the feraligatre a look, "Kayli and I are married.  That's what the deal is."

The feraligatre's eyes widened and he backed off, "Sorry!  Sorry.  I was just curious.  Didn't mean to offend."  He smiled, "You two know where you are?  You at the edge of a place called Bottomless Sea.  There's a Kyrogre that lives at the base."

Kayli snickered, "So it was misnamed, then."

"Yes and no."  He smiled, "It's called that because me and my partner are the only ones to ever get TO the bottom…and it helps mislead any treasure hunters."

Grathiam gave the feraligatre a look, "Really…treasure you say?"  He grinned, "Kayli?  Think we got a chance?"  He chuckled at the feraligatre's look of shock.

Kayli smiled, "Maybe later, Grathiam…when we don't have someone close who would want to stop us from getting to his treasure."

The feraligatre suddenly scowled, "Wait.  Your name is Grathiam?  You wouldn't happen to be part of a new group called Team DRAGON, would you?"

Grathiam smiled, "You heard of us?  Yeah.  I'm Grathiam.  My partner is Gareth.  He didn't come with me and Kayli."

The feraligatre GROWLED, "MY name is Gareth.  And me and MY partner want you to know that we don't appreciate you stealing our names.  My partner is a charizard named Grathiam.  Hope you're ready for a fight."  He breathed in and shot out a blast of water into the water, creating a vortex that moved toward Grathiam and Kayli, "See if you can escape THIS whirlpool.  Varan, a LUGIA taught me this move.

They swam away, but the whirlpool started to GROW…and…rise out of the water?

Even the feraligatre was surprised, backing off, "Whoa…okay, that's never happened before."  He started to move FASTER, but he was quickly caught up in the vortex…and it didn't take long for Grathiam and Kayli to get caught as well.

Marrim looked at Kail with a frown, "…Well…we tried."

Kail nodded, "Get a portal ready.  We—"  He paused and looked to the side, "TOO LATE!  MARRIM!  RUN FOR IT!  YOU CAN SAVE YOURSELF AT LEAST!!!"

She frowned and grabbed Kail, "Not without you."  A black hole opened beneath them, taking them away…
Everything you see is based off the game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Explorers of Sky. I don't own any of it except the names I gave the characters. ^__^

And there we have it. What happens next? ... ... ...*evil grin*

You'll have to wait and see, my dear readers. ^__^
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