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My SON by Grathiam My SON :icongrathiam:Grathiam 4 7
My Little Angel
Mommy and Daddy love me so much,
That they gave me a body so I could feel and could touch.
The world around me was dark and was warm,
But my Mommy made sure that I was kept far from harm.
My parents were poor, but knew what to do,
They loved me and wanted to see me soon too.
And that made me happy!  I love them so BIG,
And I'm not even the size of a twig!
I'm not a boy, and I'm not a girl,
But wait 'till you see what I do for the world.
I was so excited!  I JUST couldn't wait!
I'd giggle when I thought of the trouble I'd make.
I could make little bubbles when I moved around,
And Mommy would wiggle and make silly sounds.
I played lotsa games!  Mommy would play too!
Then I saw light…heard a voice that I knew.
He said that he missed me.  He wanted me home.
But MOMMY would miss me!  I was all that she'd known!
And Daddy wanted to see me so bad!  
I was supposed to be the first kid he'd EVER had!
But my Friend told me no.
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 1 2
A Character's Private Hell
"… … …This is my punishment.  I am doomed to this realm for the rest of eternity, and all because I gave up my power for a moment of revenge.  Could you blame me?  A monster had killed the only people I cared about, and I was given the power to STOP him…but the rule not to.  I broke the rule, and was stripped of my power, and doomed to play out my role as Guardian of this realm.  It is a realm of power that I am constantly connected to, but never able to harness.  In fact, my only power now is to GIVE this indescribable power to others.  And it hurts.  It hurts because in the power I cannot use is enough to completely undo the deaths of the people I love.  In this power is enough to bring back an entire world from death, should I so choose.
"…and the only other being that knows of this world I so long for is the one who destroyed it.
"…and I am a FOOL.  A te
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 1 8
Skewed Time 15
"The call is out!  Queen Hara is sighted and Her vassal Talmar has returned!  He came across an island and wishes all dragons to gather at the sea-side village of Garrison!  HASTE, Dulith!"
The mirus dragon glance up at the blackhoof, nodding, "I will be but a moment, Zale.  Spread thy word among the village, and gather our able men.  We shall defend this place as our elderly, wives, and children flee.  I would have thee guide them."
Zale frowned, reigning in his unicorn steed for the moment, "Dulith.  You would have me abandon these people?  I would fight and keep them safe."
"Aye, but thou carries with thee the sharpest eyes of this village.  Thou would protect ours better if thou went with the people.  'Twould be THEE that discovered dangers before it set upon the weak."
"…Dulith…I would fight."
"And I would have thee live.  The army thou sighted not the day PRIOR
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 1 6
Skewed Time 14
… … …Talmar shuddered.  The palace was COMPLETELY ruined.  Destroyed.  They stayed hidden in the trees, watching the place.  Humans littered the area like a disease.  All of them from the human King's army.  Talmar's eyes went wide, "…Nova…"  He started forward, but a growl and teeth pulling his shirt kept him in the trees.  He looked back at Sage and frowned, "I knew Nova as a child!  Please, release me so that I might speak to him.  If we gain ALLIES, then aiding the dragons to the isle will be all the easier."
Curry hadn't gone feral, "Nay.  He is yet surrounded by those who would sooner KILL us.  If speaking with a human is of such importance to thee, we wait for thy human to be alone, where confrontation cannot lead to battle."
"… … …aye…"  They waited a long time, but eventually, Nova DID head off by himself
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 2 4
Mature content
Skewed Time 13 :icongrathiam:Grathiam 2 4
PMD-Explorers Of Sky 10 Part 2
… … …"Dude.  Check this out, partner.  Some new team stole our name."
"Say what?"
"Seriously.  Take a look at the paper.  Team Dragon.  Right there.  They're even the same pokemon we USED to be, and check out what the paper says they've done."
"Gimme that."  He looked the paper over, frowning more and more as he read, "…Wait a sec.  Telrick's backing their claims!  That no account, back-stabbing—"
"HOLD IT!"  The charizard scowled at him, "Don't get so JUMPY.  Telrick would have his reasons.  Maybe these two DID do that.  Heck, WE accomplished our fair share."
"Yeah, but—"
"But nothing."
The feraligatre scowled, "I wanna meet 'em at least.  See if they can hold the rep they've got."
The charizard grinned, "I've got a better idea.  Hey!  JUDE!!!"
A butterfree flew down to them, "Hey guys.  
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 0 0
PMD-Explorers Of Sky 9 Part 2
…"This is the place?  If you knew where it was, why didn't you come here sooner?"
Mayn sighed, "Because I wasn't sure where Taent was HIDING.  I've looked through here before.  He'd hidden so well that I hadn't found him…or he hadn't decided to use this place yet.  Either way, he's here now, waiting for us."
Grathiam frowned, "But when he left, he said you knew EXACTLY where he was hiding."
"I know.  I know.  We've fought in Dark Crater before.  That's what he meant.  I just hadn't known that this was his CURRENT hiding place.  He can move QUICKLY when he wants to."
The two of them hurried into the large cave system, both worried about what would happen.  Grathiam looked around as they made their way through the place, "Why is this cave system called Dark Crater?"
"The name is from the farthest point in here.  There's a massive crater that hit and buried itself so dee
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 1 0
PMD-Explorers Of Sky 8 Part 2
"Okay…I found a spot to let you two enter.  Just…be careful, alright?  There's something…something ROTTEN about this dream.  Something VERY wrong.  Your darkrai might still be IN there with how bad this thing feels."
"But we can go in?"
"Yeah…one other warning.  Don't faint in there.  You'll be COMPLETELY inside the dream.  Not just mentally like I KNOW you're thinking.  You're physically entering the place."
"…"  Gareth gave Samuel a look, "You can't be serious."
"I am.  It's the only method I have of ENTERING dreams.  You are going to physically go IN.  So be REALLY careful, alright?!"
"…alright…"  This already sounded WAY too strange to be real.  But…a purple and black ray enveloped them, and the next moment they were in a dark and dismal place…and Samuel called to them from somewhere far off.
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 0 0
PMD-Explorers Of Sky 7 Part 2
That night, both were woken from slumber by a terrible thunderclap.  Gareth and Grathiam looked out into the ocean and watched the storm for a while.  Grathiam chuckled, "Heh…a thunderstorm.  Haven't seen one of those in a while.  The weather's been nice…"
Gareth smiled, "Yeah.  The storm's a nice little change, isn't it?  Keeps things from getting boring."
Grathiam nodded, "Yeah.  Hey, you know…I found YOU the day after a storm just as strong as this one."  He sighed and stared at the rain…
Gareth sighed as well, "Feels like FOREVER since we stopped the destruction of time."
"It DOES."  Grathiam smiled and yawned, "Wow…bringing all that stuff back has me completely worn out.  I'm turning in."
"Me too."
"Cool.  See you in the morning."
Gareth nodded, "Yeah…hey…Grathiam?  Tomorrow, unless something comes up, I'll head back out to Mira
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 0 0
PMD-Explorers Of Sky 6 Part 2
Gareth dove into the water, the place he needed to get to memorized so thoroughly he could have made the swim with his eyes shut.  He sped as FAST as he could to the place, hating himself for ever taking Kyle out of his home.  When he got to the spot, he dove DOWN, intending to find the phione FAST.
He went down as fast as he could go, reaching the seabed very quickly.  Gareth heaved a sigh of relief when he finally saw the phione he was looking for.  He gently touched down on the ground and waved at the large group.  They all laughed and waved back at him, some even starting to swim toward him.  A tremendous current suddenly pushed at them, and a large gyarados rushed them, grinning, "FINALLY!"  He roared out toward them, "I've FINALLY found you!  That cure-all of yours officially belongs to ME!  I'm going to keep the lot of you under lock and key and charge ANYONE who's searching for the dew.
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 0 0
PMD-Explorers Of Sky 5 Part 2
"HEY!  WAKE UP!!!"
Grathiam JUMPED up, right alongside Gareth at the shout.  Both were WIDE EYED and looking around in shock.  Mike just chuckled, "There.  Got 'em up for you."  He chuckled more as he left.
Gareth found his frown and turned it on the other two that were still in their home, "Daein?  Why did you have Mike wake us up like THAT?!"
Grathiam nodded with his own scowl, "Yeah.  Unless it's important news, that was uncalled for!"
Jade was with him and she just smiled, "We heard about Kayli, actually…"
Grathiam frowned, "What?  How?  From who?"
"Gareth told us."
Grathiam gave Gareth a glare, "You did WHAT?!"
Gareth shrugged, "Hey.  We need help figuring this one out.  I figured we should ask the guild about it, you know?"
Grathiam sighed, "Yeah…sorry.  Sorry.  I just…I'm worried."
Jade nodded, "Gareth told us THAT, too, so we have an a
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 0 0
PMD-Explorers Of Sky 4 Part 2
Grathiam straight for the café when they got back home, instantly searching out Reggie, who looked happy to see them, "Team Dragon!  There you are!  I just found out something you'll be interested to hear!"
Grathiam snorted, "Unless it's a KNOWN location of froslass, I won't be thrilled."
Reggie nodded, "It IS!  There was a famous explorer a long while back.  A scizor named Duke.  He went missing at a place called Blizzard Island.  When I heard about it I went and explored the place myself.  Once you get really deep in, you'll come to a cave.  Go through it, and…well, when I reached the end, I ran.  I saw Sir Duke there, frozen in a block of ice, and a froslass guarding that block like it was hers."
Grathiam's eyes were wide, "A…you SAW a froslass?!"
"And she was guarding Sir Duke like a prize."
"PERFECT!"  Grathiam nodded, smiling, "Gareth?  We're paying this fr
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 0 0
PMD-Explorers Of Sky 3 Part 2
Luke smiled when they gave him the Perfect Apple, "You passed the graduation exam!!!!  Congrats!!!!"  When they didn't smile, he paused, "…what's got you two down?  This is a GOOD thing that you passed!"
Gareth shook his head, "Sure we're HAPPY about passed, but…it doesn't feel like we DID anything, to be honest."
Luke gave him a smile, "But you DID do something!  You went into Mystifying Forest and found the treasure there!  And besides!  You beat the Dark Master, right?  He's supposed to be right on the path TO Luminous Spring."
Grathiam frowned, "That's part of what we don't get though.  Why did everyone jump out at us like that?  What were you guys HOPING to do by attacking us?"
"…attacking you?  What are you talking about?"
Gareth rolled his eyes, "Oh, COME ON!  It was OBVIOUS it was all you guys!  And even if it WASN'T, how could you have KNOWN we
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 0 1
PMD-Explorers Of Sky 2 Part 2
The pair made their way to the entrance without a problem.  Gareth gave Grathiam a look, "You ready for this?"
"Sure am."  He smiled, "When we get back from THIS I want to show Kayli something."
Gareth gave Grathiam a look, "You've been focusing a LOT on Kayli lately, partner.  What's up between you two?"
Grathiam chuckled nervously and opened his hand.  In it was a dazzling water stone, "Nathan had one in stock a few days back.  I bought it and I…I want to give it to her and…ASK."
Gareth gave Grathiam a shocked look, "No.  Not…are you…you're SERIOUS!  Oh, why didn't you TELL me about this SOONER?!"  He laughed and grabbed Grathiam's shoulder, smiling, "I hope she says yes, partner.  You deserve the happiness."  He chuckled, "Well!  We have an even BIGGER reason to finish this silly exam!  Let's go!"
They eventually came to a spot in the forest tha
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 0 0
PMD-Explorers of Sky 1 Part 2
Several months had passed, and the pair had fallen into a routine of things.  However, a few things had changed.  Grathiam's friendship with Kayli was blooming.  She visited him more often and was using his old cave like a second home now.  And he didn't mind it at all.  One morning, Frederick gave Gareth and Grathiam a bit of unexpected news.  Grathiam's eyes were wide, "Graduation?!  WHAT?"
Daein scowled, "Hey!  Wait a sec!  ALL of us have been here longer than those two!  Why do they get to take the graduation exam BEFORE us?"
Luke smiled, "Because they saved the world, silly!  They've done A LOT since they came here!  I think they deserve the CHANCE at least!"
Gareth smiled a little, "So…what happens?"
Frederick cleared his throat a little, "You won't have to continue TRAINING, for one, and you'll be recognized as a experienced team of explorers.  M
:icongrathiam:Grathiam 0 0

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♥ To every guy that believed in her dreams...

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♥ To every guy that never laughed at her when she told him her dreams...

♥ To every guy that walked her to her car and opened the door...

♥ To every guy that gave his heart...

♥ To every guy who prays that she is happy even if he's not with her...


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