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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Everyone is here! (Including all of the DLC fighters.)

Sora from Kingdom Hearts is the last character to join Smash Bros. Thank you Mr. Sakurai for all you’ve done! Hopefully Smash 6 will arise us in the future. 

Hope you all like it! :)

Check out my other Smash Bros artwork.…
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Heroes, Villains, and many allies from many different worlds across time and space come together to defeat the ultimate threat to them all.

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And, then, comes Galeem.

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And then suddenly sephiroth

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I seriously can't believe how many there are in one picture! And if this keeps up, it may get even bigger.

I applaud you for your effort. :D :clap:

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Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. :)

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You're most welcome! ^_^

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I love how my bois Mario and Sonic at the center.
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Love this lots.😄👍
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Don’t let a single one get away!
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We’ll each need to take down about ten.

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Stow your fear, it’s now or never!
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We’ll win this! I know we will!

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Except for Kirby.

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