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Envied logo

for a call of duty Black ops clan(team)

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Good logo for a professional e sports team nice work :)
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Nice Logo !! Really nice job
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I can't help but see a 'z' in the logo instead of the 'E'. Also, the 'v' has sharp angles while the other letters are rounded. Pretty inconsistent.
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wszystko idealnie się komponuje..
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thanks i had to use google Translator :D
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really nice man, I like the concept
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Hey man!
Our team here at VisionXtream really, REALLY like your artwork! We would just like to know if you would want to join our gaming team and help design some logos for us as a volunteer you would be welcome. We are currently making an online 3D MMO game that has been written up. It is 99% original and we have professional artists and coders working with us.
Our site can be found here [link]
You can reply or email us at

The VisionXtream Team
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wow thats beast.
i have 2 things.

first of all. what font did u used.
and they asked me also for making a logo. but when i saw this one my one looked pretty bad :(

good job :D
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thanks mate will keep in tch!
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you mind hopping on [link] for a minute please its our chat.
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sure :D
but i still dont know what font u used and how do i follow your deviant :O?
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Bauer but i changed it i mean not the font
the V and E is my now work
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Seems like Moltors Italic to me: [link]
With the text spelled: Envied
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hey guys! yah this is the font that i used
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so you updated the design, but switched the E and D? :P
Besides that mistake, the V looks better, but now the lower part on the V looks too thick :P, I suggest you bring down that sloped part on the inside, just a bit.
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yah i tryd but the prob i cant cant maintain the thickness because if i bring it down the thickness of the left will incrz yah will im working on that thanks :)
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Thanks graphstas good work here!
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