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Wish for pleasant, full, succesfull and good completed day.
Today is our feast of gratitude to all who helps us in this site and in the life.
After our sellebration I wish to everybody serenity in the mind, heart and soul :)
Jan. 22, 2014. 30 years after Apple Macintosh introduction ;)
In pastel, softly silence  there is calm and clarity.
Today is my feast of delight to figure out floral ornments all the time.
Thanx to this site, for the best new year wish for me "You'r Not Alone", where is my motto "The art is Love" and where there is good rainbow picture, what is my nikname. Actually my right phrase is "The art is the most pure expression of Love ...".
I'm happy to share here my best work, to read comments and to have creative conversations with the other artists, scientists and programmers here!
Let it be!
This is my feast today. Good wishes to everybody here :)
Today is my feast of my selfmade snowflake pictures. Preparing for New Year :)
Today is my feast for inspirations from nature for my art and for my life.
Today is a feast of graphical overview of my loved computer work. There is a song with it on latino music :
Corallina, Fractallina with the crystal snowflake, with curls and little hearts are making cubes - flowers. THAT WORKS!
Today is my feast of succulent plants.
I'm in love with succulents all my life.
I receiver today estimating of two painters and both of them like succulents:……
So I'm sellebtaring today the feast of succulents and in the evening I'll give mines good water :)
Yestayday was a feast of Corllina. Shi made this:…
She was dancing looking lightly rotated her coralls and decided to make movie with them with a help of close friend.
Today is my feast for non computer modelling - hand made by crochet, but of course in all rainbow collors :)
HAPPY 4-th December - the feast of people looking for more dimenssions…
Happy feast of 3D Masters - 3-th December!…
Preparing for the feast