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Fluorescence Decorative Typography Quote 5

Copyright Statement 3 by Sophibelle

This is a quote from the new Sci-FI YA series I've written. It will be publishing early 2015. 
For more info on the series, release dates, signings and more, visit the links below! So far, Facebook has the most up to date information!

:bulletblue: FaceBook :bulletblue: Official Site :bulletblue: TWITTER



Fluorescence Decorative Typography Quote 2 by Graphix-Goddess Fluorescence Decorative Typography Quote 1 by Graphix-Goddess Fluorescence Decorative Typography Quote 3 by Graphix-Goddess Fluorescence Decorative Typography Quote 4 by Graphix-Goddess
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Is it January yet, is it January yet? =)

*waits excitedly for Book III!!
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OMG I KNOW, RIGHT!?? Well, good news! FALLOUT is going on PREORDER starting next TUESDAY ;) I'll try to post a reminder in my journal, too!!!

:love: :hug: Just a little bit longer!!! LOL Also, not sure if you noticed, but on my FB page, I posted pics of someone who cosplayed BRIAN. He was so sweet in person, too. Unfortunately, he didn't cosplay the day he came to see me, though but he did after that at another con :(
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How do you do all these typography things?
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I build them by hand in Photoshop ^__^. I'm a graphic designer, too :heart: That's what I currently do for money at least - graphic design work. :D
nightshade-keyblade's avatar
I knew that, yeah. So you use a tablet for this, I suppose.
Graphix-Goddess's avatar
No, I sold my tablet, actually... needed the money really badly this year, unfortunately.

I use specialized fonts and effects, etc. ^__^
nightshade-keyblade's avatar
Aw, man, what a bummer :(
Graphix-Goddess's avatar
well, hard times and all - editing, cover designs, promotion, etc. is costing me through the roof, - not to mention an onslaught of recent medical expenses due to a phantom arm injury..... so... I have to make sacrifices to do what I need to do. I wanted to keep it, but I didn't even have time to work on it, so it was collecting dust. Have to move forward. My books are more important than anything anyway.

Do you like these Typography quotes? I am trying to highlight important pieces from the books.
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Yeah, I love them! They're really intriguing and the colour schemes are well chosen. I actually...thought of doing something similar. As promotional material for short stories and such.
Graphix-Goddess's avatar
Thank you. :hug: I tried to choose colors that correlate with each character. Alice has green Fluorescence, Brian - Blue, Kareena - Pink, etc. So I had to choose things that brought those out in their quote as best as I could while making fonts match the mood I wanted to convey.

Well, If you ever want help doing some for your own work, shoot me a note. I'd love to help you with them! ^__^ I've always had a passion for graphics, too so it's fun to do little things on the side to get out of a rut.
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