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Buy the book here -->  or a more complete listing here:…

Copyright Statement 3 by Sophibelle

This is a quote from the new Sci-FI YA series I've written. It will be publishing early 2015.

For more info on the series, release dates, signings and more, visit the links below!

:bulletblue: FaceBook :bulletblue: Official Site :bulletblue: TWITTER



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adaydreaming-artist's avatar
Wow!  This is very cool and eye catching.  You have made me very excited about reading your books!  I can't wait for you to publish them.
Graphix-Goddess's avatar
Thank you so much!!!! I'm glad you like it!

You can see more pictures and teasers on the FB page:…

The series will be release started Feb 2015.
adaydreaming-artist's avatar
Hi!  Thanks for sharing that link!  Now I really, really want to read your books!  *circles February 2015 in my calendar as the date to look forward to*
Graphix-Goddess's avatar
aww.. gee, thank you!!! I am so excited, too! I've been working SO hard on these and have so very much invested in them!! Finally, something to share with the world!
C-A-Harland's avatar
That's intense. And Cool.
nightshade-keyblade's avatar
That's pretty, that's very pretty!
Graphix-Goddess's avatar
Yay! :blush:

I'm so glad you like it. I also posted it to FB - if you're following the page, you should get it in your feed... I hope!
nightshade-keyblade's avatar
I follow the page, yes. I saw it today. You've got a busy schedule ahead of you, for sure!
Graphix-Goddess's avatar
YES INDEED! :) I already scheduled my first convention in March 2015! I am SOOO EXCITED!!!!!
nightshade-keyblade's avatar
I saw! I so wish I could go...:(
Graphix-Goddess's avatar
Me, too... :) It would be awesome to meet you in person someday! But yet, who knows where my books will take me!
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