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The Religion of Science by lapis-lazuri, literature

Artist // Hobbyist // Traditional Art
  • July 12, 1993
  • Latvia
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Just an artist-hobbyist from the small country of Latvia. Interested in traditional art, crafting and other such crafty stuff.

I sometimes make some digital art as well, especially logotypes. I am also tinkering with digital drawings, although my digital art skill could use some work.

Please, check out my gallery, if interested.

Rock on, and enjoy your visit. :horns:

All jabbed up and ready to die. UPDATE 18-10-2021, approximately 12 hours after the jab: Current side-effects: A burning/itching sensation on the upper palate, a strange ache in the abdomen area and an increased aggression/irritability. Will hopefully keep you posted of my situation update tomorrow. UPDATE 19-10-2021, approximately 15 hours after the jab: Headaches and stabbing sensations around the heart area. Can't fall asleep. Fuck you, convid totalitarians; hope you're happy now. UPDATE 19-10-2021, 1.5 days after the jab: light nausea, and stabbing sensations around the left chest region. It could be my effed-up spine as well, but heart nerves might also be involved. Fuck, I hope I'll be able to sleep somewhat decently tonight. UPDATE 21-10-2021: Experienced a sudden outburst of cold sweat while on my way to work. Could be the warm day, but it could also be because of the jab. The poking sensation at my left chest region has not subsided, so I'm taking Nature-based supplements
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This is it; the end of the line. Will be taking my moronavirus jab in some 12 hours, as forced by the current situation in Latvia. In case I die or get crippled from it - thanks for everything, it's been fun; see you all at Valhalla, or wherever. In case I don't die, I will be monitoring myself for any possible side effects and relaying the information to you all, so that you could make a more educated decision of whether or not take it (unless, of course, your own countries are making it mandatory). In case I will be fine after this jab over the course of the next 2-5 years, I will have something to look back to and finally take a sigh of relief that it did not kill me for 2-5 years... then continue worrying about the next decades, until I finally snap and commit self-oof. Whatever it may be, I have made my peace with it. Doesn't mean I'll like it. Fuck this dystopia. Fuck it all to shit. I hope it fucking burns to the ground, and something better arises, even if I won't be
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I'll be getting my moronavirus jab on 16.11. Too much pressure, both from my family and the current world in general. I seriously hope I croak, because I'm done with this boomer filth world, and I want out. If I won't die, I'll be royally pissed; might even sue janssen for not keeping up to their promises. Seriously, fuck this world, fuck this plandemic and fuck my life. Just let it all end. EDIT 2021-10-16: The jab's on Monday. Keep fighting this medical totalitarianism, friends, because eventually, they'll come for you as well. I'll be monitoring myself after the jab, and I'll provide you with reports of what's happening to me afterwards. I have nothing to lose or gain by sharing such information, so use it however you'll see fit. In case I do die from a clot, or thrombosis - it's been a fun ride. Thank you for everything. KG, signing off for now.
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Thanks for the :+fav:, @Kiborg-Graph :D

Here's the sequel:

[OTS/KSM] Operation Dawn - Kickingbag

Saw it, faved it. :)

can you do commissions?

I am doing only logo commissions at this point. Used to do drawing commissions some time ago, but adult life happened, and I halted the drawing commissions for the time being due to some form of lasting unhappiness.

what kind of logo commissions?

Information here, if interested:

Logo Commissions Banner.

oh god im sorry wrong thing i didn't mean to blocked you <:(