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This is Marowan, a character I made to play at :iconbtacdragons:. He's an hellwolf.… For any epic story arc to progress, not all characters may be heroic on the side of all things good, right and fluffy! Marowan is but a cog in the wheel. What's more is he knows it and embraces his role completely. He is logical, loyal and strong. Anyway, he's great fun to play.
Check out By Tooth and Claw Dragons if you are interested in advanced literate fantasy roleplay! I've been there for about three years now and very much enjoy it. As you can see, it's more than just dragons (though we have plenty of those)... much more!

The members are very nice... they will take you under their wings just like they did me. Feel free to note me if you have any questions. I don't have many threads going right now and I'd love to RP with you there. :heart:
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I just glanced back at him and had the 'his markings look familiar' feeling. Then I saw your post down there about gryffs' Genet and I'm like OH. YES.

Hahaha am I good or what. xD

<3 I luvs Maro. Good to see him back. (: