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Long Overdue Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2012, 4:58 PM
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first off, i'd like to thank :iconmadkittengam3r: again for gifting me a 3 month subscription.
i love you dearly!!


Alright, i got a couple tags

the first one is from the lovely :iconmy-violet-world:

1. What do you think of society today?
- i think mainstream society can be stiffing but then you have internet communities like tumblr where everyone's more open-minded (most of them anyway).

2. I have a knife collection, I like Marvel & Lord of the Rings, and stuffed animal peguin named avalanche who is my 24/7 body guard... do you think I'm weird?
- no, i love marvel too (well, mainly the avengers and x-men [although i only ever watched x-men: evolution, so i'm by no means well versed in this universe]) and i have a stuffed pikachu that i bought like a decade ago and we are inseparable. I don't have anything like a knife collection but that sounds pretty badass if you are careful with them.

3. Favorite show/anime/cartoon?
- show: Nikita
- anime: Slam Dunk
- cartoon: Hey Arnold!
(i would give reasons, but this entry is already too long xD)

4. Sometimes guy animated characters are hot.
- Yes. (lol, what else can i possibly say!!?)

5. Do you like the movie Rise of the Guardians (afshfghs you better >:I )
- i love this film!!
i actually have a funny story about this! the first time i watched this film, i was in China and it was in Chinese. I guess i missed all the references about Pitch hiding under children's beds so when we got to that scene where Jack finds the entrance to Pitch's domain, i got SO confused. Later on, my coworker had to explain to me that Pitch was the boogeyman who hides under kids' beds.
i'm American.
she's Chinese.
i felt like i failed a very important test in life that day.
(i don't know my cultural references!!!)

6. How is life?
- Fun!!

7. Have you ever made up a language and talk in it around other people just to freak them out?
- Ahaha! no! but thank you for giving me that idea!

8. Favorite hobby?
- Drawing (fanart). I don't think this can even be considered a hobby anymore, it's just my life now.

9. You art/writing/designing style?
- um... i'm not sure how to answer this... is there a "fangirl style", cause i'd be that.
but in all honesty... i really don't know how to define my style... i guess it's cartoony/anime-ish... illustrative?

10. Are you ready for Christmas? (Hannukah/Kwanzaa/etc.) and if you're holiday already happened, was it fun?
- i love Christmas!
i wish everyday was Christmas!!
i'm already ready for next year's Christmas!!


second tag is by the charming :iconscorpianakio:

1. Do you like yuri?
- yes.

2. Have u ever thought about murdering an ant?
- Only when they come out of no where!!
OMG! this once, i was fooling around on the internet and i felt something crawling on my hand and i looked down AND IT WAS THIS GIGANTIC ANT!!! it must have been like half an inch long and it was like bright maroon and i freaked out and jumped out of my chair and it was bad, really bad.
(please don't hurt mt ant-man, i promise not to hurt your brethren if they don't scare me!!)

3. Like cake? Why?
- who doesn't like cake?? they are sweet and can brighten up any day.

4. What is ur catchphrase?
- "why can't i draw faster!!?"
this is more like a mantra that i just repeat to myself over and over again...

5. Ever eaten calf brains?
- no, but i've had duck liver? it's actually pretty good.

6. What is ur fav anime?
- it's still Slam Dunk!!

7. What was the first manga that u read?
- Sailor Moon!!

8. Ever seen Teen Titans?
- AH! I LOVE THIS SHOW! god! i loved Raven! Raven and Robin were my OTP and i was so upset when the show got canceled!

9. Have u ever danced gangnam style?
- NO!! NOPE! NEVER!! why, who told you!!?

10. What is ur fav song?
- this changes a lot, but right now, in this moment, it's "Shark in the water" by V V Brown.


:icongraphitedoll: right then, i guess my questions are the following:

1: what's runs through your mind when you close your eyes to sleep.

2: do you think in words or pictures?

3: do books transport you to far away worlds? if so, which book had the best world you ever visited?

4: what is 1 thing you don't like about your relationship with your craft? (for example, i don't like how time consuming art is for me)

5: what are 2 things you do like about your relationship with your craft?

6: which would be a worse Hell: it's scorching hot and it's so crowded that you're stuck up against other people or it's frozen and you're the only person in the vast wasteland?

7: would you rather there be a heaven or would you rather there be reincarnation?

8: can money buy your happiness?

9: would you rather have talent or luck? why?

10: do you believe in Jack Frost?

i tag these wonderful people:
:iconmadkittengam3r: :iconbreigrace: :iconaziralx: :iconshinjyu: :iconwitheringmoon: :iconcafcow: :iconlalaadanwenb: :icondarknefarious: :iconninken-23:

hey guys!!

i used to be on DA, a REALLY long time ago, like... 5 years ago?
but then i went to college and asdfg, i just let it my old account wither and die (i'm sorry old account, rest in peace!! Dx)

but now i'm back! hopefully for good. Looking forward to meeting lots of you guys out there!!


ps: oh, cool, you can submit to groups now?
pps: omg, i don't remember having that feature back in the day!
ppps: Fffjdksfadskls, OMG!!