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Good Omens

By GraphiteDoll
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guys, i am SO sorry for the lack of art lately!!
my schedules been pretty busy, i had to hunt down a new apartment and move into it cause my lease ran up and my ex-landlord couldn't renew the lease with me cause she already promised the place to someone else!!!

but everything is settled now!

so i read Good Omens a few weeks back... and i'm in love with it!! awesome writers are awesome and i can't stop reading things written by Neil Gaiman!! (i'll move onto Terry's work afterwards!)

as always, the tumblr link: [link]

thanx you guys! you're all awesome!
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I want whatever Azi's in XD
Like seriously.
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My favorite parts are the tiny clouds on aziraphel's side in the candle holders and Crowley's numeral numbers on his chair. Your picture looks so comfortable. Keep up the good work.

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What a beauty! Seriously, this is gorgeous!

I love the body language... OK, I love everything: light, colours, composition, technique. But I find the body language particularly striking. How Aziraphale is all curled up, like a book lover would, and how Crowley is all sprawled, which is totally Crowley. This is awesome. Great job!
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the fandom is waaaaay older than i thought
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This is so charming! Lovely readers! :3
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All of the shapes and colors and poses are beautiful!!
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I love it. It´s just... perfect!
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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I love it and I'm waiting for tv-series too.
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Aziraphale. Such cuteness.
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This is stunning, I've never found any art about them so gorgeous!
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This is my favorite art of these two!
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//i misread it as good omelets 
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now you've made me hungry! or should i say....hangry?lol 
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this is incredible omg
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Ahhhh!!! It's so pretty! And awesome! I'm not sureI should use the word pretty, but it's beautiful to look at in any case!
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Creative and beautiful as always!
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That's absolutely beautiful 😱
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This is amazing!! :wow:
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That is really gorgeous. I love the colors on Aziraphale's side especially, though they're both awesome. Very suited to the characters. 
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this is amazing!
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These are so cute :)
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