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Every month, we'll have 10 graphics featured in our Deviantart group, voted on by the members on the forum.

You can nominate yourself and others - the graphics don't have to be part of the group to be nominated, but they will need to be added after the contest closes to appear in our Featured folder.

Some rules and tid-bits:

-- You don't need to be a member of the forum to nominate or be nominated.
-- You can nominate up to 10 pieces. However, only 3 of those may be your own graphic.
-- The piece doesn't have to be added to the group to be nominated, but the artist will need to accept the submission to the group to be featured in the group gallery.
-- If you are also part of the forum, you will receive a graphic award for winning. (:
-- All art will be accepted. However, only up to 3 of each graphic type can win (ex. up to 3 signatures).
-- Each artist can only win up to 3 features.
-- More nominations of the same piece doesn't mean an extra chance of winning. It's voted on the forum. So try to nominate unique pieces that haven't been nominated yet. (:
-- Nominations are due June 30th.
-- FOR THIS MONTH ONLY: They can be submitted to Deviantart at any time (After this month, submissions will be limited to the previous month. Ex. August Features will only accept pieces submitted to Deviantart July 1st or later).

In order to nominate, simply reply here with the link to the art on Deviantart - either as a thumbnail link or regular link.

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