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Autumn Owl


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Autumn Owl


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Pinwheel 101-Pong466

Pong with Knot-A-Typo

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Pong 208

Pong with AkuraPare

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Mandelbulb Devious Collection

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Recursive Vision

MB3D Chain Pong II

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Respect Earned- dIFS CHAIN #261

MB3D Chain Pong dIFS

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Mandelbulb 3D Start Parameters Vol. 1 by hypex2772

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Fighting Against the Pandemic

Apophysis +Parameters

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amazingIFS guide extended

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RollerBall ~ UF Chain Pong 1327

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Map Pack 1

Maps Texture Stock ETC

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Sunflower You're Very Welcome

Josephs Coat

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Black and white ornament

Incendia 1.5 EX V and NEXT

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Blue Burst

Fractal Explorer Devious Collection

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An Ethereal Flower

Fractal Flowers and Butterflies

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Quantum Overlap

And More Fractals Collection

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Mandelbulb 3D Gradients 2 By Sharon E. Thomas

Gradients Devious Collection

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Glitch Style Param Pack

Apo Flamepacks

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The Fire Within 2

Fractal Science Kit Devious Collection

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Apo JWildfire I Collection

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Traditional and Digital Art Collection

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Usery Mountain Regional Park

Photography Devious Collection

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New Fractal Website

Ricky Jarnagin (DsyneGrafix ( has created a new website dedicated primarily to the creation of fractals using Mandelbulb 3D software.  His site has the most authoritative list of Mandelbulb 3D tutorials on the internet for both beginners and experts.  It also includes The Mandelbulb 3D Master Resource Guide, interviews, "Meet the Masters" section and information about a mentorship program. To visit Ricky's website and/or to download the latest version of Mandelbulb 3D software, follow this link:  DsyneGrafix Digital Arts In addition to the fractal-generating Mandelbulb 3D program, Ricky has a section on his site about a second program calle

Journals of Note

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Fractal GIMP Moth

The Gimp

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Leaves of green

Christmas 2012

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Sea Dream

Deep Dreams

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