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Floral Photoshop Brushes

These 4 sets of Fantasy Floral vectors I made using Illustrator

I called it Fantasy floral or foliage, since the shapes are far from real (can only be found in another planet LOL or here)

Find out more [link]
about these Photoshop Brush set ;)

Please feel free to fave ! and will love your comment...
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Thanks for sharing!
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I love these brushes, thank you for sharing
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i used you stock here [link]
these are so sweet and pretty - loving them!
Thank You excellent
Love your brush sets. thanks for sharing them. I can't wait to use some.
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Why not upload the zipfile to deviantart instead of mediafire?
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Because there are various file formats that I need to include and I'd like to check download statistic of each different file format via mediafire dashboard.

Thanks for your comment :)
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Lol, Data-mining eh?!
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Used here: link. Thank you! :)
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these are bloody nice
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why post it in the category of photoshop brushes, without the intent of sharing? thats just mean..... i like them, but it would be nice to make them available to the public. grrr.
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i retract my previous statement. but why dont you make it obvious that the brushes themselves are available at that site. bc i was led to believe that they werent available at all.... sorry bout that.
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No problem at all......
See, there are various file formats that I need to include, thats why ;)
I'm sorry for the late reply...been very busy lately

Have a nice day!
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Hi! i featured this resource in this news: [link]

if you appreciated this,please fav and
thanks for the best resources!
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yaaa I've visit and faved it ;) great list of resources anyway :)
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Beautiful, but it's still just a picture "/
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That is only the preview can find more by visiting my site
Cheers ;)
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