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Floral Photoshop Brushes 4

The image above is only available for preview.

I was experimenting with curve multiple layered lines.

I'm not sure of how to distinguish the type of these photoshop floral brush style. I made these simple and clean...hope that you will like the brush set ;)

Please feel free to fave ! and will love your comment...

Find out more about this Floral PS brush set [link]
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I LOVE these!  Thank you so much
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beautiful brushes. 
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I can't  dowload  :(
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These are so pretty! I know I will be driving myself crazy trying to find a great way to use them!
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thank you!
I hope you have a creative time trying out these brushes ;)
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Amaazing!! Thank you very much for sharing them!!
very good ! thank you
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Thank u. As soon as I test these out, I'll comment back. I'm just now trying my hand at it again, so I have to get used to ps all over again lol.
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xD interesante pincel
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very nice brushes!
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\ \|/ /
(O O)
+--- oOO--(_)-----------------+
| | |
ooO Ooo
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Great combo on the retro color scheme*
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awesomesauce! o3o
why cant this be downloaded?
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I loveee but.. I can't downald them ><
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