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Free Palestine -Paste Works-

My paste work with my friend, Ichad, at Persada Indonesia University, Central Jakarta.

In order the 2nd annual anniversary of the Israeili uncivilized attack on Gaza.

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Great Work ... Well Done my Dearest Brothers
May Allah swt Bless You Both
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Favo Favo Favo Favo! ^.^
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Anyone wants to kick Israeli butts? I'm ready!
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wow vrey nice work brother .... free Palestine ... thankx .... EId MBURk .... :rose:
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I really thank you guys for that and I like your style and your name (Graphic Resistance)
for sure graphic is a weapon
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End the stupidity in the world.
ane jg pngen bikin tuh.akh..
tu pke bhan apa yah?
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Semoga Allah memberkati usaha kalian..
mohon untuk dikingsikan bersama idea ini di universiti saya ye..

terima kasih teman..

jazakallahu khairan kathira..Amin..
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Oaergh...Gila MANTAP GAN!!! :thumbsup:
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A truly awesome piece of work, I love what you've done here! will ref in email 8) Keep up the work! FREE THOSE MINDS, FREE THEIR HEARTS
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i forgot to mention one example in the previous comment that explains my intention better:
you sure remember the twelve year old palestinian boy "ahmed ismail khatib" how was killed by israeli soldiers. ahmeds father donated his own boys organs and saved by this act of human kindness five Israeli children and one woman. now that is not only moving and selfless, it is rather the right path to go. i hope you get the analogy.

art is another powerful way.
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very well executed graphical work. really like the overall work + presentation, but the approach doesn´t work out as always when it come to resolving conflict which i strongly believe is in every ones interest involved.

what everyone lacks to see and understand no matter how difficult it might be (and it always is,) that one can only archive something really positive, if both sides are equally treated with respect and fairness. well that seems to be confusing and not acceptable to you, because you have good reason to think and feel otherwise than that i know. what i want to say is: make a similar pro poster for the other side next to this one and write down the mistakes from there perspective in order to gain the possibility of dialog. both sides are not able to admit their own mistakes, so always the other side is guilty in their eyes which does only accomplish more anger and hate. as a neutral person i don´t mind so much who started this conflict and i am well aware of the history but to me it seams that both are guilty or both are right. think about it! and one more thing: forget about mediators like obama or the un. this conflict can only be solved by the people in direct favor of it, speaking of palestinians and israeli. personally i don´t see that both sides, mainly the governments are able now nor in the near future to make magnificent progress.
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finally on :D couldnt wait to fav it here too :D
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Jazakillah khair Meyra :D
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w yak not sure if its right how I said :D
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full size > save as. Insya Allah kaka saya ingin menyusul bikin hohoy.
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ditunggu bro. kalo udah jadi, kita nempel bareng ya. ke bogor juga gw jabanin :D
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kereeeeeeen banget om!!! :eager:
lem kanji om?
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Thanks do :D

Lem fox, mo bikin lem kanji gak sempet XD
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