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Artist Training Ground Day 25

By graphic-lee
Theme: Draw a pony at the beach/Draw a pony surfing
Holy crazy this got cool. I had a lot of fun with this actually. It's inspired by this guy;…
Great guy, does a crazy good shining armor, eats corndogs. Eats corndogs.
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That looks very nice!
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Make a wallpaper! This art is so awesome! :iconwhywubwooplz:
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I might in the future. I'd have to redraw stuff for it.
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Wow, yeah, that's really cool! Love the perspective and the way you drew those waves - and the surfboard with his cutie mark is a nice touch.
ProfBlahson's avatar
Ooh I really like this!
Slipping-Star's avatar
As this is your training and all, do you want pointers?
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Please! I love getting critiques!
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I know dat feel.  In that case, I'll critique ALL THE THINGS.

Most surfers I see who put their hand in the wave have their hand palm-forward.  The back of a horse's hoof, where fur would be closest to the bottom, is the "palm."  So, in short, Shining Armor's left front hoof is facing the wrong way.  If you were trying to preserve the fact that horses can't do that, I don't really see the point, as they can't balance on two legs on a surf board either!  XD  His right is also, because of where the fur is; it appears that, if he were human, he'd be facing the back of his hand to his body, which is a very odd position!
The rest is fine, though.  Excellent use of fade in the background for atmospheric perspective.
graphic-lee's avatar
Thank you for your input!
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YEAH! Surfer Shining Armor
Hordaks-Pupil's avatar
You got to love Shining Armor, he is a pony of many talents :D
Shadowcross's avatar
"Way too busy shredding waves and eating corndogs."

That's our Francis!
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He looks COOL! GO SHINING ARMOR!!! WHOO!! >,</
AbyssalEmissary's avatar
Pretty good work. Both Shining and the water are really well done. :)
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So many surfing Shining Armors today. But it really suits him, doesn't it?
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BlueWolf-2020's avatar
Awesome.  Very epic waves and cool pose.
PlatinKevKev's avatar
stupid sexy shining armor
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