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Deviantart Poem
Daring young minds of today, tomorrow, and yesterday create
Every form of art, wanted and unwanted
Viewed in this green field of the
Internet, that unholy deity, in which
Abound wonders, and terrors
Nightmares most foul, and daydreams so sweet
That you think you have taken flight, flying
Away, away, to a strange new
Realm, enchanting and thrilling, that floats apart, and yet
Tied to our, not as strange, but no less thrilling world
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 2 4
I'm counting down the seconds
I'm counting down the minutes
I'm counting down the hours
I'm counting down the days
I'm counting down the weeks
I'm counting down the months
I'm counting down the years
Until I have no more
But that's not all
I'm counting down the moments
Of ordinary days
I'm counting down the hellos
As well as the goodbyes
I'm counting down the smiles
Along with the frowns
I'm counting down the good times
With all the bad in between
And I'm not the only one
We're all waiting
Eyes on clocks
For our time on Earth to end
And yet I have to wonder
Why do we yearn for oblivion
Why don't we read our books
Instead of skimming to the epilogue
Why don't we sing our songs
As opposed to pausing till our voices are gone
Why don't we laugh our laughs
And not just hope they aren't too loud
Why don't we live?
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 1 2
Who cries for the monsters?
The kind who love to be cruel
Who cries for the hated?
The ones who shoot up schools
Who cries for the wicked?
The ones who make it all worse
Who cries for the damned?
The ones who kill without remorse
Because everyone cries for the heroes,
and the innocent,
and the good guys.
The ones who fought the good fight
But no one cries for the villains,
the corrupt,
the bad guys.
The ones who fought the bad fight
So when the heroes have won
And the cheering is done
Who will cry for the monsters?
Who have gotten their due.
And if I cry for a monster...
Does that make me a monster too?
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 5 2
Haiku #1
The lady of luck
Roamed the moors in search of
Her runaway lad
Haiku #2
Midnight strands upon
Shady, cotton fog they rest
Black curls, on grey clouds
Haiku #3 Run
You are oh so sweet
But every time our hands meet
I just want to run
Haiku #4
I writhe and I burn
In my own harsh cruel fury
Towards she who is blind
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 2 0
You cannot measure pain
Pain is Pain
And in that we are all the same
Whether we are brave
Or not
And our dignity, we can or can't save
We all feel pain
No person's pain is worse than anothers
No burden easier to bare
In this we are sisters and brothers
Our tears are all just as salty
Whether shed over spilled milk
Or just spilled blood you see
We all feel pain
And there are no degrees
To make one persons worse or better
It's just pain
But we still insist
On making others feel 'our pain'
Instead of making sure it doesn't exist
After all,
Pain is Pain
And in that we are all the same.
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 0 0
The Guantlet
The Gauntlet
She ran The Gauntlet yesterday
Her wounds they cut her deep
And after, she had stolen away
She took her life in grief
She did wrong and she knew
Couldn't hide the truth
They knew what she did, and I knew what was coming
To the trembling thieving youth
Two straight lines, longer than time
Couldn't flee this fate
Two straight lines, straighter than wire
It's time to run the race
She took the first step, slowly
The beginning of the end
And the first attacks, quickly
Found their marks
What little armor she had left
Was not enough to keep them away
The barbs sticking in her skin
And clinging to her heart
She stumbled
But she could not stop
One foot in front of the other, she went
She was only halfway there
The blows were hard
They stung, they hurt
As she got to the end she wondered,
Can it get any worse?
Yes they snarled yes they hissed
And worse it then became
Biting hail burning fire
Tearing into frailest lace
At last she was done, she was finished
She'd walked the gauntlet
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 0 6
Inky Suns
Inky Suns
Why do we make our inky suns smile?
At the youngest age we draw those
Shiny grins and sunglasses
but this is a lie
The sun does not smile,
Nor does he frown
He merely stares
Stares at we specks below
And he wears no shades to dim his gaze
Just the same is his sister the, moon
Though her gaze is softer for some
The only thing to dull their vision
Are the misty men and women
Who, lifting their gray gowns
Tread a slow and stately procession across the sky
But alas they must also obscure the sight of the stars
Peering through their long silver telescopes
To look upon us, and others
Who catch their eyes
Such is the nature of the Sky folk
Elegant and aloof
Gazing down
And always apart
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 0 0
There are no Bad Guys
A father beats his son.
When he grew up he beat his girlfriend.
His girlfriend began to drink and her sister watched her disappear.
Her sister neglected her children.
Her son became a tyrant, and her daughter emotionally isolated her husband.
The tyrant was murdered by rebels in front of his children.
His daughter became a suicide bomber.
The mother of one of her victims committed suicide.
Leaving her other child to grow up in foster care, alone and grief stricken.
He grew up to become a father.
And he beat his son.
There are no bad guys or evil people. There are only victims, victims that create more victims.
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 1 2
Someone to Save
I stood before, the newest grave
Looking for someone, new to save
And I turned around, and saw her then
She was alone, looking for a friend
So I called to her, held out my hand
Said I’d lead her to the Promised Land
But she merely smiled, and shook her head
You can’t help someone who’s already dead
And as I turned to leave, I saw our reflections fair
Funny, I forgot, I was the only one there.
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 2 4
Beautiful Death
In a senseless dream I find myself,
Wandering through a forest of ash
In hopes of finding…..
Something pure and dark
I find it in a meadow drear
Where, in the center pulses a dark light
For there is a blossom of intoxicating beauty
Fascinated by the crimson flower
With a core of shadow
I long to caress its poisoned velvet,
Kiss its yielding petals,
But must always halt shy of a true touch
She stands shaking and composed
In the light of the dark moon
Her tears overflow from empty, hateful eyes
Which draw me ever near
As I approach she lashes out,
With caressing claws, then flees into the night
I leap into pursuit of the maiden,
Who is not a maiden,
An innocent reprobate,
Her pure darkness a beacon in the night,
Her screaming song a sirens call
At long last I catch her
As dawn fades to dusk,
Holding her close, she ensares me completely
We sink to the ground, and she seems as fascinated by me
As I am enthralled by her
Each of us mesmerized by the other
And when we slip int
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 2 0
Stefan knew horses.
He knew them like some knew  the lines of a treasured book or the scent of a lover. He spoke their language, far better than he did the language of humans, and their expressions far clearer than those of his own species.
On this particular morning he found his eye caught by a handsome filly with a delicate prancing gait. She was a curious thing, wandering about, fascinated by anything and everything. However she seemed frequently distracted by her... companion. A small pony trailed barely a few feet behind the larger animal, often pressing herself right up against the others flank. He knew horses and it was clear to him that the ponies presence, though affectionate, was unwelcome. The filly flicked her hears back and forth, stomped her hoofs, and even tossed her head furiously. Nothing seemed to deter the little animal. He watched her pick up speed, try to lose the pony by winding through several obstacles, hiding then reappearing rather sneakily, but no matter
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 1 6
Autumn Feline by grapeshotmemory Autumn Feline :icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 7 8
A Performers Soul
The lights turn on
The curtains drawn
Now, dreams take flight
There will be a show tonight
A thousand faces
A thousand eyes
A thousand minds to stun
The stage is ready
The performer’s hearts unsteady
Their waiting at an end
Let the show begin
A thousand faces
A thousand eyes
A thousand minds to awe
The first notes sung by the singer
The first steps taken by the dancer
The first phrase spoken by the author
The first phrase spoken by the actor
A thousand faces
A thousand eyes
A thousand minds to delight
The singers’ voice lifts heavenly
The dancers’ body moves sinuously
The authors’ words trap the mind
The actors monologue leaves reality behind
A thousand faces
A thousand eyes
A thousand minds to surprise
The hall is quiet and still
Like a castle within a spell
In the mystic hour of night
The magic now comes to light
A thousand faces
A thousand eyes
A thousand minds to amaze
A single clap starts the roaring applause
Shattering that once perfect pause
The magic fle
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 2 4
Just Too Much
There is just too much
Too much hate, anger, and pain
Everywhere I turn I see it
Sometimes as bold as bloody brass
Or as elusive as a long forgotten friend
There is so much I am pummeled by it
I wish I could find something, light
Something different
I cannot tear my eyes away
And my eyes cannot tear up
While any moment I might suffocate
Because it’s all crowding in, begging for my attention
Trying to be seen, to have their story heard
And there is just
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 1 4
The Chase
The Chase
Round and round and round she goes
Over the mumpers, through the rows
After a thief who has stolen her heart
They come together, then they must part
Caught up in their strange, and intricate dance
Created not so much by fate, but chance
She Dogs him hard and catches the con
But time and again he’s out before dawn
To once more begin their chase in the night
A game that they play away from the light
For she is the Dog who leads the pack
And he the Rat with a throne at his back
So they’ll go on, till their lives do end
Then off and away the pigeons shall send
Their souls still racing into the dark
Now he is chasing her challenging bark
So they’ll continue their fleet footed play
That’s they’ll go on, for eternity and a day
:icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 2 4
Cherry Blossoms by grapeshotmemory Cherry Blossoms :icongrapeshotmemory:grapeshotmemory 4 0


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I very rarely write Journal entries, I just don't know what to say, but I saw this on another deviants journal and I wanted to do it so:

Tag a quality deviant, You’re it! Quality doesn’t mean that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how much followers you have. Send this to 10 deviants who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them! For being the best cousin ever and having sarcastic and snarky conversations with me online! For always being so nice to me!…: For making me smile.

I'm not really sure how this works so I'll just post it and see what happens. *shrugs*
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