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Wolves of Odin: Update

A concept piece for what I hope will become the 2nd "Wolves of Odin" book. I'd hoped to be further along on it, but as always, there's never enough time for personal projects. You can read more about my progress (or lack thereof) over at: [link]
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I just read the first "Wolves of Odin" tonight, and can't wait for more. I really look forward to meeting this character! 
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I really adore the outfits you give your female characters. They're sexy, but also very cleverly deigned and fashionable looking. At pragmatic for their situations (assuming temperature isn't an object, because of magic or whatever).
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Loving this!
nejo233's avatar
luv this 1...simply awesome :)
parsnip39's avatar
absolutely amazing!!!! The colors are so vibrant!!!
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Wow! I love the colours! So rich...
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Very cool work! :clap:
"There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live and too rare to die.”- Raoul Duke (“Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas”, 1998)
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I am your fan Man! Great colors and composition!
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It dawned on me that that skull she's holding looks incredibly familiar. I have a theory that this was included to be purposefully indicative of the sequel's plot...
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I noticed that too. The witch head coupled with the wolf sidekick suggests that this woman will be an antagonist. Maybe that head is from Bergthora's mother.
GarbageChuteFlyboy's avatar
I figured the head was Bergthora's herself. Granted I'm not up to date with where he is right now in getting the sequel made, I remember seeing stuff a while ago that implied it would take place many years later and that Bergthora & Tyr's daughter would be a main character.
LizzyChrome's avatar
What?! THAT's news to me...

I wonder if I've been mistaking the daughter for Berg in some of Grant Gould's art!
GarbageChuteFlyboy's avatar
My understanding is that this-… is the daughter.

The last update I saw for WoO was the Issue 2 promo he put up last April that featured a completely different character, so I don't know what's become of that character. For all I know Grant might go in a completely different direction.
LizzyChrome's avatar
Wow. I've been assuming it was Bergthora this whole time. 
GarbageChuteFlyboy's avatar
The resemblance is close for sure, and we haven't gotten a whole lot of story details so it's not a stretch by any means.
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Awesome work here
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Wolfof Odin? You mean the great wolf Fenrir? The one who ate Odin himself in the mythology!??!!
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dude! thats soo awesome! you gotta make this book
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Doooooooood, that's nice :)
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Awesome as always, amigo!

I hope you find some time to dedicate to the book!
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GRANT! That thigh is HOT!
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Thigh'm glad you like it, Timbo. ;)
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