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11"x14" commission -- drawn with brush pen, then colored digitally in Photoshop.

The Inhumanoids were some crazy monster cartoon characters from the '80s -- Check it out!
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Before climate change and global warming ... there was pollution! 
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I really wish Hasbro would revive this show. With movies like Pacific Rim and shows like Attack on Titan, Hasbro could benefit a lot with a renewed toyline and show.
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I used to watch this show along with Visionaries when I was a very young kid... '80s cartoons are the best and you did an awesome tribute! :icongreatjobplz:
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These guys are the true definition of evil.
I used to love that show, it was like H.P.Lovecraft for kids!
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Inhumanoids was one hardcore 80s cartoon. Definitely not the usual Saturday morning cartoon.
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Great! Also was going to draw them. There are not enough Inhumanoids-fanart. )
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Amaba esos dibujos!
yo tenia de juguete uno que era un arbol.

Excelente dibujo!

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Now this was a show that played a role in my growing awe for monsters!! The Inhumanoids and the mutores, were SWEET to say the least. Any chance Magnakor or the Redwoods would be done? Man you have inspired me to consider illustrating them my style after seeing your work! What a great Sci-Fi show or cinema this would make if written & produced correctly!

You mentioned toys, I hated the redwood toy versions in comparison to the golem like cartoon redwoods. Great execution on the illustration and I would love to see more!!
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Oh this brings back memories! Freakin' awesome!
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I love these guys, I have every episode and all the figures. Amazing job on them, especially the fine details and coloring. :D
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80s flashback and no drugs required ;)
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Great Googily Moogily I love your take on them!!!!
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Amazing! Inhumanoids was the shit!
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This is freakin' awsome!
I actually had one of these toys when I was a kid bback in the 80's!
Brings back many memories.
Excellent pic!
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OMG! Those toys were HUGE too! So awesome. Wish I still had 'em. Excellent job on them. Very cool style.
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Oh wow!

So awesome! Very cool piece!

FYI - I have a fan art account specifically for Inhumanoids - [link]

There's a couple pieces already posted and an interview I got to have with the Inhumanoids writer and producer, Flint Dille. This would be a most welcome addition! Drop me a line sometime! :)

Again - OUTSTANDING PIECE! (Kudos too for capturing the toy-version of Metlar which I found more grotesque and scary than the cartoons)
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Hey, man -- No problem! Feel free to add my pic to your Inhumanoids gallery, just link back to my original post here. :)

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I remember them...they did not last long. The idea was not child-friendly.
Cool illustration.
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Yes! I was a big fan of this show as a kid. Cool stuff. :D
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hmmm never heard of them... how old is this cartoon?
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I believe it came out in '86... somewhere around that time..
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