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Tauriel: Daughter of Mirkwood

My submission for the official "Hobbit" art contest -- features Tauriel, the new elven character (played by LOST's Evangeline Lilly). :) Voting ends Oct. 15th, 2012. Here's the link: [link]
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Love it! I have it as a wallpaper:D

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This awseome! I love the style
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I love your art style
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Amazing style!
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Utterly Amazing. She's so strong and determine :D
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She looks strong, competent and dangerous.
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Very beautiful--good job. :) She looks fantastic
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This was one of my favorites from the contest! There were so many good ones but I remember yours distinctly-- the colors and angles and everything are absolutely stunning. :) And it's cool to see another entrant here on DA!
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Can't wait to see her
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Awesome piece :D I'm dressing up as her to all the Hobbit movies :D (well, last night when I saw An Unexpected Journey I did XD)
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She's beautiful! Can't WAIT for the movie to come out!

GOD bless
John 3:16
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She looks so pretty!!!
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Beautiful colours and lineart! =)
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She looks awesome man! Love the background!
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Nooo.... It's teh Mary sue.... This is a really good art, please excuse my dislike of Tauriel.
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The best of every image in the contest!
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I love the auburn hair! You don't see that on a lot of Tolkien's elves.
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She's fabulous!
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