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Star Wars Valentine's

Some Star Wars Valentine's cards I created --

They're now posted over at -- Here's the link!
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It's so funny and so cute ! XD
Zelda12343's avatar
These are so cute! Wish i could give them to someone.
DarthLych's avatar
Step 1: find Star Wars Valentine's day cards
Step 2: find girl to give cards to
Step 3: ?????????
Step 4: profit.
NagromNoruas's avatar
i just can't resist to trey the Jawa's way on girls during conventions after this...
ScrawnJuan's avatar
Hahahah I can picture Watto saying that in my head
TahiriSunrider's avatar
More please, more! These are just too adorable and funny!
Adharmageddon's avatar
i love the Lando and Watto ones. XDD
Alex-Ghost's avatar
LOL I love the quote you used for Han Solo!
nuriaabajo's avatar
Wooow :heart: Your Watto is cute!
Tayana-Arystae's avatar
HA HA HA these are great!
ScorpionFan's avatar
JustifiedTaboo's avatar
Thats so funny! I think the Watto one is the best...
Elven-Tigeress's avatar
:heart: I want to hand them out to all my nerdy friends!!! =^_^= :heart:
AngryCookie's avatar
omigodomigod JAWA.
KianaTavers-Mereel's avatar
OMG, those are cute! *giggles at the Han one*
shalotka's avatar
:iconepicfaveplz: And I thought I was the only one to do a jawa valentine card :D
LeGnome's avatar
ahaha! lol awesome! that lifted my day! LOL love the Han and Jawa one >.<
sithlordawsome's avatar
rofl lol lol i wish i could print those and give them to my gf this valantines day.
LateRose225's avatar
xBasherx's avatar
Those. Are. Amazing. ......xD
"You and me, Utinni!" Love it! Love it!
CDS-03's avatar
:rofl: Too...funny...*dies*
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