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Star Wars Promo Card

This is the back image for a new promotional card I created, which I'll have available at Star Wars Celebration IV this May in Los Angeles. I drew the characters with pencil and ink, then scanned 'em into Photoshop and assembled/colored it there.

I'm selling the original drawings of Boba and Han over in my eBay store, if anyone's interested. :)
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killed a gredo says no words
CrabQueen777's avatar
GG... gang gang!!! 😁😁😁
flower84's avatar
wonderful work! :)
burtonfan422's avatar
Two of these coolest characters in the Star Wars galaxy together-EPIC!
bdelong2cub's avatar
Wow. I don't like art like this that much but this is awsome.
crimson-adventurer's avatar
what G stand for gay
bdelong2cub's avatar
Why is it that all of a sudden everything is gay huh?
grantgoboom's avatar
Don't be a moron.
InsanePaintStripes's avatar
I am sorry for my brother's inconsiderate comment. He is really being an idiot, and I'm talking to him.
disapprovalface's avatar
Looks awesome, especially Han!
Though I honestly can't figure out what the "G" stands for.
grantgoboom's avatar
Thanks :) The "G" is for me (Grant Gould)
PyrianAssassin's avatar
you got a Luke?


Go stormtroop.
DaikiTheWolfTIC's avatar
I love you.... so much
Favninthedirewolf's avatar
NICE looking Han Solo...
gojiramusume's avatar
that last comment was kind of weird. is he trolling or does he not know what playing cards look like? xD
joshuarichard's avatar
how do han and boba go to the BATHROOM? i mean seriously, you could make it just han solo.
ThePurityOfEvil's avatar
This was tattooed onto my left arm a couple of days ago (I kid you not). I love it that much. Thank you for something so awesome. :excited:
grantgoboom's avatar
Very cool! :) You should email me a photo of that tat - I'd love to see it. grantgoboom at gmail
ThePurityOfEvil's avatar
I finally remembered to send one today. Hopefully it doesn't hit your spam folder.
ThePurityOfEvil's avatar
No problemo! I'll get someone to take a proper photo of it once it's healed. =D
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