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Star Wars Galaxy 5: Ahsoka

The latest issue of Star Wars Insider features a sneak peek at the upcoming Galaxy 5 Topps trading cards, including a look at one of my pieces for the set -- The Clone Wars' own Ahsoka Tano in cold weather gear! I've always loved it when we get to see characters in new costumes, especially ones created for ice planets (c'mon, who didn't love the Hoth outfits?), so it was a blast creating this card. My not-so-secret hope is that one day they'll either use my design in an episode, or turn it into an action figure. I could die happy then.

Image drawn with pencil and brush, then colored digitally in Photoshop.
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oh i love her so much...she is the best Star Wars can haveI think I've fainted. Love :happybounce: 

awesome work!!Clap Clap 

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I love the pose and setting!
Queen-Strange's avatar
She looks like a big, cute, cuddly bunny in the snow but at the same time looking badass!
Wingblade67's avatar
Would you kindly check this challenge?…
pete8680's avatar
Snow bunny Ahsoka :)
Lynhesis's avatar
Really nice !!
just4youzonna's avatar
I am super sorry if I bother you, but could you maybe draw Oola from star wars if you have the time?
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That's so awesome I like this better then her other snow outfit in the clone wars
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Amazing picture! That outfit looks great on her!
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no Idea who this is but awesome.
shinymewtwovsjason's avatar
I'm looking for a drawing of Ahsoka dress as Han in the millieum falcon, for a friend on fanfiction thebestoftherest
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Any type of snow gear looks absolutely ADORABLE on Ahsoka.
MelHell84's avatar
I love your style, clean , efficient , just mind blowing....
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Wau! She's going very beautiful!!
Commander-Tano's avatar
Verry good!!
Like that pose!
Master-of-Onion's avatar
very cool picture, nicely done :)
KiezaTashu's avatar
AWSOME!!! I love Ahsoka...
AndytheLemon's avatar
ooh she looks awesome
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