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SWG5 Sketch Cards: Misc.

Some of my sketch cards for Topps' Star Wars Galaxy 5 trading card set. Drawn with pencil, brush pen, and Prismacolor markers.
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Lopertyl's avatar
FINALLY! A Commander Ganch!
Kelana-ti's avatar
Awesome. Love Darth Maul and the Mandalorians. :D
JackAllenArt's avatar
i love squid head!
JediDimma001's avatar
awesome work, really nice, i always love your use of colour!
mannycartoon's avatar
I dig it do a lot with a little.

There are a few you did with yellow orange and black that are striking even though to did them for the sake of speed but they still stand out and i9t gives the illusion of detail when there isn't.

TerryTibke's avatar
Great stuff, Grant. I love these.
JediSeeker1's avatar
I think you should post that awesome Sith Witch by itself! =D
grantgoboom's avatar
You're right - I should. In fact, I'M GONNA. :)
JediSeeker1's avatar

I know this is a bit late. it got lost in all my messages. :giggle:
jimjimmyjones85's avatar
You never amaze me with what you can bring out in your marker work grant.
StungunMoy's avatar
I like the Sith Witch because she looks kind of familiar ;) -still freaking out-
grantgoboom's avatar
*poke poke poke* ;)
beckadoodles's avatar
jdurden44's avatar
bad ass jawa's Grant lol. nice work on the cards
CreationMatrix's avatar
Is that the General Madine card you mentioned during the podcast? Looks cool (and surprised.) I really dig the Sith Witch & Zuckuss. (Or is it 4-LOM? ;) )
grantgoboom's avatar
Heh, yeah...
And Zuckuss and 4-LOM do look freakishly similar. 4-LOM is a little more robotic, and Zuckuss is a little more buggish.
CreationMatrix's avatar
I know my SW characters... :)
That was a joke about how the figures had swapped names back in the day.
blood-dodo's avatar
I love you Shaak Ti and Darth Talon!
Glottis78's avatar
So those are the waterhoused-jawa's :D

awesome job btw on those cards
MarkRaats's avatar
Always great cards Grant....

Cheers for sharing :)
HomieBear's avatar
Wow! How many hours does this represent?
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