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LOST Season Four

Drawn with brush pen, colored in Photoshop.

Since my last two LOST prints were really cartoony and I hate 'em now, I went more photo-referencey and "serious looking" with this one. Gotta switch things up.

Jacob loves you.
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SARARAIN0's avatar
it is so adorable
kuabci's avatar
Awesome! I love how this style looks on everyone. Juliet and Locke stand out especially. But Jack wins everything.
ChibiOtakuthecat's avatar
yeaaaahhhh buddy XD
lippincottart00's avatar
season four is my least fav. but i love it
CrashBandifan3000's avatar
looks like a good video game conept art!
constanthearts's avatar
This is so awesome! I adore your style. Faving.
Lightspeed042's avatar

(That's what I used to say when the theme title plays)
Sandio's avatar
cool :) thumbs up
kaizar-x's avatar
just amazing <3
Giselle-M's avatar
Your work is being featured here: [link] :love:
shay13ruel's avatar
I really love this! They have the right look... like they dont look off at ALL! So lovely!
WhiteSaberOmega's avatar
One of my favorite shows. Did you do this with a tablet?
grantgoboom's avatar
Nope, just drew it by hand, then scanned it in and colored it in Photoshop.
WhiteSaberOmega's avatar
Sorry, i meant: Did you color it using a tablet?
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Nope, I still use a mouse for coloring. One of these days I'll join the Cintiq revolution though, hopefully... :)
bones-for-you-maybe's avatar
^^is the blonde woman not claire??
aweesome....DESMONDO FTW!
JunoX-Reborn's avatar
Grand Theft Auto style lol
alwaysdaydreaming's avatar
AironRain's avatar
Excellent, very nice ^^ I like it your style :D
diamond1122's avatar
Haha! Ben is so creepy! You capture his creepiness well...
squadalah's avatar
dang you made ben look decent
simpleCOMICS's avatar
You're artwork has been featured on a LOST: Tribute news article [link] along with many other talented LOST fans!

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