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Harry Potter Pic

Drawn with brush pen & colored in Photoshop.
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© 2007 - 2021 grantgoboom
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Always a fan of your work.
BungeeArms's avatar
hahaha, man what i love the most about this is Voldemorts facial expression!
Nicky-the-dragoness's avatar
wow! this is really cool! :la: I love that style.
I love how Lord Voldemort looks there. and that glow, I love it. I love this style, once again! :la: :meow:
Demodocus's avatar
This would make a great poster! There is a contest that you might be interested in if your are thinking about more Harry Potter posters called Harry Potter: The Musical which is going on right now. [link]
axelalonso's avatar
hahaha! :XD: Nice toon work! Really dig Voldemort´s face exp..! :+fav:
dracothan's avatar
Voldie looks super pissed off.
DragonStrider's avatar
Man your style is amazing just and simply amazing the faces are so 1on1 yet sooo cool and they are a bit cartoony this is sooo AWESOME keep it up:D
Master-Kankuro's avatar
That can be a coool cover for a book or CD or something else!!!
Caedesdeo's avatar
I love the Voldemort's raised eyebrowless eyebrow. Somehow, it just wins.

And the trio look awesome
zsoly's avatar
Who will win in the end. It's obvious. I want to read that book so much...
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I like your drawing. Harry looks like someone, who is seventeen, not like a "My artist draw me like 12, because this here is supposed to be a book for childern, so I cannot age"-genderless thing
Ellocobruja's avatar
You are sooooo talented!
flyingkittie's avatar
Voldy looks REALLY good. Great job!
darklightartist's avatar
XD this is an awsome piece. though, when i first saw it, it looked like a starwars scene. darth vader over head, and harry, hermiony, and ron ready to take the dark force down with their lightsabers. :D that'd be awsome to see. *goes to draw*
KildGeek's avatar
This piece is great. I love the cartoonish way you've portrayed the characters and how is so much different from the usual Harry Potter fan art you see out there. It's refreshing really. I like Hermione, she looks so fierce. :) Although, I must point out that Harry has green eyes and that the Death Eaters don't have skull faces (neither do Dementors - if that's what you were going for). Their faces are hidden. But other than that, very amazing piece.
RiftDoggy's avatar
This is really just stupendous...I need to look through your gallery!
Zaemura's avatar
O m g... Soooo wow!!!!

EatToast's avatar
i love those death eaters. great job
SouthernRose's avatar
Hermione's expression looks a little off to me, but it's still fantastic!!
escaflowne006's avatar
Awesome as your whole gallery :+favlove:
Ivegotnoo's avatar
Harry Potter !
Jehaw , great !
Mo8's avatar
Hmm, I dunno. I like the brown w/ the bluish glow in this version but I liked Harry a little more in the last one. Can't decide...
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