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As some of you know, ElfQuest is one of my all-time favorite series, and such a huge influence. The "original quest" storyline from the '70s & '80s is *the thing* that got me into comics.
P.S. It's now collected in one awesome trade:…

I've always wanted to draw some Kahvi fan art. She was one of my major EQ crushes. Tough, snarky, winter-warriory bad-ass chief of the Go-backs –– what's not to love?
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Oh, I remember this character! Well rendered, sir!
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Kahvi was one of my favourites too! I love your depiction of her!
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Glad to see something new from you, Grant! Nice work!
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Thanks, man! Yeah, I need to get better about posting stuff to DA. I post over at my art instagram fairly often ( ), but DA is sometimes neglected.
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Oh, cool. Thanks!
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I haven't read Elfquest in years! I need to go buy some of those books immediately.
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beautiful. Love your style.
New Elfquest are being published now. Go check out for the info
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Oh, I know. I've been reading every issue! :) EQ fan for life!
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Great job. I have a bunch of Elfquest comic books from the 80's. Great stories and fantastic artwork in them.
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I used to own this series.... even played the table top RPG.... loved this story! Great pic btw...
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Wow! I haven't looked at an Elfquest character in ages. It's sad they never animated any of it. Thanks for memory.
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This is fantastic. I remember them well, such distinct and memorable characters.
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