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Dr. Who and Rose

I drew this after getting hooked on the new Dr. Who series.
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This has been picked as Aura's favourite pic of the week in the =doctorwhoclub's journal!
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Cool! Thank ya :)
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great series !
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I really like the way you drew Rose... she looks really, I don't know, real I suppose. I liked her with long hair and a hoodie.
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Well, would you look at that - your art's been included in the [DOCTOR WHO] issue of Hidden Gems of Fan Art! :[)
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I love Doctor Who! Great job!
I forgot to mention that I loved the way you did the Daleks in the background mainly because I am a Dalek fanboy.
I bought this Lithograph from you at Celebration IV and I love it I just wish you had the other one I saw of series 3 at CIV but you didn't do it yet all well but still one of the smartest investments i've ever made.
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Hey thanks :)
If you're gonna be at any shows I'm doing in the future (Chicago, Minnesota, or San Diego), let me know and I'll be sure to bring a season 3 one for ya!
I love this! Awesome art!
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If I might... Fantastic!
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I like the Doctor's trademark big eyes.
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:jawdrop: Love that show!!! ha ha!!
This is the David Tennant Dr. Who, and not the Christopher Eccleston Dr. Who....... right?

Rose is perfectly Rose :worship:

Love this!

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great likeness :D
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urgh rose... but yay fanart of doctor who! and yay daleks! Even if they are sometimes giant hippies now <3
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great colours used and it works very well! :)
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Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome!
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Hoooly schmoly. This is an awesome version of the Doctor.
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love the cyberman!
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Ah, Rose.... I was hooked.
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