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Daenerys Stormborn

"Game of Thrones"/A Song of Ice and Fire fan art.
Drawn with pencil & brush pen, then colored digitally in Photoshop.


Characters © George R.R. Martin & HBO
Art by Grant Gould
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© 2011 - 2021 grantgoboom
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powerful image of a strong woman.
And the posing is nice to hide most of the dragon's bodies so not to distract too much from the whole group.
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Danyyyyy <3

Fave character by far, can't wait for the second season. Must read books. :3
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I don't remember her wearing those clothes in the last ep! Love it, dude! I think her and the half-man are my favorite characters so far.
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Yeah, this isn't supposed to be that last scene -- this is more "book 2/season 2" Dany. :)
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Damn right. This is a fantastic idea of what she would look like. Nice job, Ser.
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So amazing. I love her outfit and her eyes/lips.
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Love it!! She is so lovely and the dragons look great!! :rose:
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loved this series, can´t wait to see season 2!

great fan art too!
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Gorgeous take on the character, Grant!
"Man, you come right out of a comic book."- Williams ("Enter the Dragon", 1973)
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Your artwork is truly amazing. Just curious, do you use some kind of hue/saturation effect to achieve that perfect tone to all your colours? Love your work!
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Thanks! I use all sorts of Photoshop trickery -- I play with hues & saturations & color adjustments & photo filters & duotones & pretty much everything. I tend to play around and experiment a lot and just give in to happy accidents.
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Well whatever you're doing it works! I'll have to try some things out. Thanks for the info.
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Nice job, I knew who it was meant to be immediately. Good series, makes me want to read the books.
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Wait...she was naked in the show.
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This isn't the scene you're talking about. It's just Dany with her dragons, around the time of book 2.
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