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If Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars had a baby, this is what it might look like... : P

Drawn with brush pen, then scanned into Photoshop and colored digitally.
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This is amazing! Love your gallery overall. I collect Fett/Leia fan art on my tumblr, and I hope you don't mind that I put this on there with a link to your profile. 
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Lol, now that is cool.
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Wow. Two mysterious and creepy bad-asses thrown together to create an Uber-badass.

Quite Literally Perfect!
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What a great piece of work!! Love the concept of Cylon Fett. :)
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my god, i never thought bobba fett could look more bad-ass or leia look sexier but youve gone and proven me wrong
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Hmmm, a set of Mandalorian Beskar armor over a Cylon Centurion exo-skeleton. ME LIKE!
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Ohhh, so funny! Love it :D
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Cool hybrid idea!
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Superb pic! Great mashup of Shows!
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By your command.

All this art is like a gold mine.

You blend the styles together well.
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its a combanation of two subjects one of them sucking ie stawwars and one good battlestare
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Battlestar was amazing, but Star Wars isn't bad. Combining them is just hilarious!
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If you say so I really don't know why we are talking about this
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Nor do I, I was just really bored. XD
Sorry for bothering you.
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haha. So in other words if there was a cylon/star wars hybrid, this is what it would look like? <---- NERD ALERT!

This looks sweet man. It's like it was meant to be.
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love the cylon fett, perfect blending of concepts!
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The Cylon is the coolest freaking thing I've ever seen. Seriously.
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Best. Cross-overy thing. EVER
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Oh too cool!!!! LMAO
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