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BSG Helo C2E2 2011 Print

Battlestar Galactica: Helo 11x17 print created for the 2011 C2E2 show.
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He's gorgeous!! Love the coloring and his posture! Kudos!
Igor-Son-Of-Gondor's avatar
musicsolvesall's avatar
AHHHH!!! HELO!!!! This is an amazing work of art!!!!
RickCelis's avatar
Fantastic!! Great!! So say we all, man! so say we all!!!
aquafyrefly's avatar
frakin toaster lover! i <3 it!
THEgurlONfire's avatar
0-VelvetGeisha-0's avatar
wow! I acctually know this guy...mind if i send him a link to this picture?
grantgoboom's avatar
Please do! :) Tahmoh rocks.
0-VelvetGeisha-0's avatar
I sent him the link and he think it is great :) he said he thought he might have met you at a Con...

yeah he is great :)
grantgoboom's avatar
Yep, I met Tahmoh at C2E2 in Chicago earlier this year. :) I actually gave him a copy of this print!
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Axechucker's avatar
I think this is your best. After looking at basically everything.

Awesome job.
Sole-Storyteller's avatar
My favorite character from the series. Great job!
starkelstar's avatar
You got him spot on - great work
CW-ARCtrooperTank's avatar
((omg i love battlestar galactica next you should do star buck or apolo maybe even boomer))
pinkpheasant's avatar
Helo! Go you good thing. <333
mikemaihack's avatar
violetmage's avatar
Helo is one of my favorite characters on BSG! I think you've certainly done justice to him here; I really like all of the greens!
IcemanJD's avatar
I like it!!! Now you just need to make it to a Michigan show!
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She-had-a-name's avatar
Mmm...Helo :love:

Amazing work as always.
Damon1984's avatar
Awesome! Great likeness =)
WoodyDotNet's avatar
Excellent likeness! Helo was my hero. :)
MarkRaats's avatar
Yeehaaaaaaaaa!! Lovely piece Grant!
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