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Avatar: Daughter of Pandora

Personal Commission --
The guy wanted me to create a new female Na'vi character (based on the movie Avatar, obviously). It was drawn with pencil and brush pen, then colored digitally in Photoshop.
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MBO13thXundergroundX's avatar
Absolutely wonderful picture, very well done...:) (Smile) 
leocat777's avatar
perfect balance of sexy and beautiful and perfect :3
AngelsKarith's avatar
love it even better then the actual ones from the movie!
kudoze's avatar
love the colors! great job!!
Estonius's avatar
randsaw666's avatar
hot... cough... i mean nice picture
Gautheir-Gallie's avatar
I don't know why, but this pic reminds me of tombraider.
awesomenessofcool's avatar
really cool looking =D
chrisanthumum's avatar
lovely i like the lighting and colors very nice work!
WickedPrince's avatar
She's beautiful. :)
KaijuDuke's avatar
Very sexy work, good job :D
Keatsune's avatar
Reptillicus's avatar
you should give her a name
Grigori77's avatar
Wow ... :love: and I thought Neytiri was a hotty ...
Jasminator's avatar
Wow. Awesome design :)
Trippex's avatar
I love her. So amazing!
Rivetheart's avatar
i think this is one of the best pieces of avatar fan art i have seen!! brilliant job-i love the colors and her attitude! she's all "yeah, im hot and im sure i could kick the crap out of you." hehehe awesome
DragonStrider's avatar
Scary in a good way...
JasonWelcome's avatar
"Your doing it Right" Looks awesome, I can't believe how much that movie has become and instant classic to me.
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
I do believe I'm in love. :XD:
GraphRicks's avatar
Wicked sweet dude, love the background work
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