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30 Years of Elfquest



This year being the 30th anniversary of Elfquest, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share my love for the series, and draw some fan art... featuring none other than my favorite Wolfrider, Cutter, of course.. and his trusty wolf friend Nightrunner. *sniffle* When I was a kid, I always liked the little graphic that appeared in the upper left corner of the Marvel reprints, so I thought it would be a fitting homage to do my own version of it.

I first discovered Elfquest in elementary school - around 6th grade. It's the first comic I ever read and became emotionally invested in - the first set of characters that felt like friends. I idolized Wendy Pini's ability to express such intense emotion in these cartoony little elves, and even though it sounds corny now - I really think I learned a lot of life lessons from that original story arc ("the original quest," as it's called these days). I think it partially shaped who I am today - as a person, as a fanboy, and as an artist. It's had a lot of influence. If it weren't for Elfquest, there's a good chance I never would've gotten into comics.. If it weren't for Elfquest, I may never have gotten into the fantasy genre at all - and anyone that knows me knows that I'm a huuuuge fantasy geek.

Anyway, I could spend about eight more paragraphs rambling on and on about how I love Elfquest, how it's inspired me, and how I will probably break down and start crying like a baby if and when I meet Wendy & Richard Pini at this year's Comic-Con.. but instead I'll just give you some links.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary, they're putting every single issue of Elfquest online for people to read - for free! Here's the link. Issues 1 thru 10 are already up there.. If you've never read Elfquest before, I HIGHLY suggest you take an hour or two out of your life and check those out.

I would also recommend you check out a recent Fanboy Radio podcast where they interviewed Wendy Pini. I thought it was a really fun listen. In all these years of being a fan, it's the first time I'd actually heard her speak. Pretty cool.

So that's all I got.. I'm gonna stop typing now and post this before it becomes a novella.
Happy 30 Years, EQ! I LOVE YOU, MAN!! .. I love you..
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Elf Quest! Is! Awesome!

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