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Into the Wild Black Yonder: Ares Mission
As part of the first Ares mission in the Into the Wild Black Yonder timeline, 16 people are sent to Mars by 1996-12-07 (December 12th, 1996) as a result of 19 years of development and up to $1.5 trillion, with collaboration from all first- and second-world spacefaring nations to accomplish the goal. 
Mission summary (underlined sections are unique components of the first Ares mission):
The mission is single-launched from the Edwards Air Force Base Massive Launch Complex on the Nova V.Aboard the mission is an international team of 4 astronauts, 3 cosmonauts, 3 taikonauts, 3 vyomnauts, and 3 spationauts; male and female, aged from their mid 20's... to John Glenn. :D (Big Grin)Trans-Martian Injection, Mars Orbit Insertion, Trans-Terran Injection, and Low Earth Orbit Insertion is all done on the back of one Transfe
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Hard analysis of Iven-Furrpaw's Old ASA Spaceships
(Refers to the contents of this folder. The link is also in the description, but I think it would be useful to "frontload" it as well.)
ASA Navigator:

1. Vents collecting solar energy? I don't think that's how things work... 
2. Regardless, if those wings were solar panels, BFR-style... hol up, lemme do a calculation: Lit surface of the top wing is approximately 71,000 m2, which with an insolation of 1,361 W/m2 and an efficiency of 70% (it is the future, after all), and assuming that the ship's position means that all the energy accumulated by all the wings approximately equals that, this would make a power of 68 MW. Extrapolating from the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship I stayed in, which housed 3,963 people at 62.4 MW, this actually seems realistic! Clap
3. As long as you're not going very close to the star, you wouldn't need a solar shield, for wh
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For Iven-Furrpaw - can Vira survive Mach 5?
People can definitely survive speeds higher than Mach 5, provided a stable environment—if that weren't the case, only 5 manned space missions would not be fatal (Mercury-Redstone 3, Mercury-Redstone 4, X-15 Flight 90, SpaceShipOne Flight 15P, and SSO Flight 17P). What matters far more is acceleration. A high-intensity roller coaster or mild orbital rocket can reach 3 g's. Typically the limit for endurance for fit humans in ~10-second intervals is 8-10 g's, which not coincidentally is what most military airframes are designed to withstand. However, Colonel Stapp demonstrated in rocket sled tests that at least certain humans can survive upwards of 46.2 g's in very brief intervals.
There have been thoughts of submerging a pilot in a (currently hypothetical) liquid breathing fluid with the same density as the body, allowing the acceleration "normal force" to be cancelled out by buoyan
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Celicia Universe: Thoughts about Skymount flight
Skymounts (a direct translation from the Classical Lodian yichanre’al, alternatively the Sky Ride People) in my universe mass 140 kg on average, which can effectively increase to 210+ kg with the addition of a rider, controls, and/or cargo. Unlike most real life “heavy fliers”, they do not have a particularly low wing loading and do not heavily rely on thermals and gliding to fly. Instead, they do so using raw power.
Potential adaptations to produce as much brake power as possible:
Just like in IRL birds, a bidirectional breathing system that allows oxygen to be absorbed both when inhaling and exhaling.Ability to inhale and exhale simultaneously, by using a “blowhole-like” bypass from the nasal palate directly to the lungs.Flight muscles intrinsically connected to those that expand the thorax during inspiration. (in a similar manner to insect flight)Proteins adapted to start denaturing at much higher temperatures, allowing survivable body temperatur
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Celicia Universe: A dubious (sub-)species
Having split off around 1 million years ago from mainline Lodians, the Arne are more evolutionarily conserved, having a thicker tail, harder, more prickly feathers, and a more prominent muzzle, among other more primitive traits. They typically live in isolated islands in the southern hemisphere as well as the yet-unnamed western continent. Fertile offspring are occasionally possible and have resulted between them—the most prominent example being Axhare "the Disturber"[1], the offspring of a Selsian mother and Arne father—but the success rate is at most only 6% of that of Lodian-Lodian pairings. Typically, the father is Arne, because of an... anatomical quirk the Arne have. These considerations—in addition to some Lodian texts describing them as "[arne]re'al" (people[2]), and others as "[arne]lod'al" (people, specifically Lodians[2])—raise questions among contacting humans on whether they should be classified a species (Levispluma arne), o
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Sapient species in my universes
Universe acronyms:
ADC: Àli Dãn Celec (Classical Lodian for the Great Land of Celicia) (formerly called the Celicia Universe (CU) until 2018-05-01, tones added 2018-10-25)IGBBT: It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (formerly called the Anarchist Alternate History (AAH) until 2018-05-12)IWKY: Into the Wild Black Yonder (formerly called the NASA Alternate History (NAH) until 2018-02-28)Humans/Homo sapiens sapiens (ADC [post-contact], IGBBT, IWKY):
Y'all pretty much know what we look like, eh?Species Profile
Strengths/weaknesses compared to... oh...Seriously? OK, here's a visual of a fine human. Giggle(Who kinda regrets being one, but ehh... Shrug)Lodians/Levispluma sapiensO
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Into the Wild Black Yonder: Atlas-LANTRtaur Specs
Main sources: Encyclopedia AstronauticaRL10 - Wikipedia (for non-fabricated stuff, of course)
Country of origin: United States
First launch: ~1978
Last launch: ~1989
# of launches: ~25
Notable payloads: ?
Element 1: Atlas SLV-3 (Note: Other versions of Atlas used, including Atlas SLV-3D, which had more powerful boosters and longer tanks with a worse dry mass fraction.)
0th/Booster stage: Atlas MA-3
Engines: 2x LR-89-5Engine type: Full gas-generator cycle kerosene-liquid oxygen (kerolox) engineMass: 3,174 kgThrust (vacuum): 1,644,960 NewtonsIsp (sea level): 256 secondsIsp (vacuum): 290 secondsBurn time: 0-165 seconds1st/Sustainer stage: Atlas SLV-3
Engines: LR-105-5, 2x LR-101-NA-15 Mod 2Engine type: Full gas-generator cycle kerosene-liquid oxygen (kerolox) enginesTank type: Balloon tank
Dry mass: 2,326 kgWet mass: 117,026 kg (1.98%
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Into the Wild Black Yonder: Nova V LV Information
The Nova V is a UHLLV (Ultra Heavy-Lift Launch Vehicle) in the Nova family of nuclear thermal orbital launch vehicles used most notably to launch the Ares manned Mars exploration missions, the ‘Oumuamua Explorer sample return and interstellar stowaway mission, and the Aphrodite manned Venus exploration (yup) missions. Development was authorized in 1983, after the first experimental US vapor-core nuclear thermal rocket test succeeded, and involved contributions from the UK, Canada, France, Italy, West Germany, Japan, China, India, Egypt, and even the USSR and its successor the CIS. The first flight was not until 1996—the same launch as the first Mars mission. Only 2 were ever made.
The vehicle is structured as a massive single-stage lifting body spaceplane with a total dry mass of ~1000 tons, heavier than even the Antonov 225 Mriya at max takeoff weight. The body is covered with refractory metal “superalloy” heat shielding made of molybdenum-tu
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Reusable, SSTO and Nuclear Launch Vehicle concepts
Note: All gross masses include payload unless said otherwise.
 Various ideas:
Falcon 9 Second Stage-derived SSTO. Country: USA. Propulsion: Kerosene fuel and liquid oxygen oxidizer (Kerolox). Gross mass: 112 metric tons. Payload mass: 600 kg. Flight method: Vertical or Horizontal Takeoff, Horizontal Landing (V/HTHL). Notes: Study for second stage to make the Falcon rocket family fully reusable BFR-style—both stages theoretically capable of Single-Stage-To-Orbit (yes, the Falcon 9 first stage is, as the BFR stages are supposed to be), first stage a booster, second stage a spaceplane. Uses extendable-nozzle Merlin 1D Block V engine. Specifications of Space Shuttle Thermal Protection System (TPS) used for calculations on reentry shielding mass.Space Shuttle External Tank-derived SSTO. Country: USA. Propulsion: Liquid hydrogen fuel and liquid oxygen oxidizer (Hydrolox). Gross mass: 760 tons. Payload mass: 18.8 tons. Flight method: Vertical Takeoff, Horizont
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My universes on the Mohs Sci-Fi Hardness Scale
My major universes, ranked on the Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness:
Blood On The Risers (BOTR; formerly called the FDR Assassination Alternate History until 2018-05-28, then Liberal Psychosis (LPsy) until 2018-10-19): 5.5 (Futurology). Alternate history with Point of Divergence (PoD) in 1932, currently mostly "uncharted" after ~1955. No counterfactual technologies as of then.Into the Wild Black Yonder (IWKY; formerly called the NASA Alternate History (NAH) until 2018-02-28): 5.5. Alternate history with PoD in 1966 March 1965, currently mostly "uncharted" after ~2000 2015. No counterfactual technologies as of then, unless Nuclear Lightbulb engin
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Enoch Phase-2 Craft and LV 2018-09-04 by GrantExploit Enoch Phase-2 Craft and LV 2018-09-04 :icongrantexploit:GrantExploit 3 0 Female Lodian Concept Art 2015-03-10 by GrantExploit Female Lodian Concept Art 2015-03-10 :icongrantexploit:GrantExploit 5 12
Celicia Universe: Lodian visual description
Lodians are covered with soft feathers and bristles rather than hair. In the Jade race, the density of this cover typically ranges from "Ainu-like" to "properly furry", whereas in the more tropical and aquatic-adapted Selsian race, it is typically far sparser. Areas of lower feather concentration include the palms and soles, the underside of the tail, the immediate genital area, and (especially in females) the chest and abdominal "brood patch" region. The Arne have rougher, harder feathers than other Lodians.
Their skin color is generally tan and has a wide range similar to humans, though "Nordic" and "Nubian" skin colors are virtually absent. In addition, they can be a burnt red (redwood color), "sickly" yellow (jaundice color), or yellow-green, the latter due to the growth of cillial photosynthetic tissue in the skin. As with other features like ear shape, nose shape, and feather distribution, skin color depends on the race and the individual.
Some areas of the body, like t
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Lodian strengths/weaknesses compared with humans
Bullet; Green Less sexual dimorphism, with an average 5% difference in height/weight, 2% difference in body fat, and with sex hormones disconnected from emotions or muscular growth, along with a built-in anti-rape mechanism.Bullet; Green Lower birth weight—made possible by greater nerve generation ability—means pregnancy and childbirth is typically not very onerous.
Bullet; Green Electrosensing ability, especially fine under water. Therefore, trained lodians can do low-precision measurements on various electromagnetic quantities without needing e.g. a separate compass or multimeter.Bullet; Green Greater access to immediate strength, with the highest instantaneous power ever recorded being ~4800 W (6.4 hp).Bullet; Green Faster sprinting, climbing, and swimming to the extent that decently fit, accultured lodi
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Celicia Species Profile: Lodians
General Information
Species Name: Lodian (Levispluma sapiens)
Pronunciation: Low-dien (I wish I knew IPA...)
Pluralization: Lodians
Pronunciation: Low-dienz
Originating Star: Haí
Originating Planet: Celicia
Preferred Climate: Humid subtropical climates
Dangerous Climate: Ice Cap (EF), Extreme Cold (EE[x]), Megathermal (H[x]), and possibly Hyper-Arid climates. (Middle two not found on Originating Planet)
Preferred Temperature Range: 68 to 95° Fahrenheit / 20 to 35° Celsius
Dangerous Temperature Range: Below 32° Fahrenheit / 0° Celsius sustained, Over 95 to 110° Fahrenheit / 35 to 43.33° Celsius sustained (varies with humidity)
Preferred Terrain: Forests, Open Woodland
Dangerous Terrain: Aquatic (L. sapiens lodia, L. sapiens arne), Ice Cap, Hyper-Arid Desert
Preferred Atmosphere:
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Species Profile: Humans
General Information
Species Name: Human (Homo sapiens)
Pronunciation: Hyoo-mun (I wish I knew IPA…)
Pluralization: Humans
Pronunciation: Hyoo-muns
Originating Star: Sol
Originating Planet: Earth
Preferred Climate: Subtropical mild-summer climates (cultural preference)
Dangerous Climate: Ice Cap (EF), Extreme Cold (EE[x]), and Megathermal (H[x]) climates (latter climates not present on Originating Planet, last starts emerging in 2100). High humidity inhibits high temperature tolerance.
Preferred Temperature Range: 68 to 90° Fahrenheit / 20 to 32.22° Celsius
Dangerous Temperature Range: Below 32° Fahrenheit / 0° Celsius sustained, Over 95 to 110° Fahrenheit / 35 to 43.33° Celsius sustained (varies with humidity)
Preferred Terrain: Savanna, Open Woodland (historical)
Dangerous Terrain: Aquatic,
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Outer-Space is the Otter-Place by Boneitis Outer-Space is the Otter-Place :iconboneitis:Boneitis 6 2
Ledgends Never Die

"Heroes are made by the path they choose,
not by the powers they are graced with."
"We all wish that we had Super Powers.
We all wish that we could do more than we can do."
~Stan Lee



Spider-man PS4 by PatrickBrown
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Rukhs of Great Lakes Earth by Jdailey1991 Rukhs of Great Lakes Earth :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 1 0 between the clouds and space by rihosk between the clouds and space :iconrihosk:rihosk 3 1 fifty shades of Norwegian nature by sHavYpus fifty shades of Norwegian nature :iconshavypus:sHavYpus 35 5 I worked on Spyro Reignited... by Lemurfeature I worked on Spyro Reignited... :iconlemurfeature:Lemurfeature 169 27 Happy Spyro Day by ZombiDJ Happy Spyro Day :iconzombidj:ZombiDJ 153 14 Dragon Design by Temiree Dragon Design :icontemiree:Temiree 72 7 Tefenet - Wardrobe Collection by ReduxBlack Tefenet - Wardrobe Collection :iconreduxblack:ReduxBlack 14 49 Out With the Older, In With the Old by Jdailey1991 Out With the Older, In With the Old :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 3 9 Old Drawings - 023 by ktou
Mature content
Old Drawings - 023 :iconktou:ktou 5 4
Hello Operator by Boneitis Hello Operator :iconboneitis:Boneitis 24 3 Swift Fox Peaceful by Jack-13 Swift Fox Peaceful :iconjack-13:Jack-13 291 7 INKTOBER5 - Chicken by synderen INKTOBER5 - Chicken :iconsynderen:synderen 232 15
Every Stan Lee Cameo Ever (RIP)
Well, with Stan Lee now gone (RIP, man), I guess the best way to honor his legacy is by sharing a video with his many cameo appearances in Marvel movies and shows (and any other film he may have appeared in). Even if his cameos were brief in most areas, he was always fun to watch and listen to, given how long he's lived on this planet and been through so many things, sharing his imagination and creativity to make our world more awesome.
Yes... he even had one in the Teen Titans Go! movie, pointing out how much he loves to make "subtle" cameos.
Out of all his cameos, my most favorite might just be the one from Spider-Man 3. Not only was it one of his longest cameos at the time, but the line he said was so inspiring and powerful, with just a few simple yet powerful chosen words. Made even more inspiring and powerful when he's talking to his greatest comic book creation: Spider-Man.
Well, at the very least, we have the next two MCU movies, Captain Marvel and <
:iconjimenopolix:JIMENOPOLIX 13 26
RIP Stan Lee by jollyjack RIP Stan Lee :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,714 215


Grant Hartlage (何格)
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Hello. I'm a young American who has advocating for Fully Furry Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism since 2016!

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BTW, I don't block people. On any social media site. This is why. So don't be afraid to tell me something. ;)

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The Great War ended 100 years ago today.

I just don't know what else to say.

All my watchers from the United States: Did you vote in the 2018 midterm elections? Just curious.
DA Complaint #2: Why the hell don't your comments on polls or collections show up on your Activity logSteaming Mad! Confused
O_o That's a coincidence: my real name (Grant Hartlage, derived from Hartlagger, meaning Great Hard Ground) directly translated into Classical Lodian[1] is Àli Sxèndãn[2]... which shares 2 words with the name of the universe Classical Lodian is being developed for, Àli Dãn Celec[3] (meaning Great Land [of] Celicia).
  1. The Lodian-originating language of the largest city on the planet.
  2. That tilde diacritic isn't for nasalization, it's for the "Fry/Waver" tone. For Lodians, this is easy. For humans, well... I guess I'm gonna have to say it very low for now. Or not—if you pronounce the syllable atonally, both my and the universe name should still be understood. I mean, why have a universe name be unpronounceable by the audience?
  3. In Romanized Classical Lodian, Celec is pronounced like "kehl-leck". In the dialect of the first contactors, it's pronounced "sell-less", which is why the Latinized name Celicia is pronounced "see-lee-see-a" despite its spelling.
</span>PS: Celicia is not to be confused with either Silesia or CiliciaGiggle


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