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TTF-Dragon Your Heels-part 1

By Granitoons
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Ye Royal part 1 of some medieval japery.

Part 2 - [link]
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Hahahaha, this is great! I can't help but hear an Ed Wynn-type voice with the King, myself.

Yeah, I get the distinct impression that the Queen's the real power here, lol!

Just curious- what kind of voice did you have in mind for Taffy? (For some reason, no particular voice comes to mind when I read him.) And since I probably won't be able recognize the name of the VA, give me an example of a famous character he's done, please.

So, is this Taffy's debut?
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GranitoonsProfessional Traditional Artist
This is the 1st strip (altough I recall you noticed the initial sketch a couple of years back) Taffy is Welsh izzen't he? (the word Taffy is an affectionate term for a Welshman) I'm thinking Rik Mayall for the voice like the fisherman's voice here - [link] in fact it was 'Grim Tales' that got me into the whole fairy tale idea. I hearily recommend it - it's hilarious and entertaining!
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Elise-LucyHobbyist General Artist
The king lives under the heels of the queen! And it is said that the women didn't have any rule in medieval times.
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Ah wow, and thus this series is off to a good start. I'd say there characters actually really work well with the older, more retro feel to them, it certainly provides that creative step.

On the first half, I find it really funny that the king is basically just reiterating the queen's statements. It does certainly make me wonder what their motivations are, for sending a knight to locate and slay a dragon. A test, perhaps? Who knows, either way they are certainly doing their jobs fancily, even to the point where a regal punt is used! If that's not elite society class then quite frankly I don't know what is!

We also get a pretty nice introduction to Taffy as well, probably one of the goofiest-looking dragons I have seen in a while. At the very least he does well to tend after his cave and thinks ahead to get food, leading me to believe he's actually somewhat wise (though a lot of his character has yet to surface so far). And of course, a classic gag at the end with that fellow knight not realizing who he is talking to.

One last thing of note, I like what you have done with your backgrounds, in particular the detailed (yet architecturally bizarre castle), and the view of the cartoony countryside.

What can I say, well done!
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GranitoonsProfessional Traditional Artist
Holy in-depth comments Batman! I did the castle seperately so that I could re-use it for future episodes. I may post up all the BGs I've done without the speech balloons or characters to see if folks can guess which episode they're from.

As for dragon-slaying. the royals are under the false impression that dragons are all evil as well as numerous. Ignorance in the 'dark ages' indeed!
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TopperHayProfessional General Artist
The Hanna-Barbera-esque quality makes me all nostalgic for the days they used to show Top Cat on the telly on a regular basis. Very well done!

Oh, and the Queen is probably my favourite character already. She doesn't take any bullspit!
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GranitoonsProfessional Traditional Artist
They still ocassionally do show ol' TC, usually about summertime. I have all me HB boxsets within easy access fortunately, as well as stacks of others stuff. Luv da kar-tewns!
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starkelstarHobbyist Digital Artist
:lol: great start , Luv the joy in Taffy's face and ace punage on the title :D

Superb backgrounds too
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I love Taffy's goofy, wide-eyed innocent expression, and Good Knights could-only-be-British simple mindedness! You rock, you HB animator, you!
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BluebottleFlyerHobbyist Digital Artist
:w00t: Cracking stuff from the off, especially the "no buts" and the dragonslayer's sheer absent-mindedness. And Taffy's just every inch how you wouldn't expect a fire-breathing dragon to be. In a good way.:) Canny elaborate backdrops too.:thumbsup:
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GranitoonsProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks - I drew the castle seperately and merged it in so I could re-use it if necessary. :)
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ChandrarajHobbyist Traditional Artist
:XD: I love the (regal) PUNT! Ya gotta be sure it's regal :XD:
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GranitoonsProfessional Traditional Artist
Sticking words like regal and royal in front of anything is stupidly funny!
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minespatchHobbyist General Artist
I love the Hanna-Barberra feel towards this. For some reason, I can't help but hear Ed Winn's voice when I'm reading the kings lines.
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JimmyCartoonistHobbyist Digital Artist
Very good comic Andy been looking forward to this comic. The knight kind of reminds me of Yosemite Sam from Looney Tunes.

Cant wait to see more.:)
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QwertyChrisHobbyist Digital Artist
Huzzah, Hoorah and Yip-Yap-Yahooey! Good to see ol' Taffy at long last! But reg: the Royal Family, I know who wears in crown there... ;P
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GranitoonsProfessional Traditional Artist
Good gag! Spin on wearing the trousers :D
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QwertyChrisHobbyist Digital Artist
Ex-actly! Yer welcome to use it if you wish since ya liked it that much 8-)
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