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                                                                        Herlloween Logo by Granitoons

The monster-a-day art challenge returns, with a feminine twist.

When it comes to our monstrous mateys, our female friends tend to get hit with the short end of the stick. Oftentimes, they end up as just regular 'sexy' human characters, with a few minor changes, while their masculine counterparts get all the variety. A little unfair? 

Male-female-orc-troll-demon-19333744 by Granitoons
Although I admit, this is pretty funny.

So, for this month-long challenge here's a list of monsters for you to give your own lady-like spin on. As with my other Hallowe'en lists, you can draw these prompts in any style, tone or medium, from cartoony to realistic, from black and white to full colour. Just make sure to remember it's ladies' night this year! Starts October the 1st.

31 Days of Bint-tacular Hallowe'en!

1 Poltergeist
1. Poltergeist by Granitoons Herlloween 1 (Poltergeist) by Thegoldengalaxyboy Her-lloween Part 1 by CowboyCrocket Poltergeist by Makatoons Her-lloween - Poltergeist by LuigiStar445 Poltergeist by LaptopGeek92 Macey-Geist by wildstar27
2 Dinosaur
2. Dinosaur by Granitoons Her-lloween - Dinosaur by LuigiStar445 Dinosaur by LaptopGeek92 MIss. Rex by wildstar27 Herlloween 2 (Dinosaur) by Thegoldengalaxyboy
3 Blemmyae
3. Blemmyae by Granitoons Her-lloween - Blemmyae by LuigiStar445 Herlloween 3 (Blemmyae) by Thegoldengalaxyboy Blemmyae  by LaptopGeek92 The Littlest Blemmyae by wildstar27
4 Canine
4. Canine by Granitoons Canine by LaptopGeek92 Her-lloween - Canine by LuigiStar445 Hellhound Jenna by wildstar27 Herlloween 4 (Canine) by Thegoldengalaxyboy
5 Feline
5. Feline by Granitoons Her-lloween - Feline by LuigiStar445 Feline by LaptopGeek92 Herlloween 5 (Feline) by Thegoldengalaxyboy Gwendolyn's Finest Moment by wildstar27
6 Reptilian
6. Reptilian by Granitoons Her-lloween - Reptilian by LuigiStar445 Lexi-zilla by wildstar27 Herlloween 6 (Reptilian) by Thegoldengalaxyboy
7 Insectile/arachnid
7. Arachnid by Granitoons Her-lloween - Insectile/Arachnid by LuigiStar445 Beware the Yellowjacket by wildstar27 Herlloween 7 (Insectile) by Thegoldengalaxyboy
8 Bigfoot
8. Bigfoot by Granitoons Mrs. Foot's New Shoes by wildstar27 Herlloween 8 (Bigfoot) by Thegoldengalaxyboy Her-lloween - Bigfoot by LuigiStar445
9 Succubus
9. Succubus by Granitoons Succubus Jeanette by wildstar27 Herlloween 9 (Succubus) by Thegoldengalaxyboy Her-lloween - Succubus by LuigiStar445
10 Hobgoblin
10. Hobgoblin by Granitoons Hob-Tammy by wildstar27 Herlloween 10 (Hobgoblin) by Thegoldengalaxyboy Her-lloween - Hobgoblin by LuigiStar445
11 Glaistig
11. Glaistig by Granitoons Galisting Morning Myst by wildstar27 Herlloween 11 (Glaistig) by Thegoldengalaxyboy Her-lloween - Glaistig by LuigiStar445
12 Sea-creature/Siren etc
12. Siren by Granitoons Sarah Sea Serpant by wildstar27 Herlloween 12 (Siren) by Thegoldengalaxyboy Her-lloween - Sea-creature by LuigiStar445
13 Harpy
13. Harpy by Granitoons Herlloween 13 (Harpy) by Thegoldengalaxyboy Harpie Luka by wildstar27 Her-lloween Part 2 by CowboyCrocket Her-lloween - Harpy by LuigiStar445
14 Griffin
14. Griffin by Granitoons Evening Griffin by wildstar27 Herlloween 14 (Griffin) by Thegoldengalaxyboy Her-lloween - Griffin by LuigiStar445
15 Mandrake
15. Mandrake by Granitoons Fee-Drake by wildstar27 Herlloween 15 (Mandrake) by Thegoldengalaxyboy Her-lloween - Mandrake by LuigiStar445
16 Ettin/Double/multi-header
16. Ettin by Granitoons Star-Head by wildstar27 Herlloween 16 (Ettin) by Thegoldengalaxyboy Her-lloween - Ettin by LuigiStar445
17 Banshee
17. Banshee by Granitoons Stelshe by wildstar27 Her-lloween - Banshee by LuigiStar445 Herlloween 17 (Banshee) by Thegoldengalaxyboy
18 Giantess
18. Giantess by Granitoons Jumbo Kelsey by wildstar27 Her-lloween - Giantess by LuigiStar445 Herlloween 18 (Giantess) by Thegoldengalaxyboy
19 Jekyll and Hyde-inspired
19 Jekyll and Hyde by Granitoons Miss. Toadette and Nurse Veranda by wildstar27
20 Cyborg
21 Jenny Greenteeth
22 Elemental Queen
23 Ogress
24 Rokurokubi
25 Baba Yaga
26 Kappa
27 Yeti
28 Frankenstein-inspired
29 Patasola
30 Ghoul
31 Free turn! (Token chap allowed)

Have fun, ladies (and gentlemen!)

2 for 1 CommissionsJust because I've had a few annoyingly timed expenses and some client issues elsewhere, I'm offering another two-for-one on all commissions for the next month.
Same deal as usual, order a full colour commission and get a black and white one for free. Just note me if you are interested.
Here are some past examples.

Spread the word if you can!
Just sticking this here by the way.


Andrew Morrice
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I draw/write cartoons and comic strips. For commission work, please note me.

Commission Info. Please click on the link for more details.

Commissions Board by Granitoons

Please note that this is a general guide only and individual quotes may vary.
I do not accept requests and I do gift art at my own discretion.
Once payment is received, allow up to a week for a finished commission.
I do not accept DA points.
NSFW on a private basis.




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