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By GranDosicua
My entry for the Humster3D "Explorer of New Worlds" challenge, a creepy sci-fi scene of a poor astronaut who didn't have luck... let's hope I have a bit more in the contest!
Full 3D scene made with 3ds Max, ZBrush, Substance Designer, Marvelous Designer, Corona Renderer, Photoshop, After Effects... even Blender played its part! A powerful arsenal indeed...

Hope you like it!
Edit: Winners announced and... First Place!! I am a dummy!
Thanks to all!
Edit 2: Daily Deviation! Now I can say I'm really happy! Woohooooo!
Again, thanks to all!!
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This is amazing! So many great paintings out there, but this one really stands out. The level of detail is incredible.

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Mind blowing detail!

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Great solitude... Great sad artwork!
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Looking for cover art for my solo album.  What would you price this? Or, something like this?
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Dead astronauts body still strapped into his seat when the ship was hit, the glass panes of the cockpit exposed to the cold unforgiving vacuum, his helmet shattered and bloodied around the sharp edges
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Wow so much softwares used but it really works, excelent scene so detail, just Amazing!
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Hmmm... very scary, but I reckon it wouldn't be possible to decompose in space. 
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Gut flora still exist, as well as whatever other bacteria exists in your body.
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reminds me of the first heavy metal movie... awesome!
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the hole in his head
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Is there a bigger version of it?
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I love this, like, really love it!
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This is what happens when you don't ask for directions.
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meth, not even once
still think drugs are a joke? 
ask this guy
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this artwork is amazing. i love this. keep up the good work.
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