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By grandmoonma
I'm sure all or most of you have heard of Equestria Daily

They are the number one site for all things MLP-FiM.

Besides Drawfriends and Fan Fiction, once or twice a week, they do a plushie compilation.
Once or twice a week, they do a customs compilation.

But there has not been a compilation of pony crafts, like my pillows, quilts/wall-hangings, and pony ornaments.

We crafters have been given a chance to have craft compilations done; thanks to Calpain.
But we have to show them that we, the pony crafters, are willing to submit out crafts and have them displayed.

I need you to comment on this, stating that you would submit your pony crafts if they would give us our own category. The more pony crafters who sign this, the better chance we have to convince them that this would be a good thing. If we don't get enough signatures, they won't do it and we will have to use the plushie and/or custom compilations like we do now.
Keep in mind that this is only for MLP-FiM crafts.
NO plushies
NO customs
NO nonpony items
Just to name a few that I have seen - and forgive me if I don't mention yours -
snow globe
phone covers

You get the idea.
so please comment here
you could name your craft if you'd like.

thank you and may our voices be heard

edit: THIS IS NOT A ONE-TIME THING, like Applejack Appreciation Day.
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Oh so this is your fault >:(

I really wish they had left sculptures in with the customs. I really don't like having my sculpts hidden in the crafts compilation. They would be better off with the other customs. Unfortunately Calpain seems to disagree.
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my crafts did not fit in with the customs, so yes, this is my 'fault' and i'm proud that we accomplished this.
a lot of us pony crafters are happy about this.
sorry you don't agree
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I just don't see what it accomplished, other than now we have to wait a lot longer to see our stuff on ED. I know a lot of my fellow sculptors agree.

At least I was able to get him to adjust the name of the craft compilation, but I really wish he'd just stick the sculpts in with the customs, and let you guys have your once a month craft club.
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I agree with you. I don't really see a pony sculpture as being a craft Craft is a catch all term but it would also catch the customs as well since they are adding sculpture to the customs. It has done EXACTLY what you said. It is over a week now between the crafts posts and in the case of people that sell on ebay it is not helping. A perfect example of this is the Slender Mane I just missed the posting time for the last crafts comp by a few hours and now it has been over a week and the auction is over before it will ever be seen on EQD. Not that EQD always helps sales, but I will never know on that one!!! So I personally agree with you on this one!
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I had a lot of people agree with me on this issue, either on my journal or they sent me a private note because they didn't want to get involved in drama, but according to Calpain, I was the only one who said anything to him about it, so he's not changing it.
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I'm out of the loop a lot because i don't check around DA or EQD much so I didn't even know about this petition until today and then saw your comment at the top. i wish i had known because i have no problem stating my mind. in fact, i gave my opinion on someone's journal and Calpain said there aren't enough sculptures submitted so they really needed to be combined. i said there are a LOT more sculptures out there than he ones they show on EQD that could fill the needed space but he didn't think so. also, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to step on your toes about the raffle. i honestly didn't even know you were holding a raffle until one of my watchers told me and by that time i already had tickets sold.
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Nobody is stepping on my toes lol. I've already sold more tickets than I expected to anyway~ Good luck with your donation pool!
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Thanks. i've only sold 20 tickets so far but a couple of people said they are waiting. it's no big deal really because even if i only have to make 2 ponies for the raffle it means that i will have to make 6 ponies in the next 2 weeks... i have been falling behind on my commissions!!
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I've got my hoodies to contribute!
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this is my 10/04 journal entry
should tell you everything you need to know
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I do pony crafts. :) Scarfs, clothes and ears.
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check out this journal link and you will know what you have to do.
looking forward to seeing your crafts on eqd

my personal advice, for what its worth;
this is an on-going thing, so don't send all your stuff at once, spread them out over time
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This would be cool (: I would definitely submit my blankets.
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here is link to my journal entry that details our success
feel free to start submitting
my personal recommendation:
don't flood them with all your stuff
they are going to keep doing this
the first craft compilation was a big success
my plan is to submit one or two things every time they have a new one
but that;s just me
not trying to tell you what to do
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Awesome, thanks! I sent them one of my blankets (: Good work by the way!
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Great job, G-Moon!! I can't believe you got onto Eqd! XD *squee*
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thanks j-man.
it was a lot of work, but well worth it
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We've never done anything with Equestria Daily, but I guess with a little more info we'd be interested in submitting our scarves and hats.
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thanks for your response
this is link (to the next journal entry) with the info you should need
Your scarves and hats are beautiful and I think more bronies would like the chance to see them.
my personal suggestion:
this craft compilation is going to keep happening. I would not try to enter everything at once. Submit one, maybe two, and then wait until after they have it and submit another, and so on.
I hope all this helps. let me know if you have more questions.
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I'd submit my crafts.

I do scrapbook stuff. C:
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MLP-FIM scrapbook stuff?
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Yeah scrapbook dolls and pictures.
Its a bit odd, I haven't seen anyone else do it.
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this is the link with more info about submitting
nice work - those are cute
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I'd be willing to submit my pony papercrafts, especially since it'll give the designers more attention that they most certainly deserve!
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