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Hydrus: Hello everybody~! Hydrus here, And I do have a bit of news for you all~... We have the match ups for Round Two ready! I apologize for the long delay, but there has been a few tough issues going on...
Like one of them is one of our fabulous judges leaving us.. I do hope they'll return sometime.. So for now, We won't be having evilgman64 and Rhed Payj here... See you you two! It was a pleasure having you here!
Another thing... SHADOWFAN996 has left for a month... Important places to be, with non wifi there, so I have heard. So we won't be seening another judge for a month... So it's only me and FlameoftheDark here, I suppose.. Tsk, unless Sparky and Ghostly are somewhere around...

One last thing before we begin though! Our special guests.. Yes them. I suppose you had accounted at least one of them in your last battle!... Wait, some of you haven't? Oh ignore me then. Ahem! Back on track... So. Some of the special guests are moving places, pluuuus... Ghostly has planned a iiiinsy little surprise for you all round two battlers.
But first, let's see who has moved, shall we?

:bulletorange: Peter – Underwater
:bulletblue: Ryan – Western Town
:bulletblack: Danniel – Magical Art Museum
:bulletred: Devin – Hall of Mirrors

:bulletyellow: Kayle – Circus Tent

So now you lot have got that, shall we reveal the surprise? Oh yes, I know, it'll be a bit long, but, ahem! Ghostly requested me to tell you lot all this.. Now lets see... What did he put?... Oh right.. *clears throat *

“Aright now our little guests have been moved/are moving to new destinations.

Like last time, you CAN help them. However this time, you are allowed to recruit them as well. They need someone to get them to their destination(s). They're not going to make it on their own, trust me. Ghostly will make sure of that. So! If you decide to recruit them, they can be of slight assistance. Think of it as a little prize for completing Round 1. However, each one has a downside. But I think you'll agree, that they can be well worth it.

Here is what they can do to help you:

:bulletblack: Danniel may be small, but if your opponent plans a sneak attack, he could be an excellent extra pair of eyes to warn you. The downside is mainly the fact that he is small, but hey, easy transportation right?

:bulletblack: Peter will have the same influence, he may not be able to see, but all of his other senses are heightened to a pretty strong degree. Downside is that he's sickly. If used something must happen to him, panic attack, asthma attack, anything you can think of. In which case Sparky will swoop in and assist him until the completion of the battle. You may continue to recruit him afterwards.

:bulletblack: Ryan can allow you one free block from such a sneak attack, however he will have to be rendered unconscious after that. However, you may have your character come back to him after the match and use him again in the next round.

:bulletblack: Devin will be looking for someone as well, therefore can be used as a tag-along recruit as well. His senses are strong, his endurance allows you two blocks. But his insanity could cost your character some injury (Depending on how you want the story to go) he is also allowed to have one blow to your opponent at any time during the battle (Use it to help heighten your story if you'd like) he'll want to do it again however, but you must prevent him from doing so. The first one could be hefty enough.

:bulletblack: Kayllee unfortunately is NOT allowed to be used as a tag-along, she is here to distract any and ALL competitors from winning the round. She is on no ones side, (beside Ghostly's) and is only to be used as an obstacle, not a benefit.”

I presume SHADOWFAN996 was the one speaking here.. unless it was Sparky... But it's nice and descriptive, so. That helps~!

Anyway! Moving on~!

The match ups! First of all though, congratulations to all those who completed their battle, all of it was excellent! The judging was a REAL pain in the butt to do because of that... But it's over and done with, luckily.... And just in time too! We were so short on time... Anyway... Also a huuuuge congratulations to the next fighters of round two! Please welcome yourself to your new oppentents and battle areas, ladies and gentlemen, for I give you...



Bakuda - Tournament entry by Bakuda-SonBakuda VS. Blood Panthera Blood Pantera GMT profile sheet by dantesdisciple9

:bulletblue: Underwater

Don't worry boys, you won't drown in this arena.... We have all the gadgets you need that will supply your air while under the waves~. Oh, and why you are down there, why not check out the underwater dome? I'm sure it has all rides and stuff in it... After all, why would Ghostly leave a dome like this without nothing in it?... He is a bit bonkers like that, anyway...
What's this?... There's a child there as well, who looks.. A little lost. Poor boy.  Will one of you, kindly help him out of this mess? Unless, you don't wish too and would like to recruit him to help fight instead...

SPECIAL GUEST [OPTIONAL APPEARANCE, RECRUITMENT]: Peter (the orange one) GMT: Enter Peter and Ryan
“Step right up! One and all!!” Bellowed an unusual looking mobian. His skin was all black and had large yellow pupil-less eyes, he wore a red and black suit with a large pattern stripped bow tie. He was standing in front of a sheeted table with three cards placed on top of it.
“Test the speed of your eyes to keep track of the Ace of hearts!”
A young boy, walked up to the table, he looked straight ahead and his eyes were a pale gray, "Excuse me sir. What exactly do you have to do?"
The black creature looked at the boy curiously, "Well, you just have to keep track of one card while I move them around across the table. The ace of hearts starts off on the far left, and it ends up wherever I shuffle it to. Simple. Would you care to give it a try?"
The young boy nodded, "I probably won't be any good, but it sounds fun."
"Excellent!" the man exclaimed. "I'll go extra easy on you since it sounds like this is your first time.. Here we go!" he slid the cards across the ta


GMT Tourney Submission: Inmate# 4065 by scoutscampfiresongInmate #4065 vs Tachalla Tachalla GMT competitor profileName: Tachalla
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Anti-mobian Bat
Alignment: neutral
Description: Tachalla is a bat with green fur with a white stripe running down from the back of his head to his tail. He isn’t tall by mobian standards, he’s the same size as Tails. He wears a green poncho which stops just above his waist, and wears a black t-shirt with unrestricting jeans. He also doesn’t wear shoes.
Personality: Tachalla is calm, polite and treats people with respect. Even during fights he respects his opponents unless the fight is personal
Powers/abilities/weapons: Tachalla is adept in the use of a bo staff, and is a deadly foe when he uses one. When not using a staff, he can easily take down his foes with an anti-mobian style of martial arts which mainly focuses on grappling and choking out opponents, but allows the user to beat their opponents into submission if need be. Tachalla also has a minor resistance to telepathy.
Tachalla is an expert when it comes to parkour

:bulletpurple: Magical Art Museum

Ah, this'll be a pretty interesting battle to see~! You two get to fight in this huuuge museum... With all it's many arty pictures! What fun! You get to leap around in them, fight in them, watch in them or even anything that your mind thinks of in them~... Oh, and try not to break anything, even in the picture.. I think Ghostly would go a little... Mad about it. They must of cost a lot anyway... … Oooh, very well. You have my permission – you can break a feeeew things... Just not to much. Okay?
Another person? He seems a bit lost as well... Ah. Must be because of his small size. A pity, I say!  You lot, go help him out.. Unless, you wish to recruit him!


updated GMT competitor profile: Zojen by Zojen Zojen vs Pointsettia GMT Competitors Profile: Pointsettia by Pointsettia

:bulletwhite: GMP's Hall of Mirrors

Looks like this one is going to be a bit tricky in this area! So many mirrors, you wouldn't be able to count! Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors, the place that certainly does like to muck up your looks in many mirrors... This house of mirrors is said to be pretty long and large, PLUS very complex, so says Ghostly. I don't seem to mind, but huh, I'm a God... So it wouldn’t affect me...! Sorry about that, you two...
And to double up the trickery in this, we have ANOTHER guest in here!... One of the insanes, I think.. My, aren't you lot going to have fun in there... Just be a bit careful, okay? I can tell this could get bad – do not dis a God's ideas~!



:thumb340740553: Bloodshed vs Dakuba   Dakuba - Tournament entry by Bakuda-Son

:bulletblack: Dark Realm

Riiight after I got back from there, this comes up. Oh excellent. Ghostly, why on Athenia, are you so mind baffling?... No wonder he's called Ghostly MINDswipe~~~! Pft, that was so cheesy. Anyway... So you poor competitors are going to my most feared place on my own planet: The Dark Realm... Now now, don't get your fur in a twist, Soulless seems to not be there right now, which is good news. But there is still workers there, who will be busy working away... Like Ghostly has said once before, please do NOT go near the Kitchen. Other rooms are fine, even the throne room. I shall be teleporting you two by the gates, or maybe down after the stairs, by the way.
Now... You may ask, why was I down there, and not here on Mobius?.. The answer is, I was getting another guest ready. Who was going to stay in that area. Just be warned, he'll be watching you at all times... Maybe he might do something else!

SPECIAL GUEST [OPTIONAL APPEARANCE (Non recruitment)]: Bloodshed the Devil GMT - Rise of the Devil! - Enter Bloodshed
The faintly fire lit, twisted and heated hallway seemed to relax his mind. Too much stuff was going on within the few months... No. It wasn't months, but just a few days! Though you couldn't blame himself having thoughts about it – how would you like it if the god of your own planet whisked away one of your best friends for some pitiful contest that made two other people (who were aliens to you; yes, ALIENS) fight against each other?
“Well, well.. Here we go.. Right, were was I going again? Oh yes..”
He murmured thoughts out loud, turning to his left, and continuing his own little circuit down too his office. Clouded minded, his eyes glanced down the corridor, missing the screaming sensation that echoed down the hallways of the Athenian Dark Realam, his own home. Oh, how he did wish Control was there! His Co-worker always seemed to kill a bit too much, yet that was the pleasure of being a worker for the hell of your own home planet.


So there we go! All information for your battle has been said~! I shall be getting up something shortly to tell how all the Older Special guests got into their new place, just to help. Shhh, don't tell Ghostly this, I've been watching his actions~...  Only for the safety!

Before I got though, you all need a round due in date, right? Well.. Lets just say...

JULY 31TH 11:59PM, PST.

I shall give an extension if needed, though, but that shall be decided near due date.
Now, Go and get on with those round battles~!

Have a good day~!
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Bakuda-Son Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013

I will need an extension, my work isn't going well. :(

FlameoftheDark Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's fine. I shall be writing one up soon, if I get my arse in gear~
Latest time will be tomorrow for the journal containing the information about the extension~ Just continue your round like normal~ ow<
Pointsettia Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I JUST realized something.

FlameoftheDark Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
... I just did too, now that I checked. omo

Good luck ageist those males, if you make it through round 2~ XD
And good luck in this round too! :giggle:
Pointsettia Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol thanks!

Pointsettia: I'm definitely gonna give it my all, and show these little boys who's really the boss!
Shadzerios Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see that I have lost. I would have the pride to lose on the second round but in the first round? Wild can be sad about this for a while. No worries! He will get over it in time. He is still young and much to learn about his powers that will be needed to get stronger.

Hey Bakuda! Win the next round for me and Wild! Both of us will be cheering for you!:w00t:
scoutscampfiresong Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
Still trying to submit my round 2, but not accepted yet. Gues I'll wait a little more.
Blitzthemegahedgehog Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dammit I lost >3< oh well, I tip my hat to you Zojen ^^ but don't be upset if I root for MetroZero
scoutscampfiresong Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
This'll be interesting indeed.
Bakuda-Son Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
This will be interesting. Especially Dakuda's. His opponent can control an opponent by their shadow? He IS a Shadow. Henceforth, he doesn't have one himself.
FlameoftheDark Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe you'd like to warn your opponent of that, in case they make the mistake of making Dakuba having a shadow~~ :giggle:
Bakuda-Son Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
True. It is kind of hard to put the 'entire' backstory of a character on that card we were given. XD
Zojen Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
0.0 poor Tachalla XDDD
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