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[UPDATE: 02/18/15]: Extension Journal added, the timer is also changed here below as well.

[UPDATE: 12/26/14]: Round Three Match-Ups have been posted. The countdown timer has been updated as well.

The end of Round Three Countdown [CLICK HERE]


Alright, SHADOWFAN996 here. I want this group to have as many members as possible.

Here's the Group Chat Room:… [Currently Offline]

The tournament has finally begun!t.

You can still enter as a spectator:
By doing so, you'll be able to participate in contests that take place alongside the tournament!

Grand Mobius Tournament Rules:
:bulletred:No god-moding (Being unbeatable)
:bulletorange:Keep a balance of strengths and weaknesses
:bulletyellow:Don't make characters have to many powers
:bulletgreen:Entries can either be a comic, written literature, Splash Pages, or animation
:bulletblue:Drawn entries can be digital or traditional
:bulletpurple:Have fun!

Aside from the tournaments, you can also submit regular pictures of your FCs or OCs.

~No porn or nudity
~No bashing on other peoples characters
~No Sonic hate art
~No recolors
~Submit pictures/stories to the right folders

That's pretty much it for right now. Rules will be added if needed. But for now, please join, tell others to join as well, and have fun!



Gallery Folders

Announcement From Ghostly by GrandMobiusTourneys
GMT Profile Sheet: Rhed Payj by evilgman64
GMT Profile sheet: Sparky by SHADOWFAN996
GMT Profile Sheet: Rhed Payj by evilgman64
GMT Judge profile: Hydrus by FlameoftheDark
GMT Profile sheet: Sparky by SHADOWFAN996
GMT Profile sheet: Ghostly by SHADOWFAN996
Spectator - Kyuubi by Bakuda-Son
Caitlin Stryfer GMT spectator by dantesdisciple9
GMT Spectator Profile: Kune by Nikko62
GMT Profile sheet Spectator by SHADOWFAN996
Tournament Auditions

Mature Content

Round One
GMT Round 1 by dantesdisciple9
Round Two
GMT round 2 blood vs bakuda by dantesdisciple9

Mature Content

Round Three

Mature Content

Yami by Sir-Duke01
Durak by Sir-Duke01
Future Sonic by Sir-Duke01
Amy by Sir-Duke01
Misery by Sir-Duke01
Reptiles and Aquatic
SotW: Please, don't get on my bad side... by FlameoftheDark
Demon Duke by Sir-Duke01
Shelby by Sir-Duke01
Future Rouge by Sir-Duke01
Toonia by Sir-Duke01
Kat-Rina by Sir-Duke01
Just Like Your Fathers by Sir-Duke01
Symphony by Sir-Duke01
Hannah by Sir-Duke01
Chao by Sir-Duke01
A.P.L.I.R. by Sir-Duke01
Official Characters
Fic Pic - Alone by Bakuda-Son
Human Cross-overs
Jake Ghost as a human by SHADOWFAN996
GMT:  Enter Danniel Hormiga the Ant by SHADOWFAN996
Character Profiles
Jannet by Sir-Duke01
Icons and Logos
In the Heart of the Dragon by Bakuda-Son






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Recent Journal Entries

Extension by GrandMobiusTourneys

Sparky: [Hello competitors. Sparky again.]

[So, as you guys can assume by the title, not everyone has submitted an entry for round three yet.]

[Therefore, we're going to extend the deadline another two weeks. MARCH 1st]

[You guys haven't run into Ghosly yet, have you? No? Oh, heh heh. Alright. Just thought I'd ask..]

[Uh, well that's pretty much all for now. Good luck getting those emeralds back guys!]



Alright, you heard tha' little dragon. Like for our other two rounds, you all get another extension for rounds

You can view the timer HERE to see how long you have, hours and minute wise.

We're pretty set on this deadline though guys, so there may not be another extension for this round. If you've lost interest due to our slightly dis-functional team, we understand. But please at least notify us so we know, we're simply assuming that everyone is still interested and are working on their entries.

I will put a mention to all three competitors so that it hopefully pop up in their 'mentions' notifications section...thingy, just as a second reminder. Sorry for the spam in advanced ^^'

:iconbakuda-son: [1/2 entries done]
:iconpointsettia: [N/A]
:iconzojen: [N/A]
More Journal Entries

Group Info

A typical day for you begins. You wake up, and begin your day as you typically do. However sometime during your day, one of four people show up (Sparky, Hydrus, Rhed Payj, or Ghostly)

Your character is challenged to a battle of strength and wits and engage into combat with you.

Or they may ask you quizzical questions to test your intelligence, generosity, etc...

This ends with either Hydrus, Sparky, Rhed Payj, or Ghostly placing a gold bracelet with a marble engraved design on your arm and say that you have passed the trail. you are then suddenly warped to what appears to be an old, worn down amusement park.

However, it does not look abandoned, because the lights are on and bright, rides active, tons of different themes in a variety of places, and there is a group of people gathering in front of a stage.

Ghostly stands center stage and begins to explain to everyone the situation...

Read the "Let the Auditions begin!!" Journal for the rest and for more details.

This is a group made for Sonic OC and FC characters. It was made to host tournaments where the victors FCs/OCs receive many rewards such as power, knowledge, strength and so on. (the victors themselves gain points, drawings and possibly even money as reward) This group will need time to develop however.

So if you decide to join this group, please find ways to help make this group known. Tell people about the group and ask them to join in if they're interested. We want this group to sky rocket, and to be seen as the ultimate sonic tournament group holder in the world.
Founded 7 Years ago
Aug 13, 2012


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Sonic, OC/FC, Tournaments, OCT

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Sa2artist Featured By Owner Edited Jun 19, 2017  Professional Artist
hello im not sure where to put these  2 pictures


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 can you pleases help thank you
Shadzerios Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Curious question: Are you thinking about holding a tournament this year as well, or are you planning on holding one next year or so? I would love to join again! :3
Bakuda-Son Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
When is the next round going to begin? I'm already excited for it. :3
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Any update on the round two judging? :/
SHADOWFAN996 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, yeah. Status update. Urf, currently working on a few things for the group. Had a few computer problems the other day so I have to redo a few things. If I can't get the announcement up by tonight, it should hopefully be posted by tomorrow.. 'Hopefully' being the key word.

I do sincerely apologize to you and the other competitors about how slow going this has been.
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FYI i just joined
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Hey dudes. Is everything ok? I hope so. Haven't heard from yall in a while.
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I do not think so. The judging hasn't been going well at all, I haven't heard much from the other judge after saying that they may choose what day to judge on. 
I am going to wait a hint longer though, due to them being busy. I will be giving a few points out maybe as an apology. c:
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